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Name Frainey
Gender Male
Country California, USA
Occupation Private Investigator
Episode(s) Deus Ex Machina
Played By Lawrence Mandley

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When Locke is confronted by his mother and told that he was immaculately conceived and that he was part of a design, John hires Frainey, a private investigator, to find out information on her and to make sure she was his real mother. After comparing DNA from hairs lifted from her car, he was 99% accurate that she was his mother. He informs him that his mother was institutionalized a few times for schizophrenia. When Locke requested the information on his father, Frainey informed him that he may not know he exists, and that the encounter most likely would not end well and will not have a happy ending, and that the situation wasn’t “meant to be”. When Locke insists on obtaining the information, Frainey presents him with it.

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