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Henry Gale's Map
Henry Gale's Map
Name Henry Gale's Map
Introduced In The Whole Truth
Owned By Benjamin Linus
Found By Ana-Lucia, Sayid, Charlie

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The map to Henry Gale's balloon. While still impersonating Henry, Ben gives it to Ana-Lucia, and then she enlists the help of Sayid and Charlie to follow the map with her.

The MapEdit

Ana-Lucia convinced Ben that if he drew up a map leading to his balloon, she would find it. Ben rips a page out of the book he is currently reading, The Brothers Karamazov, and draws a crude map on the back of the page.

Ana gathers the support of Sayid and Charlie to help her find it. Sayid because he wanted the same thing Ana wanted: to find out it he was telling the truth; and Charlie: because he just happened to be there.

While out in the jungle, they come across a cliff, and Sayid mentions that it appears to be the one indicated on the map.

When they arrive at the location given in the map, they find that there is no balloon and it is just an empty space of brush. Ana convinces Sayid to look thoroughly around the surrounding area for it. Sayid finds a grave, but still not convinced, he dids up the grave and finds that it was the real Henry Gale's body and not the imposter in the hatch

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