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Name Haddad
Gender Male
Country Sydney, Australia
Occupation Terrorist
Episode(s) The Greater Good
Played By Dariush Kashani

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Haddad was a member of a Sydney based terrorist cell intent on disrupting the coalition presence in Iraq. Haddad’s group was responsible for the theft of 300 pounds of C-4 Explosives from an army base outside of Melbourne, Australia. Haddad lives in an apartment in Sydney with two men named Yusef and Essam. When Essam brings his old college roommate Sayid to the apartment after running into him at the local Mosque; Haddad learns that Sayid is more than he appears when Sayid removes a recording device found inside their smoke detector, Haddad is then informed that Sayid was previously a member of the Republican Guard, Haddad believes it was fate that brought his there, and decides to use this to his advantage. Over the two weeks Sayid would spend with him, Haddad would question him about explosives, blast radiuses, and transport. Haddad asks Essam to be the martyr for their operation, to which Essam agrees to do so to avenge the death of his late wife, Zahraa. After speaking with Essam, Sayid agrees to join alongside in the operation and a target is picked out. Haddad gives them instructions for the operation, and hands Essam a gun to use in case they run into trouble. That gun would eventually be used by Essam in his suicide. Haddad’s C-4 was eventually recovered by the CIA and ASIS.

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