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A list of characters which appear in flashbacks in Season Two, organized by episode. Please note that some characters may have appeared both in a flashback and on-island in a particular episode, please see On-Island Flashback Characters to see a list of characters involved in On-Island flashbacks. Characters appearing in italics are the character(s) for which that episode is centric to.

Man of Science, Man of FaithEdit

Man of Science, Man of Faith - Jack
Jack Shephard

Jack operates on Sarah whose spine was damaged in the accident. He is convinced that surgery will not alleviate her paralysis, and convinced the operation was a failure, both are startled to find that she can "miraculously" move her toes and has regained feeling in her legs.

Man of Science, Man of Faith - Desmond
Desmond Hume

While running the steps in the stadium, Desmond meets Jack, who is also running. The two have a brief but meaningful conversation where Jack explains about a patient that he cannot "fix". Desmond tells him to believe in miracles, and then talks about his training for the race. He finishes by saying "See you in another life, brother."

Man of Science, Man of Faith - Sarah Shephard
Sarah Shephard

After being involved in a car accident, and preparing for the surgery, Sarah informed Jack that she would not be dancing at her wedding and that she was perfectly fine with rolling around; she then extended Jack an invitation. Hearing this, Jack informed Sarah that he was going to fix her.

Man of Science, Man of Faith - Christian
Christian Shephard

While recovering in the Intensive Care Unit, Jack bluntly informed Sarah of her injuries with no holding back; hearing this, Christian advised Jack that his bedside manner needed some fine-tuning as people would be more inclined to hear that possibility that there is a slim chance that there is a ray of hope for recovery.


When Kevin asked if there was still the possibility that they would have the option to make love, he was informed that there was the possibility that Sarah would need professional care for the rest of her life. Kevin was not present at the hospital when Sarah awoke after the operation.

Man of Science, Man of Faith - Adam Rutherford
Adam Rutherford

when Adam was driving he was hit by Sarah, and when the paramedics arrived at the scene, they were required to use the jaws of life to remove him from the vehicle. He passed away when they were unable to repair the damage in time.

Nurse St. Sebastiens

Was the Nurse at St. Sebastian Hospital who assisted Jack Shephard in the ER when Sarah arrived after her accident.


When a car accident occurs between a Adam Rutherford and a woman named Sarah Shephard, Jack requests that the Intern tubes Mr. Rutherford, to which he responds he can’t intubate. Adam Rutherford would pass away moments later.


She was the EMT at St. Sebastian Hospital who wheeled in Sarah after her accident.

Man of Science, Man of Faith - EMT2
EMT #2

He was the EMT at St. Sebastian Hospital who wheeled in Adam Rutherford after his accident.


He was an Anesthesiologist at St. Sebastian Hospital in Los Angeles, CA. When Sarah arrived into the E.R., he was the one who maintained her breathing, by administering anesthesia.


Adrift - Michael
Michael Dawson

Michael found an attorney and attempted to gain custody of Walt. When it seemed as though Michael would win the case, Susan pleaded with Michael to let Walt go as she would be able to provide a great life for him. When Michael saw his son for the last time and said goodbye to a shy Walt, he presented him with a stuffed polar bear.

Adrift - Susan Lloyd
Susan Lloyd-Porter

Susan hires an attorney to represent her when Michael files an injunction to prevent her from leaving the country with Walt. Michael would eventually drop the case, and Michael would say his goodbyes to Susan and Walt in the park for the last time.

Adrift - Walt
Walt Lloyd

Fourteen Months after he saw his biological father, Michael filed an injunction on Susan in the hopes of preventing her from leaving for Rome with Walt. When Michael decided it was best for Walt to leave, he said his goodbyes and presented Walt with a stuffed polar bear.


Finney was the attorney Michael Dawson visited to discuss the paperwork sent by Michael’s ex-girlfriend Susan which stated that she requested Michael relinquish his rights as Walt’s father. While Finney saw this as a positive thing, Michael did not, it was then decided that the two would attempt to file an injunction to prevent Susan from leaving.

Lizzy Calloway

When Michael Dawson filed and injunction against Susan Lloyd-Porter to prevent her from leaving the US with her son Walt, Lizzy was hired to represent Susan in court. While asking Michael questions about Walt, Lizzy creates a false image for Michael showing him as an uncaring father who abandoned his son.


Orientation - Locke
John Locke

Locke later joined an anger management class to deal with his problems, after nearly a month John unburdened himself to the group, and met a woman named Helen. The two bonded and began a relationship. Locke returned to Anthony Cooper’s house, and was informed John that the reason the scam was done was because Locke needed a father figure, and he need a kidney. He told Locke to get over it, and never to return.


Helen approached John after the meeting and informed him that she shared the same outlook as him. The two would begin to date and start a relationship together. Helen reveals to John that he helped her get over her anger, and that she could help him as well; she made him promise that he would not return to his father’s house.

Orientation - Anthony Cooper
Anthony Cooper

When Cooper requested to know what exactly it was Locke wanted; he was met by Locke’s response of wanting to know why he betrayed him. Cooper responded that Locke wasn’t the first person he’d ever conned; Locke needed a father figure, and Cooper needed a kidney, and that’s what happened.


She was the moderator of an anger management class that Locke, Helen, Francine, and many others attended. When Francine told the group of her current problem, Locke snickered and the Moderator convinced him to tell his story as he had been quiet for the entire month he had been there.


