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Harper Stanhope
Harper Stanhope
Name Harper Stanhope
Gender Female
Country Unknown
Occupation One of The Others
Family Husband - Goodwin Stanhope
Episode(s) The Other Woman
Played By Andrea Roth

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Harper was a therapist for the Others, who was married to Goodwin, and met with Juliet for therapy sessions after she arrived on the Island. Harper received a bachelors degree from Columbia University and a masters degree from Yale University. Harper also has a "Certificate of Recognition" from the Hanso Foundation, indicating she may have been recruited to the Others after the purge. (The Other Woman)

After Juliet arrived on the island, Harper scheduled therapy sessions with Juliet. After a while, Harper discovered that Juliet and Goodwin had been having an affair together. Harper warned Juliet that if Ben had discovered their affair, it may prove dangerous to Goodwin's safety. Her worries, eventually became a reality, when Oceanic Flight 815 crashed, and Ben assigned Goodwin to infiltrate the Tail Section. Goodwin was discovered by Ana-Lucia, and was killed after the two engaged in a physical altercation

After Juliet defected to the survivor's camp, Harper approached Juliet to inform her that Ben had given her the order to stop Daniel and Charlotte's mission to the Tempest Station. Harper informed Juliet that they were planning on releasing a toxic substance that would kill every living person. Harper claimed that the orders came from Ben himself, despite being a prisoner at Locke's camp at the time. (The Other Woman)

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