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The Timer
Name Hieroglyphics
Introduced In One of Them
Last Seen In Live Together, Die Alone

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Hieroglyphics are the Egyptain Alphabet.


While Sayid was interrogating Ben locked inside the now empty armoury, Jack attempted to halt the interrogation when Sayid began to physically assault Ben. Jack held Locke up against the wall preventing him from entering the code into the computer and pushing the button. Locke was released and with 10 seconds left on the timer, fails to correctly enter the code in time. The timer began rapidly flipping and the display turned to red and black and began stopping on various Hieroglyphics, which are believed to mean, when translated: Cause to Die. Locke eventually typed in the code, and the phenomenon stopped and the timer righted itself at 108:00.

Possible MeaningEdit


causal verb to die

Apparently, when translated the hieroglyphics mean: caus. die, this could mean "Cause to Die", or that something was done that caused something to die, or could just mean "Death" in general.

Funny Red PicturesEdit

Benjamin Linus claims to have not pushed the button and said that "funny red pictures" that looked to be hieroglyphics appeared in the place of the numbers. He goes on to add that after they had locked in place, the timer just flipped back to 108:00. When Locke destroyed the computer in "Live Together, Die Alone", the hieroglyphics appeared once again.


John Locke

The Hieroglyphics getting destroyed

lost his faith in the button and decided to test its purpose. He destroyed the computer making it impossible to enter The Numbers. The Hieroglyphics were seen getting crumpled by the electromagnetic anomaly which was caused as a result of not pushing the button.