Francine was in the same anger management class as Locke and Helen. Francine’s mother may have been an alcoholic and would on a number of occasions steal money from her. When Francine informed the group that her mother had recently stolen $30 from her, John snickered claiming that he did not think that $30 was worth getting angry about.

Security Gaurd
Security Guard

When Anthony Cooper moved to his new house, he was hired as Mr. Cooper’s personal security guard.

Everybody Hates HugoEdit

Everybody Hates Hugo - Hurley
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

Hurley gets his old job back at Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack and moves back in with his mother. One day, he becomes extremely wealthy, winning a $114-million lottery using numbers that were always muttered by a former fellow psychiatric patient named Leonard. The day after the winning draw, Hurley quits his job and spends the day with his friend Johnny; he hopes their carefree ways will continue despite his sudden wealth.

Everybody Hates Hugo - Carmen Reyes
Carmen Reyes

After Hurley faints from realizing that he has on the Jackpot lottery, Carmen bursts into the room and chastises Hurley for not eating right, and that he should get some more excersize other than falling down.

Everybody Hates Hugo - Randy
Randy Nations

Randy was Hurley’s boss at Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack. After reprimanding Hurley on eating on the job and giving the customers too many napkins, Hurley quits his job after realizing he does not need it as he’s won the lottery.


While working at Mr. Cluck’s, Hurley unexpectedly quits his job; providing moral support Johnny quits his job in an act of friendship and solidarity. The two spend the day together and eventually arrive at a music store which they would often frequent.


Starla was an employee at a record store in Los Angeles, CA. She was friends with Hurley and Johnny who would often visit her at the store. After discovering Hurley has quit his job, she is shocked as Hurley was her “rock” and she never would have expected him to do anything like that.

Mega Lotto
Mary Jo

While performing her job as a lottery hostess, she drew the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42; after sixteen weeks without a winner, these numbers turned out to be the winning numbers that were picked by a man named Hugo Reyes, the jackpot for that evening was $114 Million.

Pakistani Store Owner
Pakistani Shop Clerk

He was the owner of a gas station who sold Hurley his fateful winning lottery ticket. When reporters descended upon his gas station, Hurley and his friend Johnny would later stop by, and this man pointed Hurley out when he sheepishly hid from the cameras in the van.

Lottery Official
Lottery Official

He was the Lottery Official for the Mega Lotto Jackpot Lottery Company, and worked alongside Mary Jo. Was present for the drawing of Hugo Reyes' winning numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42, which amounted to a $114 Million winning after sixteen weeks without a winner.

...And FoundEdit

And Found - Jin
Jin-Soo Kwon

When Jin interviewed with a Mr. Kim, he granted Jin the position under the condition that he work under all circumstances, never request time off, and not to let “people like him” inside. Jin resigned his position and returned to his previous life; that is until he spotted a woman in an orange dress pass him by, as he turned his gaze toward her, he accidentally bumped into a beautiful young woman named Sun Paik.

And Found - Sun
Sun-Hwa Kwon

Sun Paik attended Seoul National University, majoring in Art History, but to her mother's dismay, does not return with a husband. One potential suitor, Jae Lee, seems sincere but already has a commitment to an American woman. Shortly after learning this from him, she quite literally bumps into Jin-Soo Kwon, her future husband.

Jae Lee
Jae Lee

At this insistence of his family, Jae agreed to be fixed by his mother for a date with a Korean woman named Sun Paik. As the two hit it off, they began to continue seeing each other. Jae’s feelings for Sun were completely platonic, he assumed that her feelings were as well, it was then that Jae informed Sun about the American Woman he met at Harvard.

Mr Kim
Mr. Kim

When Mr. Kim decides to hire Jin, his assistant presents Jin with his uniform and informs him that The Seoul Gateway is one of the finest hotels in Korea, and that he was not permitted to open the door for people like him.

Mrs Paik
Mrs. Paik

Mr. Paik decided it was time for Sun to get married and Mrs. Paik arranged for a matchmaker to pair Sun up. Before meeting Sun’s date, Mrs. Paik was very particular about how Sun was to look and act. After meeting Jae Lee, Mrs. Paik would leave the lunch and allow her daughter to get better acquainted with Jae.

Mrs Lee
Mrs. Lee

Mrs. Lee’s family had considerable wealth and are known to own at least 13 hotels. Her son is a Harvard Educated Graduate, who is also involved in Hotel Management. When she felt it was time her son gets married, she contacted a matchmaker and set up a lunch date with a Korean girl named Sun Paik.

And Found - Mrs Shin
Mrs. Shin

Mrs. Shin is a matchmaker in Seoul, South Korea. When she was contacted by two of her clients Mrs. Paik and Mrs. Lee, she paired Sun Paik and Jae Lee together for a lunch date.

Tai Soo
Tai Soo

Tai Soo was a very good friend of Jin-Soo Kwon and the two were roommates. One day while Jin was preparing for a job interview, he informed Jin that his “destiny book” was telling him that this year love would find him. When he checked what the book said about Jin it said that his love would look “orange”.

Poor Man
Poor Man

He was the poor man who attempted to gain access to the Seoul Gateway Hotel so that his son could use the restroom. When Jin sympathized with them, he allowed them entry.

