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A list of characters which appear in flashbacks in Season Three, organized by episode. Please note that some characters may have appeared both in a flashback and on-island in a particular episode, please see On-Island Flashback Characters to see a list of characters involved in On-Island flashbacks. Characters appearing in italics are the character(s) for which that episode is centric to.

A Tale of Two CitiesEdit

A Tale of Two Cities - Jack
Jack Shephard

Jack stalks Sarah from afar, even stealing her cell phone and calling every number in it in hopes of discovering the man. When one number turns out to be Christian's phone, Jack believes that his father is the man seeing Sarah. He follows Christian to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, where his suspicion boils over and he ends up attacking him.

A Tale of Two Cities - Christian
Christian Shephard

After his divorce, Jack suspects Christian of cheating with his ex-wife, Sarah, and the conflict results in a fight between the father and the son during Christian's Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, and Jack's subsequent arrest. The stress of Jack's accusation leads to Christian falling off the wagon; Sarah tells Jack that an extremely inebriated Christian called her and begged her to bail Jack out of prison.

A Tale of Two Cities - Sarah
Sarah Shephard

Jack soon became obsessed with finding out who the man seeing Sarah was. So much that he called all the numbers on her cell phone to discover who the man was. When one of the numbers phoned his father, Jack began to suspect that he was the man he was looking for. So much that he followed him to an AA meeting and verbally and physically attacked him.


Jack interrupted an A.A. meeting to confront his father about his suspicion that he may be having an affair with his wife, she stood up for Christian by noting his 50 days of sobriety. She was also well aware of who Jack was at first sight upon his entering of the meeting room.


She was the receptionist on the floor of the building that Sarah and Jack were meeting at to discuss their divorce proceedings.

A Tale of Two Cities - Nurse

She was the nurse working with Jack Shephard in St. Sebastian Hospital when Jack suddenly left and ran after his father.

The Glass BallerinaEdit

The Glass Ballerina - Jin
Jin-Soo Kwon

Mr. Paik assigns Jin another mission in which he has to kill Jae Lee, the son of one of Mr. Paik's business associates. Although Jin is not told why he must kill Jae, it is because Mr. Paik discovered that he and Sun were having an affair. Jin refuses the mission, but Mr. Paik flatters him by calling him his son. A torn Jin ultimately decides to go through with it so he can continue to be married to Sun.

The Glass Ballerina - Sun
Sun-Hwa Kwon

Jae dies, after having committed suicide after being beaten by Jin, who was ordered by Sun's father to kill him for having slept with his daughter (although he does not tell Jin this). The suicide is seemingly due to Jae's shame for sleeping with a married woman and because he cannot have Sun. Luckily for Sun, her father decides never to tell Jin about the affair, for it is not his place.

The Glass Ballerina - Mr Paik
Mr. Paik

After entering a hotel room, to discover Sun having an affair with Jae, he assigned Jin to take care of Jae. Jin, however, could not go through with ending Jae's life and presented him with the option of leaving the country as though he did not exist. Jae would commit suicide by leaping from the building moments later. Sun and Mr. Paik would attend his funeral.

The Glass Ballerina - Jae Lee
Jae Lee

Mr. Paik finds out about the affair between Sun and Jae, but instead of telling Jin about it, lies to Jin and tells him Jae is stealing from him, addressing this in terms of "honor". Jin finds him and beats him up, but cannot bring himself to kill him and so tells him to leave the country and never return. Jae Lee ends up falling from many stories high and lands on Jin's car with the string of pearls he attempted to give Sun clutched in his hand.

Further InstructionsEdit

Further Instructions - John Locke
John Locke

Despite the illegal aspects of the commune, Locke felt he had finally found the family that he had always yearned for. While he was living there, he picked up a young hitchhiker named Eddie. While they talked, Eddie revealed that his own family life was pretty bad. Locke empathized with Eddie's plight and decided to take him to the commune.

