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Name Hallucinogen
Introduced In Hearts and Minds
Last Seen In Further Instructions
Owned By John Locke

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Boone's ExperienceEdit

In "Hearts and Minds", Locke is seen mixing a substance, which he tells Boone is "for later". When Boone tells John that he wanted to tell Shannon about the Hatch, Locke struck him in the back of the head with the blunt end of his knife, and tied him up. Locke placed this paste-like substance on the exposed wound on the back of Boone's head and left him with a knife at his feet, stating that he'll be able to cut himself free once he has the proper motivation.

Boone hears the voice of Shannon screaming in the distance, and then the sounds of the Monster approaching. Boone is able to reach the knife and cut himself free, and then cut Shannon free as well. Boone and Shannon hide in a gathering of trees until the Monster flees. Once out, Shannon and Boone discuss exactly what he and Locke were doing, when the Monster suddenly appears again, and grabs Shannon into the air. Boone later finds Shannon's mangled body near a stream, and returns to the camp to confront Locke, however, Locke states that there is no blood on him, and that Shannon is alive and several feet away. Locke states that what he gave Boone, was an experience that he believed was vital to his survival on this island.

Locke's ExperiencesEdit

After The Swan implodes, Locke begins the construction of a sweat lodge in order to "speak with the island", and begins mixing the Hallucinogen. Locke enters the lodge to seek spiritual guidance from the island. As John hallucinates, Boone appears as his spiritual guide and tells Locke that someone in the vision requires his help. Locke learns that he must "clean up his own mess" and understands that he must rescue Eko. Locke regains his ability to speak.

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