Poor Mans Child
Poor Man's Child

While walking down a Seoul street, his father attempted to find him a restroom to use. When they approached the Seoul Gateway Hotel, Jin sympathized with them, and he allowed them entry.

Mr Kims Assistant
Mr. Kim's Assistant

This man was an assistant for Mr. Kim at the Seoul Gateway Hotel. When Jin-Soo Kwon arrived for his interview, Mr. Kim informed him that he would be joining the team. Mr. Kim’s Assistant then entered the room to present Jin with the uniform he would be required to wear.


Abandoned - Shannon
Shannon Rutherford

Shannon was accepted for an internship at the Martha Graham Dance Company. Noticing that her cheques were bouncing, Shannon confronted her step-mother about the inheritance her father left her, only to realize that she would receive none due to the fact that Sabrina had obtained a living trust, and all of his money was left to her. When she requested some of the money to get started in New York, she was denied as Sabrina never expected Shannon to pay her back.

Abandoned - Boone
Boone Carlyle

When his step-father died, Shannon was awarded none of the money that her father had when he died as Sabrina possessed a living Trust with Adam, and Boone’s mother kept all of the money for herself. When Boone confronted his mother about giving him the money Shannon needed to live in New York, she denied the request knowing Shannon put Boone up to it.

Sabrina Carlyle
Sabrina Carlyle

When her husband passed away from his injuries received in a car collision, Adam’s money was passed to Sabrina through their living trust. When Shannon confronted Sabrina over the money that her father left her in the will, Sabrina informed Shannon that a will did not exist, and that she would receive none of the money.


After the death of Shannon’s father, Nora would later bring Shannon some good news that she was been waiting 6 months for, a letter confirming her entry into the Martha Graham Dance Company Internship in New York. As the two celebrate, Shannon receives a phone call from the landlord of her building commenting that her rent check had bounced.


Sophie was the daughter of Philippe and was a student of Shannon and Nora’s ballet class.


Philippe was the father of Sophie, and attended her ballet classes. While doing so one day, he struck up a conversation with Nora and requested that she become his au pair.

Abandoned - Jack
Jack Shephard

After Shannon and her mother arrived at the hospital, Jack can be seen passing by them while walking down the hall.

Doctor St Sebastiens

Was a Doctor as St. Sebastian Hospital in Los Angeles, CA. He was a co-worker of Dr. Jack Shephard and Dr. Christian Shephard and was present the day Sarah and Adam Rutherford were involved in their accident. He was the doctor who informed Sabrina Carlyle and Shannon Rutherford of the accident.


Collision - Ana-Lucia
Ana-Lucia Cortez

After visiting a shooting range and getting to feel a gun in her hand again, Ana-Lucia’s psychiatrist felt that Ana was ready to return to the force. Ana-Lucia’s mother, captain of her police squad, assigned Ana to a desk job in Evidence. Ana-Lucia demanded to be back in her squad car, and when denied, she requested a transfer. Relenting, Ana’s mother agreed to place Ana back in a patrol car.

Big Mike
Mike Walton

When Ana returned as Mike’s partner, Mike commented about Ana’s break-up with Danny and offers to pay him an unfriendly visit, to which Ana cheerfully denies. He was ordered by Captain Cortez to bring Ana-Lucia to the safe neighbourhood of Westwood so as not to overwhelm her on her first day back.

Captain Cortez
Teresa Cortez

When Ana returned to the force four months after, Teresa assigns her to a position in Evidence, which to the dislike of Ana involves sitting behind a desk and not behind the wheel of a squad car. After requesting a transfer to another squad, Teresa grants her daughter’s wish and places her back on the street.

Jason McCormack
Jason McCormack

When Jason was arrested four months later for assaulting an elderly woman, his fingerprints were scanned and they matched partials that were found from the crime scene, when questioned Jason confessed. However, when Officer Cortez refused to ID Jason, he was released.

Matthew Reed
Matthew Reed

When Captain Cortez provided him with the responsibility of deciding when Ana-Lucia was able to return to the force, he arranged a session at the shooting range for her to see how it felt for her to hold a gun again. When he asked Ana if she thought she was ready, he provided her with her badge back, and welcomed her back to the force.


The LAPD were called on a domestic disturbance call, Officer Mike and Officer Cortez arrived to see Travis holding a television in his hand. As Shawna argues with Travis, and demanded that they arrest him, Officer Cortez drew her gun at Travis. Shawna frightened for her safety, was ordered by Cortez to bring her baby upstairs.


When the two began arguing, the LAPD were called on a domestic disturbance call, Officer Mike and Officer Cortez arrived to see Travis holding a television in his hand. As the two continued to argue, Officer Cortez drew her gun at Travis.

Detective Raggs
Detective Raggs

Detective Raggs was a detective for the LAPD and worked along side Captain Cortez and Officer Ana-Lucia Cortez. When Ana-Lucia returned to the force, Raggs welcomed her back, and would later be the one to inform her that she had an urgent call, which turned out to be a ruse as he and the other officers had purchased her a welcome back cake.

Collision - Assistant DA
Assistant D.A.

When Jason McCormack was arrested for assaulting an elderly woman in Echo Park, his prints matched those from a partial found at a burglary four months previous that ended with the shooting of Officer Ana-Lucia Cortez. When questioned about the incident, Jason confessed.

