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Francis Price Heatherton
Francis Heatherton
Name Francis Price Heatherton
Gender Male
Country Knightsbridge, Great Britain
Occupation Owner of Heatherton Corporation
Child Lucy Heatherton
Episode(s) Homecoming
Played By Jim Piddock

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When Francis Heatherton was young he was a member of a failed band called “The Protestant Reformation”. Francis’ wife insisted that he continue to pursue forward with the band, but Francis felt it was right to provide for his family and to think about the future. The band’s primary reasons for dissolving were because the band was terrible, in addition the arrival of Francis’ daughter Lucy.

Francis lives in Knightsbridge, Great Britain with his daughter. Francis is a collector of items from the great leaders of the British Empire. When his daughter called him up to inform him that she was going on a date with a rock star, he was very excited; at that same time, Francis was purchasing a paper company in the town of Slough, Great Britain. When Lucy invited her new rock star boyfriend, Charlie to dinner, Francis was informed that Charlie’s band Drive Shaft was in a hiatus at the current time due to the birth of his brother Liam’s daughter, and that there were communication and royalty troubles. Charlie then informed Francis that he believes Drive Shaft may be dead; hearing this Francis attempted to help Charlie out by offering him a job at his company selling copiers.

During Charlie’s first presentation, Francis ensured that the buyer’s would purchase 2 copiers to boost Charlie’s confidence. However, things end terribly during the presentation when his stress combined with his heroin withdrawals cause his to vomit inside the copier he was attempting to sell. Francis’ cigarette case, which had previously belonged to Winston Churchill, was later returned to Francis by his sales manager after it was stolen from his home and pulled from Charlie’s pocket by an EMT at the hospital.

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