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Week5 Post1

Footage from Rachel's Glasses Cam

This is a blog post that was made by Rachel Blake on her blog So Their Tomorrow Never Comes on Tuesday, July 18, 2006.

Blog TextEdit

Picture One



Video TranscriptEdit

Rachel: There’s no way out of here!

Man: Listen to me! Don’t make me shoot the lock off!

Rachel: Get away!!!

Man: Don’t scream! Come to me, stay low! Now!!

Rachel: Oww!

Man: Stop fighting.

Rachel: Get off of me!!

Man: I’m not who you think I am!

(Rachel hits the man in black)

Man: Ah, son of a--

(Rachel flees through the hotel, but is apprehended by the man again)

Rachel: Don’t kill me.

Man: If I wanted to kill you, I’d have shot you with this thing already. It’s for my protection from them. Sit. Down.

Rachel: Them who?

Man: Them them. Mittelwerk. Turn that thing off, I’m gonna tell you everything you want to know.

Rachel: Who are you?

Man: Not on camera Miss Blake. Unless you want them to know who you really are.


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