What Kate DidEdit

What Kate Did - Kate
Kate Austen

Kate takes out an insurance policy and blows up the house with Wayne in it, meaning to benefit her mother. She explains all this to her mother and then flees, but is captured at a bus station by US Marshal Edward Mars, who claims that Kate's mother went to the authorities with what Kate had told her.

What Kate Did - Diane
Diane Jansen

Kate took an insurance policy out on her house in Diane’s name, and then blew up the house while Wayne was sleeping inside. Diane was working at a diner at the time her daughter notified her of the insurance policy; shocked and mortified, Diane alerted the US Marshals office of the incident and turned her daughter in.

What Kate Did - Edward
Marshal Edward Mars

Edward Mars was assigned to apprehend Kate Austen after she murdered her father. After Kate purchased a ticket to Tallahassee, the Marshal arrested Kate. While driving her to prison before her arraignment, a black horse suddenly appeared in front of the car, when the Marshal swerved to avoid it he crashed the car and was momentarily unconscious.

Sgt Sam Austen
Sgt. Sam Austen

Sam Austen would be visited at his army base by Kate who confronted him after discovering that Wayne was her biological father. When she asked why he did not tell her he was her father, he replied by saying that he knew Kate would kill him. When Kate asked why Sam didn’t kill him, he responded by telling her that he did not have murder in his heart.

Wayne Jansen
Wayne Jansen

Kate discovered that Wayne was her biological father, she set a plan in motion to murder Wayne because she was disgusted that he was a part of her. While escorting him to his room, Wayne made a suggestive comment about Kate’s appearance, Kate left the house, drove away on her motorcycle, leaving Wayne inside as the house exploded and engulfed in flames.

Ticket Agent
Ticket Agent

He was the Ticket Agent who sold Kate Austen the ticket to Tallahassee when she was on the run. Shortly after, Kate was apprehended by US Marshal Mars right in front of him.

What Kate Did - Sayid
Sayid Jarrah

As Kate is entering the Army recruiting office to visit her father, Sayid can be seen on the television in the background.

The 23rd PsalmEdit

The 23rd Psalm - Eko
Eko Tunde

As Eko returned to the church where his life had changed years before, he visited his brother Yemi with whom he had not seen in 3 years and requested a confession, however; was denied as Yemi stated he did not have a penitent heart. Eko presented Yemi with an offer stating that if he allowed him the use of one of the Catholic Missionary Planes to transport heroin out of the country, he would purchase Virgin Mary Statues to smuggle it in and the money would be used to provide polio vaccines for the village.

Yemi Tunde

When Eko returned to the church with his associates Goldie and Olu, he presented an ultimatum to Yemi stating that if he did not sign the ordination documents necessary for them to gain access to the plane, that Goldie and Olu would burn the church to the ground. Yemi signed the documents and was presented with the money.


Knowing that the only way to transport the heroin out of the country was aboard a Catholic Missionary plane, he would then join Eko and Olu as they traveled to the church of Eko’s brother, Yemi. When they arrived, Eko stated that if Yemi did not sign the document ordaining Eko as a priest that Olu and Goldie would proceed to burn the church down.


Olu was a member of Mr. Eko’s militia. When he joined Mr. Eko and his other associate Goldie, they visited a Moroccan drug trafficker who was interested in making a deal with Eko for his heroin. Eko stated that he would pay $50,000 to purchase their heroin and perform the favour of sneaking it out of the country.

Nigerian Woman
Nigerian Woman

She was a Virgin Mary Statue saleswoman who set up shop outside of Father Yemi’s church. When she approached Eko to purchase one, she assured him that the money collected would be used to purchase polio vaccines for the village.

Thug Captain
Thug Captain

He was the leader of a militia of warriors who arrived outside of a church in Nigeria to terrorize a village. After one his men selected an old man from the on looking crowd, the captain grabbed a young boy and commanded him to fire upon the old man.

Priest Nigeria

He was a Catholic Priest at a church in Nigeria, when warlords arrived outside, he attempted to protect the children but was struck from behind by one of the men.

Tough Moroccan
Tough Moroccan

Eko offered him $50,000 in Nigerian Naira to perform what he described as a favour. When the trafficker asked him to clarify, Eko informed him that the borders were controlled by the military and that the only option would be to fly out of the country, however; to do so he would need access to a United Nations Aid or Catholic Missionaries Plane.

Lead Soldier
Lead Soldier

He was a member of the Nigerian Army who fired upon drug smugglers who were attempting to flee the country with heroin. When the plane took off, this man approached Eko to ensure that he was alright. Believing him to be a priest, this man returns Eko to the church where Yemi served.

Moroccan no. 2.

When asked by his associate, he agreed with the decision to sell the drugs to Eko. As the deal drew to a close, his associate informed Eko that he believed he had no soul, it was then that Eko turned his knife to the faces of he and his associate.

Boy Nigeria

He was an associate of two Moroccan Drug Traffickers; when the lead trafficker was meeting with Eko and his associates, the boy left to fetch beer for the two Moroccans. When he returned he found his associates had been sliced by Eko; he was then told to leave and inform his friends that Mr. Eko let him live.

Old Man Nigeria
Old Man

Was grabbed by warlords when they arrived to terrorize the village. He was chosen to be executed by Yemi, but was later shot by the boy's older brother, Eko.

