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Week5 Post2

The Man in Black

This is a blog post that was made by Rachel Blake on her blog So Their Tomorrow Never Comes on Tuesday, July 18, 2006.

Blog TextEdit

You out of breath?

So was I. Won't keep you waiting any longer.


Picture One

No time to write. On the move. I have to get the truth out. I have to make sure Darla didn't die for nothing. Check back tomorrow - there's more...

Oh. By the way, all that "He wants me to help you" business?

Ignore it. I have no idea what that guy was talking about.


Video TranscriptEdit

Man: Not on camera Miss Blake. Unless you want them to know who you really are. You have caused an awful lot of trouble for me.

Rachel: Want to tell me who you are?

Man: Hanso Foundation, Tech support.

Rachel: I'm being terrorized by IT?

Man: I worked for Mittelwerk a long time. I erase things. Bank accounts, e-mails, cell phones-- people.

Rachel: Zander? Darla?

Man: That wasn't me. What happened to them was not by my hand. But I knew. And I've seen what you've been doing. I've been on to you ever since you hacked the Hanso Foundation website. I came to your hotel room in Copenhagen to warn you Rachel. But you--

Rachel: You should have knocked. Why do you want to help me?

Man: Because I don't want to be a part of it anymore. Because he wants me to help you.

(Footage cuts out)

Man: Now let's talk about you. I heard your mother died. Is she the one who told you?

(Rachel nods "Yes")

Man: I'm hoping I can trust you, with this.

Rachel: What is this?

Man: I intercepted an e-mail. I kept it from Mittelwerk and his enforcers. Hugh and Darla have a flat. In St. Germain Des Pres. You can find all your answers there. Tell the world Rachel, make a scandal. It's the only way to stop them.

Rachel: I-- I don't understand, you have the access, why don't you tell everyone?

Man: Look at who I am. There's no one I can tell. You have a vested interest. But me--after this I'm gone, underground. Good luck Rachel.

Rachel: Hey wait, I just-- Thank you.

Man: Don't, don't. I'm going to Hell. I'm just making sure Mittelwerk is there to keep me company.


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