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Horace Goodspeed
Horace Goodspeed
Name Horace Goodspeed
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation DHARMA Initiative Mathematician
Family Wife - Olivia Goodspeed
Wife/Partner - Amy
Son - Ethan Rom
Episode(s) The Man Behind the Curtain, Cabin Fever, LaFleur
Played By Doug Hutchison

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Horace Goodspeed was a mathematician for the DHARMA Initiative, and possibly worked with the Valenzetti Equation. Horace acted as the leader of the Dharma Initiative while it was on the island. He also had an Arrow station logo on his jumpsuit. This logo is slightly different than the one that appears on the wall of the station, as the colours of the inside circle are inverted.

While driving outside of Portland, Horace and Olivia were flagged down by Roger Linus who was holding his dying wife, Emily, and their newborn son, Benjamin, in his arms. Horace offered to drive them to the hospital. Emily Linus died, leaving Benjamin with Roger.

Several years later, Horace offered Roger a position with the Initiative, where he would work as a "Work Man" or janitor. While there, Roger became furious at Horace for there being a conflict with the island's "Hostiles" and for him nearly being killed.

Horace was eventually killed when the Hostiles purged the Barracks with a toxic gas. Horace died while sitting on a bench. Ben closed Horace's eyes, showing that he still had some respect for him.

In the episode Cabin Fever, John Locke saw Horace in a dream when he, Ben and Hurley were searching for Jacob. Horace told him that he was constructing a cabin to have some rest from DI once in a while. Horace then explained that he had been dead for twelve years! He said that John had to find him, to find Jacob. Horace appeared to be in some sort of a time loop, for the tree he cut down was standing moments later, only for Horace to cut it down again. He also introduced himself repeatedly,every time the tree was standing again.

It was his body that Locke examined carefully, and in one of the pockets there was a map and a plan of a cabin, that Horace was building a long time ago. Horace built this cabin so that he and his wife could sometimes leave the Dharma Initiative to be alone.

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