The Hunting PartyEdit

The Hunting Party - Jack
Jack Shephard

Jack and his father think that the operation will not work like his miracle operation on Sarah. Gabriela ends up kissing Jack, but Jack tells her that it is not the right thing to do. When he gets home, Jack confesses to his wife about what happened. She, in turn, tells him that she had been seeing someone else, and that she is leaving him.

The Hunting Party - Christian
Christian Shephard

While meeting with Angelo and Gabriela, Christian informes the two that what they are seeking is not a medical procedure, but rather a miracle. Christian is then informed that he is not the one they cam to for help, but rather Jack is the one they sought.

The Hunting Party - Sarah
Sarah Shephard

Some time after her marriage to Jack, Sarah would find herself alone when Jack would work late nights, because of this Sarah began to have an affair behind his back. Sarah then revealed that she was seeing someone else, and that she was leaving him. When she left, she informed him that he would always need something to fix.

Gabriela Busoni

Gabriela and her father would travel to St. Sebastian Hospital in Los Angeles to visit Dr. Jack Shephard who had gained somewhat of a reputation as a miracle worker after repairing the damage to the spine of the woman who was now his wife. Gabriela bluntly informed Dr. Christian Shephard that they had not traveled to see him, but rather Jack.

Angelo Busoni

Angelo had traveled to St. Sebastian Hospital in Los Angeles in the hopes of being cured by a doctor named Jack Shephard who was apparently a “miracle worker”. Angelo suffered from a tumour that was situated strangely on his spine and was told by Christian Shephard that he was not a candidate for surgery as its removal was impossible.

Fire + WaterEdit

Fire + Water - Charlie
Charlie Pace

DriveSHAFT’s success eventually fades and the band is reduced to incorporating its hit song, "You All Everybody," for a diaper commercial. Charlie begins writing new songs in an effort to have the band make a comeback. However, he comes home one day to find that his piano is missing. Liam tells Charlie that he sold it to buy a plane ticket to Sydney, where Liam’s daughter and her mother have moved, and where he intends to enroll in a rehab clinic.

Fire + Water - Liam
Liam Pace

Liam would eventually marry a woman named Karen and the two would conceive a child together. Liam’s lifestyle would take another wrong turn for his life, while he was with Charlie in Dresden, Germany trying to get a fix; he missed the birth of his daughter Megan.

Karen Pace
Karen Pace

Karen Pace is the wife of the leader singer of Drive Shaft Liam Pace. Liam was not present for Karen giving birth because he was partying with his brother Charlie in Dresden, Germany; Charlie informed her that Liam was not there because he blew a tire and missed his flight. Karen named her child "Megan" after Liam's mother.

Megan Pace
Mrs. Megan Pace

Megan was the mother of Charlie and Liam Pace. She lived in Manchester with her husband and sons. She presented her son Charlie with a piano as a gift for Christmas one year, claiming that some day he was going to save all of them.

Mr Pace
Simon Pace

Simon Pace was the husband of Megan Pace and the father of Charlie and Liam Pace. He lived in Manchester, and worked as a butcher. Mr. Pace didn't exactly support his son's ambitions of becoming a musician.

Fire + Water - Megan
Megan Pace

Megan Pace is the daughter of the lead singer of Drive Shaft Liam Pace, her mother is Karen Pace. Her father was not present to witness her birth. Megan was named for her grandmother. When she was an infant, her father accidentally dropped her, and due to this, Karen threw Liam out of her place.

Fire + Water - Roderick

The band was offered a chance to appear in a commercial for “Butties Diapers”, however; Liam’s drug problem ruined it after he was unable to cooperate correctly even after 53 takes.

Commercial Director

He was hired to be the director of a commercial for Butties Diapers that was to star the members of Drive Shaft singing their hit song "You All Everybody" to the tune of "You All Every Butties". However, after Liam was unable to perform, the director called off the commercial.

Fire + Water - Unnamed Drive Shaft Member
Drive Shaft Drummer

The band suffered tough times and was offered a chance to appear in a commercial for “Butties Diapers”, however; Liam’s drug problem ruined it after he was unable to cooperate correctly even after 53 takes.

The Long ConEdit

The Long Con - Sawyer
James "Sawyer" Ford

Sawyer has lunch with his partner, Gordy, who tells him to continue to con Cassidy despite Sawyer's feelings for her. Sawyer returns to the house and tells Cassidy to run because Sawyer's partner Gordy is going to kill them, and points to a car waiting outside. He reveals that the "long con" is Cassidy herself, and that he knew about her money from the beginning.

Cassidy Phillips

Cassidy Phillips was a divorcée who had a relationship with Sawyer, and when he attempted to pull his usual scam where he would use a briefcase with a broken lock that would expose the cash in his possession, Cassidy caught on and called him on it.


Gordy was a confidence man and partner of Sawyer. Gordy had orchestrated a con for Sawyer that would involve Sawyer conning a woman named Cassidy out of $600,000 that she had taken from her husband in her divorce.

Connections - SawyerKate
Diane Jansen

While working at a dine in Iowa, Diane took the orders of both Sawyer and Gordy when they had arrive for lunch.


Arthur was a man who was conned into buying phony jewelry by Sawyer. While with his friend Peter, Arthur was confronted by Sawyer who asked him if he was interested in buying jewelry which he was selling for $100 a peice.


When Sawyer's partner in crime Cassidy approached and purchases two of the necklaces that were claimed to be worth well over a $1000, Arthur and Peter stop Sawyer who is about to leave, and purchase some of his jewelry.

