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Name Gulls
Introduced In Par Avion

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The gulls appeared on the island and were apparently migratory birds which would eventually make their way toward the Australia and New Zealand region. Claire first noticed the birds flying overhead, and noticed one of them was tagged, and thought of an idea to get rescued: catch one of the birds, and attach a note to it's tag. While Claire, Sun and Jin were attempting to catch a gull with a makeshift trap, Desmond intervened by firing his gun to scare them away, claiming it was an accident while boar hunting.

Desmond eventually caught on of the birds for Claire, and she and Charlie set the bird free, wit a note attached to it's foot, which read:

"To whom it may concern: We are survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. We have survived on this island for 80 days. We were six hours into the flight when the pilot said we were off course and turned back toward Fiji. We hit turbulence and crashed. We've been waiting here all this time--waiting for rescue that has not come. We do not know where we are. We only know you have not found us. We've done our best to live on this island. Some of us have come to accept we may never leave it. Not all of us have survived since the crash. But there is new life, too, and with it, there is hope. We are alive. Please don't give up on us."

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