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Halliburton Case
Name Halliburton Case
Introduced In Whatever the Case May Be
Last Seen In Three Minutes
Owned By Edward Mars
Found By Kate and Sawyer

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The Halliburton Case belonged to the Marshal, and contained 4 guns, cash, and Kate's toy airplane.  The guns were two Sig Sauer P226s, one Beretta 92, and a Walther PPK/S.  Though Kate stated that all 4 were 9mm the Walther is actually of .380 caliber.

While at the Sydney Airport, the Marshal and Kate met with an Aussie Official who questioned the Marshal as to why he needed five guns aboard, one of which would be affixed on his ankle holster. While explaining Kate's crimes to the official, the Marshal aggravated Kate to the point where she felt the need to physically attack him. It was this action that allowed the case to be brought aboard Flight 815. (Exodus - Part 1)

While swimming at a newly found waterfall, Kate and Sawyer discovered the case underwater. Kate states that the case belonged to her. However, after she is unable to open it Sawyer claimed the case as his own. After Sawyer's repeated attempts to get inside and Kate's repeated attempts to steal the case back both failed, Kate eventually sought the help of Jack to obtain the case. Jack approached Sawyer and threatened to remove him from a treatment cycle for his stab wound, and Sawyer eventually relinquished control of the case.

Jack and Kate had to dig up the body of the Marshal to obtain the key in his wallet. Once they opened the case, Jack found the guns, the cash, and a green envelope which Kate opened to expose the toy airplane that had previously belonged to Tom Brennan.(Whatever the Case May Be)

After Ethan returned to the camp demanding to have Claire back, he stated that a survivor would be killed every day until it was done. When Steve was killed, a plan was put in motion to trap Ethan, and to do that, they used the gun found in the case. Jack, Sawyer, Locke, and Sayid each took one of the four guns, and Kate took the 5th gun that Sawyer took from the Marshal on the first day. Ethan was eventually murdered by Charlie with the gun Jack had dropped. (Homecoming)

After Boone died from his fall in the Beechcraft, Shannon blamed Locke for the event, stole the gun case key from Jack, and held Locke at gunpoint in the middle of the jungle. Shannon was eventually tackled by Sayid when she fired, causing the bullet to only graze Locke. (The Greater Good)

When the raft was ready to set sail, Jack presented Sawyer with a gun claiming he was the only one on the raft who knew how to use a gun, and that it was "just in case". Jack gave the rest of the guns to Sayid, and headed off into the jungle. (Exodus - Part 1)

Sayid was sought out by Charlie who requested a gun to protect Claire, Sayid refused the request initially, but the two would later each possess a gun and track Rousseau through the jungle to retrieve the kidnapped Aaron. (Exodus - Part 2)

Jack and Locke would later place the case and the guns into the Armoury inside the hatch. It was later that they were stolen by Sawyer. (The Long Con)

Sawyer later agreed to return the guns when Ana and Libby were murdered inside the hatch, and a plan was set in motion to take on the Others. (Three Minutes)

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