One of ThemEdit

One of Them - Sayid Jarrah
Sayid Jarrah

During the Gulf War, Sayid's base is captured by the Americans. As the only Iraqi among his squad who speaks English, the Americans use Sayid to ask his superior officer, Tariq, about a missing US pilot. After meeting with DIA Agent Kelvin Inman, Sayid learned that Tariq ordered a Sarin gas attack on his village, Sayid is given a box filled with torture tools given to him by Kelvin, which he uses to successfully interrogate Tariq about the location of the pilot.

US Army
Sgt. Sam Austen

While overseas in Iraq, Sam used a man named Sayid and his ability to speak English to his advantage in an effort to help gain information from Sayid's Commanding Officer Tariq who had knowledge of the whereabouts of a US Army Pilot.

Joe Inman
Kelvin Inman

Inman told Sayid that Tariq was previously the head of a chemical warfare division and supervised the use of Sarin gas on a village which Sayid previously had relatives living in. It was not until after showing Sayid footage, that he agreed to proceed with torturing Tariq.

Sgt. Tony Buccelli

Tony Buccelli was Sergeant for the US Army and fought overseas in Iraq during the Gulf War. After raiding an Iraqi intelligence unit, Buccelli found Sayid and many other Republican Guard soldiers inside, and that Sayid was the only one capable of speaking English.


During the Gulf War Tariq was the commanding officer of Sayid and several other soldiers in an intelligence unit. When a helicopter went down and the American Pilot inside was captured and interrogated by Tariq.

US Soldier 1
U.S. Soldier #1

He was a US Army Soldier fighting overseas in Iraq during the Gulf War. He was riding inside of a truck along with Sgt. Sam Austen and Inman that was transporting Sayid to the outskirts and dropping him off in a field.

US Soldier 2
U.S. Soldier #2

He was a US Army Soldier fighting overseas in Iraq during the Gulf War. He was riding inside of a truck along with Sgt. Sam Austen and Inman that was transporting Sayid to the outskirts and dropping him off in a field.

The Whole TruthEdit

Sun-Hwa Kwon

Sun's marriage to Jin is further strained due to their trouble with conceiving a child. When Sun and Jin go to a doctor, he explains Sun has excess scar tissue blocking her fallopian tubes, making it impossible for her to become pregnant, even with surgery. This leaves Jin furious, believing that Sun knew about her condition all along. Later on, however, the doctor tracks Sun down and explains that Sun is perfectly healthy; it is Jin who is sterile.

The Whole Truth - Jin
Jin-Soo Kwon

Despite the growing problems in their relationship, Jin and Sun still want to have children together. However, Sun is unable to become pregnant, which frustrates Jin because he hopes giving Sun's father a grandchild will please him to the point of giving Jin a safer and more legitimate job.

The Whole Truth - Jae Lee
Jae Lee

Sun and Jae would often see each other in secret so that Jae give Sun English lessons. Sun eventually became fluent in English, and one day Jae confronted her when she was distracted from her lessons. She informed him that the reason she was learning English was because she was moving to America.

Je Gyu Kim
Dr. Je-Gyu Kim

Dr. Je-Gyu Kim was a doctor and a fertility expert residing in Seoul, South Korea who was a good friend of Mr. Paik. When Mr. Paik's daughter Sun and her husband Jin came in for an examination to see if they were able to conceive a child, he informed them that they were unable to do so due to Sun having advanced endometriosis, scar tissue blocking the fallopian tubes.


Lockdown - Locke
John Locke

Locke and Helen eventually ended up living together, and Locke wanted to propose. Helen read in the obituaries that Anthony had died. Locke and Helen were the only people at the funeral, and during the event, Locke saw two mysterious men by another grave, as well as a car that drove away after Locke said that he forgave his father. After Locke, then working as a home inspector, left a house he has just inspected, the same car from the funeral appeared.

Lockdown - Cooper
Anthony Cooper

Cooper fakes his own death to escape being killed by Jimmy Bane and his associate. John Locke and Helen are the only two people to attend his staged funeral. Locke finds Cooper still alive and Cooper asks him to retrieve $700,000 he has conned in a retirement fund scheme.

Lockdown - Helen

After discovering Anthony's name in the obituaries, the two attend his funeral in order to let go. However, Helen finds John still has ties with his father and finds them together at the Flightline Motel. She then rejects John's hasty marriage proposal.

Jimmy Bane
Jimmy Bane

Jimmy Bane was a man who was conned out of $700,000 by Anthony Cooper. After Anthony's funeral, Jimmy and his associate came to the suspicion that Cooper may still be alive, and visited Locke and Helen at their home to confirm this.

Bane's Associate
Bane's Associate

He was an associate of Jimmy Bane, who was conned out of $700,000 by Anthony Cooper. They were, however, disappointed to discover that John's bag did not contain the cash from the safe deposit box at the bank, but rather work papers just as he had said.

Noor Abed Jazeem

Nadia purchased a home there and had it inspected by John Locke of Welcome Home who told her that the seismic bolting was all first rate, there was no visible mould, no dry rot, and that she and her husband purchased a nice house. She then corrected him by saying that if she had a husband, he would be happy to hear that.

Father Chuck
Father Chuck

Father Chuck was the priest that conducted Anthony Cooper's funeral service. Locke and Helen were the only two who attended the funeral. When Father Chuck asked Locke if he wanted to say anything, Locke simply said: "I Forgive You".

