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Gabriela Busoni
Name Gabriela Busoni
Gender Female
Country Italy
Occupation Unknown
Father Angelo Busoni
Episode(s) The Hunting Party
Played By Monica Dean

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Gabriela Busoni was the daughter of a man named Angelo. Gabriela’s father was suffering from a tumour that was situated on his spine. Gabriela and her father would travel to St. Sebastian Hospital in Los Angeles to visit Dr. Jack Shephard who had gained somewhat of a reputation as a miracle worker after repairing the damage to the spine of the woman who was now his wife. While in the meeting Gabriela translated for her father, and bluntly informed Dr. Christian Shephard that they had not traveled to see him, but rather Jack. After convincing Jack to at least try and correct the damage to her father, she informed him that she did not believe in miracles.

After Jack was unable to correct the damage, she met up with him in the parking lot and thanked him for trying, as Jack apologized, she burst into tears and in a sudden act, kissed Jack. While kissing him, Jack kissed her back and suddenly halted it stating that he couldn’t go through with it, and left her alone in the parking lot.

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