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Name Gordy
Gender Male
Country United States
Occupation Confidence Man
Episode(s) The Long Con
Played By Kevin Dunn

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Gordy was a confidence man and partner of Sawyer. Gordy had orchestrated a con for Sawyer that would involve Sawyer conning a woman named Cassidy out of $600,000 that she had taken from her husband in her divorce. After meeting Sawyer in a diner 6 months later to discuss the deal, Sawyer had explained that he had convinced her to give him the money for a supposed “long con” he would be pulling with her, but informed Gordy that he wasn’t going to go through with it. Gordy then explained that Sawyer owed him money, and that if he didn’t pay him and didn’t go through with the con, that he would kill Sawyer and Cassidy.

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