Bank Employee California
Bank Employee

She was the employee of a bank in California that granted John Locke access to Anthony Cooper's safe deposit box #1516 which contained $700,000.


Dave - Hurley
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

In the mental hospital, Hurley's doctor - Dr. Brooks - attempts to ease Hurley's guilt, explaining that the deck was built to only hold eight people, so Hurley's presence was a moot point - the deck would have collapsed whether he was there or not. Hurley also meets Dave, a man who seems to be the only normal person in the place, although he advises Hurley to eat all he wants and ignore Brooks' orders to diet and to take his prescribed Clonazepam, which Hurley follows.

Dave - Dave

While Hurley was institutionalized at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute, he became friends with a man named Dave, who unbeknowst to him, wasn't real. Hurley's doctor, Dr. Brooks, had told Hurley on several occasions that he believed Dave was a negative influence on Hurley, while the whole time having knowledge that he was fictitious.

Dr Brooks
Dr. Brooks

Dr. Brooks was employed at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute and was the doctor of Hurley. Dr. Brooks tried to help Hurley recover from an "accident", which Hurley believes was his fault that caused the deaths of two people. While Hurley was in Santa Rosa, he became friends with a man named Dave, who he did not know was imaginary.

Dave - Leonard
Leonard Simms

Leonard was committed to the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute where he would spend a lengthy amount of time. Leonard would spend some of his free time playing Connect Four, and quietly repeating the numbers to himself. While playing Connect Four one day with Dave and Hurley, Leonard had some of his graham crackers stolen by Hurley.

Nurse Lazenby
Nurse Lazenby

Nurse Lazenby was a nurse employed at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. While Hurley and Dave were playing Connect Four with Leonard, she presented Hurley with his meds. She then proceeded across the room to give Libby her medication.

Dave - Libby

Libby spent time at Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute as a patient. At least part of her stay there overlapped with Hurley's time at the Institute. While at SRMHI, her hair color was brown. The reasons for her being institutionalized in the first place are still unknown, though the reason could be the sudden death of her husband David.


He was the security guard at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute that Hurley and Dave evaded in order to fulfill their escape.


S.O.S. - Bernard
Bernard Nadler

Bernard met Rose when he was helping her with car troubles. He helped her car get unstuck from snow, and then she asked him for a cup of coffee. He accepted. Five months later, at a restaurant, he asked her to marry him. She responded by saying she was dying. He decided to take her to Isaac, a man who helped people cure their terminal illnesses. She reluctantly agreed, and came out saying she was fixed. Bernard did not yet know that she was actually lying.

S.O.S. - Rose
Rose Henderson

When Bernard proposed, Rose confesses that she is sick and has less than a year to live. However, this does not deter Bernard, and she says yes. During their honeymoon in Australia, Bernard convinced Rose to see a faith healer named Isaac in an effort to cure her terminal cancer. The healer tells her that he cannot help her, Rose decides to let Bernard think that he did.


'Isaac of Uluru', as he was called, was a spiritual healer from Australia who derived power from the Earth to heal individuals. When Bernard made a $10,000 donation to Isaac, he met Rose who he attempted to heal. He was unable to do so however, and Rose informed him that she was going to tell Bernard that he had healed her anyway.

Aussie Woman
Aussie Woman

She was the assistant of spiritual healer "Isaac of Uluru" who met with Rose who had come to be healed after her husband Bernard made a donation to Isaac.

S.O.S. - Locke
John Locke

While wheeling himself through the airport, Locke picks up Rose's pill bottle that she had dropped and hands it back to her.

Little Girl

She was a little girl who had traveled to Uluru, Australia to meet with "Isaac of Uluru" who was believed of having the power to heal her. The girl walked with crutches, and Isaac had healed many before just like her. She spoke with Bernard, while his wife Rose was inside with Isaac.

Two for the RoadEdit

Two for the Road - Ana Lucia
Ana-Lucia Cortez

Ana-Lucia leaves the force and eventually finds work as an airport security guard. She meets Christian Shephard at the airport bar, who asks her to accompany him to Sydney as a "bodyguard." They purposefully create fake names for each other: "Tom" and "Sarah." In Sydney, Ana-Lucia breaks up an argument when Christian visits a woman and demands to see his daughter. She later tries to convince Christian to return to the States, but he refuses and the two part ways.

Two for the Road - Teresa
Teresa Cortez

After fleeing to Australia, Teresa finally received a call from a distraught Ana. Ana explained that she ran away because Teresa knew the truth, and that she was done running and wanted to come home. Teresa jotted down that Ana would be on Flight 815, and said that she would be at the airport.

Two for the Road - Jason McCormack
Jason McCormack

After killing Jason in cold blood, his body is brought in, and shown to Ana. Six bullet holes are visible in his body.

Two for the Road - Christian
Christian Shephard

After a brief conversation with Ana, he convinces her to accompany him to Australia to serve as a bodyguard, saying that it is fate. After several days of drinking, Christian has Ana-Lucia take him to a house where he confronts a blonde-haired woman named Lindsey. Christian then demands to see his daughter, but is beaten away by the woman. The next day, Ana-Lucia leaves Christian, calling him pathetic.

Connections - AnaSawyer
James "Sawyer" Ford

As Christian prepares to exit the vehicle, he opens the door in front of where Sawyer was walking.

