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Flightline Motel
Flightline Motel
Name Flightline Motel
Country Los Angeles, California
Introduced In Lockdown
Type Motel

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The Flightline Motel was a motel near the airport in Los Angeles, and was the meeting place of Locke and his father.

Locke, Cooper & HelenEdit

John was to meet his father, Anthony Cooper, at the Flightline Motel to drop off the money that Cooper had left in a safety deposit box at the bank. When Locke presented Cooper with the money, he stated that he didn't do it for the money. At that moment, Helen arrived and scowled at Cooper for everything that he had put Locke through. Helen stormed out of the room to her car, where Locke stated that he couldn't live without her, and proposed right on the spot. Helen rejected John and drove away leaving Locke standing in the parking lot. Cooper looked at Locke, and left in his cab.


These are characters that have been involved with the Flightline Motel.




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