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Howard Gray
Howard Gray
Name Howard Gray
Gender Male
Country California
Occupation Unknown
Episode(s) Some Like it Hoth
Played By Dean Norris

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Howard Gray was a man who hired Miles Straume as a spiritual liaison following the death of his son. Gray feared that, as he never fully expressed his feelings, that his son may never have known he loved him. When Miles requested to know where the location of the grave was, Gray responded that his son was not buried, but was actually cremated, with his ashes spread across the local high school football field. Miles noted that this would make the process difficult, but nonetheless took Howard's hands, and appeared to enter into a communion with the deceased son. Miles then relayed the fact that his son knew his father loved him, and always had. However, the entire act was a charade on Mile's part, as he was unable to commune with the son without a physical body. Miles returned some time later to offer Howard a refund, and told him that if he wanted his son to know he loved him, he should have told him when he was alive. (Some Like it Hoth)

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