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Name Hibbs
Gender Male
Country United States
Occupation Confidence Man
Episode(s) Outlaws
Played By Robert Patrick

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Hibbs was a Confidence Man living in the United States. When Hibbs teamed up with a man named Sawyer they pulled several cons together, including an unspecified con in Atlanta, GA. When they attempted to pull a con in Tampa, Hibbs apparently was the target of a death threat from Sawyer after there was a mishap in the process which most likely left Sawyer with a mess.

When Hibbs visited Sawyer again to make good on their misunderstanding from Tampa, he presented him with the apparent known whereabouts of "Frank Sawyer", who later renamed himself Frank Duckett, who was the man responsible for the death of Sawyer’s parents and subsequently the destruction of any good life Sawyer would have experienced.

Based on this knowledge, Sawyer flies to Sydney and meets a man named Laurence, with whom Hibbs had also worked with in the US, who presents Sawyer with a firearm that Hibbs requested he present Sawyer with. Sawyer would eventually murder Frank Duckett under the assumption that he was who he thought he was; it would later be revealed that Duckett was actually a man who had previously borrowed money from Hibbs and had yet to repay him.

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