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Name Unknown
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Oceanic Airlines Employee
Episode(s) LA X
Played By Shawn Lathrop

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The flight attendant was a male steward who worked on board Oceanic Flight 815 as it traveled from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, USA in the alternate timeline created by the detonation of the hydrogen core. The flight attendant was a member of the crew that responded to Charlie Pace's incident in the lavatory on board the flight. Charlie had locked himself in the cabin, and was unresponsive to queries of his status by the flight crew. Upon Sayid's forcible entry into the cabin, the crew and assembled help discovered Charlie unconscious on the floor. Jack attended to him, and discovered that Charlie was not breathing. Searching his throat, Jack discovered a balloon of heroin in Charlie's throat which was blocking his air intake. Charlie was resuscitated, and the flight attendant assisted in his detaining due to drug possession. (LA X)

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