Two for the Road - Jack
Jack Shephard

Jack is seen at the check-in counter arguing with Chrissy in an attempt to get his father's casket allowed onto the plane.

Lindsey Littleton

Lindsey was visited by Christian, and he demanded to see his daughter. Christian claimed that he had every right to see his daughter and that he paid the mortgage on the house. Ana-Lucia eventually ran up to the house and removed Christian from the scene, and exchanged a quick glance with Lindsey.

Two for the Road - Chrissy

Chrissy was an Oceanic Check-in counter ageent who argued with Jack who pleaded with her to allow it on the plane, she eventually agreed. The coffin made it's way on to the plane, but it is unknown if Christian's body was inside.

Two for the Road - Jin
Jin-Soo Kwon

While Jack argued with Chrissy at the check-in counter, Jin was waiting in line behind him.

Two for the Road - Mike

Mike was the bartender at the Los Angeles Airport, and was a friend and fellow co-worker of Ana-Lucia Cortez.


Question Mark - Eko
Eko Tunde

At some later point in time, we find Eko serving as a priest in an Australian church, taking confession from a man who has actually arrived to provide a passport so Eko can travel to Los Angeles. He is asked to investigate a reported miracle, the apparent resurrection of a young woman who drowned the day before. Eko visits the undertaker, who plays him the tape of his autopsy procedure.

Connections - EkoClaire
Richard Malkin

Richard Malkin was Charlotte's father, and informed Eko that he did not believe that what happened to her was a miracle and that he made his living as a fraud. Richard went on to explain that it was just Dr. McVay covering up his own malpractice.

Joyce Malkin

After Joyce's daughter was involved in a drowning, she was later brought back to life by what Joyce believed to be a miracle. She contacted the monsignor and met with Eko and informed them of the situation and that the Vatican should be contacted. The monsignor informed her than an investigation must be conducted before anything else could be done.

Charlotte Malkin

Charlotte Malkin was the daughter Richard and Joyce Malkin. Charlotte was pronounced dead after drowning, and was then declared alive by Dr. Ian McVay during her autopsy. When Charlotte's mother believed this to be a miracle, she contacted the monsignor at the church and met with Mr. Eko and explained the situation to him.

Dr. Ian McVay

Dr. Ian McVay was the man who performed Charlotte Malkin's autopsy and discovered that she was alive, through what was being described as a "miracle". Dr. McVay was met with by Mr. Eko who arrived to investigate the occurrence. Dr. McVay informed Eko that he had discovered that she was alive during the autopsy.


Caldwell was a man who had visited Eko for a faux confession and later revealed himself as a man who made illegal documents for a priest. Caldwell provided Eko with an Australian passport bearing a name which was not his own, and claimed that he could hook Eko up with some people in Los Angeles.


He was the monsignor at the church where Eko was serving at. He enlisted Eko to meet with Joyce Malkin who believed her daughter was brought back to life through a miracle after she drowned. When Eko stated that he did not believe it was a miracle, the monsignor informed Eko that that was precisely the reason he was chosen for the assignment.

Connections - LibbyEko

While at the airport in Sydney prior to boarding Flight 815, Libby interrupts a heated conversation between Eko and a woman named Charlotte, asking if everything is all right. When being assured its all good, Libby boarded for the flight.

Ticket Agent

She was an Oceanic Airlines employee at the Sydney Airport who presented Mr. Eko with his ticket for Oceanic Flight 815.

Live Together, Die AloneEdit

Live Together, Die Alone - Desmond
Desmond Hume

Desmond travels to America to compete in a race around the world, hoping to win it to regain his honor and anger Charles, who is hosting the event. Desmond needs a boat for the race, which he gets from Libby, whom he meets in a coffee shop soon after arriving in America. She acquired the boat when her husband David died, and believes that Desmond was meant to have it.

Live Together, Die Alone - Penny Widmore
Penny Widmore

Desmond made his way to Los Angeles, and it was there that Penelope traveled in order to track him down using her wide variety of resources. When Desmond inquired as to her wedding date, she replied that one was not yet set. Desmond informed her that he would be back in a year, as he needed to win her father's solo sailing race around the world in order to regain his honour, and return to Penelope.

Charles Widmore

Desmond was eventually sent to a military prison for not following orders, and during his incarceration he sent several letter to Penny, none of which arrived to her, as Charles had prevented all of his letters from reaching her.

Live Together, Die Alone - Libby

Libby meets Desmond in a coffee shop in California. As he didn't have any American money, she lent him some to get a coffee. After introducing herself to him as Elizabeth, Libby gives Desmond Hume the boat when she learns Desmond will be in a sailing race around the world.

Live Together, Die Alone - Jack
Jack Shephard

As Desmond arrives at the stadium to compete in his tour de state, Jack can be seen arriving to do the same.

Master Sergeant

He was a Master Sergeant for the Royal Scots Regiment of Her Majesty's Army, and was the man who provided Desmond Hume with his dishonourable discharge. He returned Desmond's personal belongings to him, and inquired as to why he didn't bring his copy of Charles Dickens' Our Mutual Friend inside with him, and was informed by Desmond that it was to avoid temptation.

Coffee Shop Employee
Coffee Shop Employee

He was the employee at Dina's Coffee Shop that took the order of Desmond and Libby.

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