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Name Gault
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Captain aboard the Kahana
Episode(s) Ji Yeon, Meet Kevin Johnson, Cabin Fever
Played By Grant Bowler

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Season 4 (Days 93-Present)Edit

Gault is the Captain aboard the Kahana. Gault requested to speak with Frank Lapidus, and sent Keamy and Omar to retrieve him. (The Constant)

When Regina committed suicide by wrapping herself in chains and throwing herself overboard, Gault ordered to the crew not to rescue her. Gault acknowledged that he had a saboteur on board who had damaged the ship's engines. He informed Desmond and Sayid that the ship was owned by Charles Widmore. Gault also presented them with the flight data recorder, which was recovered from the Oceanic Flight 815 wreckage. (Ji Yeon)

Gault prevented two of the crewmembers from escaping using the ship's tender. Gault beat the two men into submission, and told the other crewmembers that he didn't beat them to scare them, he did it to save their lives, reminding the crew of what had happened to Minkowski and Brandon, whose previous trips using the tender, led to an unexplained consciousness time-transportation symptom. After discovering Michael was working for Ben, Sayid and Desmond burst into Gault's quarters, and revealed that he was not Kevin Johnson, that he was the saboteur, that he was a survivor of Flight 815, and that he was working for Ben. (Meet Kevin Johnson)

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