Edward Colburn

Edward Colburn is a member of the Humboldt County Sheriff's department. After being assigned to investigate a retreat located on private property, Edward hitched a ride with John Locke who was driving to the retreat, whom he knew was heading there. Edward knew that John was an easy target as he hadn't been there long, had no criminal record and would be amenable for coercion.


When Locke brought a man named Eddie to dinner, the retreat had no idea that he was a police officer. It was not until six months later that Mike and Jan discovered the truth. Eddie had been gathering evidence in the hopes of exposing their illegal marijuana harvest located within a greenhouse on the retreat property.


Jan was a farmer working at a private community which was home to many people, including Mike, Kim, Adam, Bobby, and John Locke. When Locke brought a man named Eddie to dinner, the retreat had no idea that he was a police officer. Locke made them aware that he was going to fix the situation.

Sheriff Williams

Sheriff Williams pulled over John Locke after he was picked up Eddie in his truck. The sheriff informed Locke that his tail light was out and instructed them to both exit the vehicle. The sheriff questioned Locke as to what was in the back and Locke responded "guns and groceries", and provided the necessary documents as well.


Kim was a farmer and part of the community at Mike and Jan's private retreat. Kim was standing guard at the retreat's greenhouse which was housing an illegal harvest of marijuana. When Locke came up to the greenhouse, Kim granted him access and informed him that Mike and Jan were waiting for him.


Bobby was a child living as part of a community located on a private retreat alongside Mike, Jan, and several other people. When John Locke had arrived into the retreat one day, Bobby opened the gate for him and was rewarded with a bag of candy.


Adam was a member of a community located on a private retreat which contained a greenhouse with an illegal harvest of marijuana inside. While having dinner with his fellow community members, Locke was saying grace and was thankful for the rain, and jokingly added that Adam would stop complaining about the drought.


Lizzie was a member of a community located on a private retreat which contained a greenhouse with an illegal harvest of marijuana inside. After walking by, Eddie and Locke jokingly argued with each other over who Lizzie liked.

Every Man for HimselfEdit

Every Man for Himself - Sawyer
James "Sawyer" Ford

Cassidy visits Sawyer in prison after two years, telling him that she bore his daughter, Clementine. In prison, Sawyer meets a man named Munson, who was sent to prison for stealing a large quantity of money. Munson asks Sawyer to have this money moved as he is unable to. Sawyer instead tells the warden where the money is, in exchange for a cut of the money and the commutation of his sentence. Sawyer asks that the money be put in an anonymous bank account for Clementine.

Every Man for Himself - Cassidy
Cassidy Phillips

Although Sawyer appears to be through with Cassidy, she presses charges and he is sent to a eight year sentence in prison. Cassidy visits Sawyer in prison after two years, telling him that she gave birth to his daughter, Clementine.


Munson is a man who was convicted of stealing $10 Million from the government, and was incarcerated in the same prison as Sawyer. During his time in the prison, Munson was beaten on a regular basis by other inmates, and the fights were broken by Warden Harris.

Warden Harris

Warden Harris is the Warden at a Florida Correction facility. When a man named Munson was brought into the prison for the theft of $10 Million from the government, he was a constant victim of assault on behalf of the other prisoner's.

Agent Freedman

Freedman is an agent of the United States Treasury Department who was placed on the assignment of recovering $10 Million which was stolen from the government by a man named Munson. When an inmate named James Ford reveals to Freedman and the Warden that he knows the location of the money.


Lila is the wife of Munson, a man who was convicted of stealing $10 Million from the government. During his incarceration, Lila visits Munson in the hopes that he will reveal the location of the money he stole, however, he did not do so.

Corrections Officer

He was the corrections officer employed at the same prison that Sawyer was imprisoned at. During a boxing match between Sawyer and another inmate, he broke up the fight when it ended.

Prison Tough #1

This man was imprisoned at the same facility that Sawyer was. After a boxing match with Sawyer in the prison's gymnasium, the two proceeded to talk and then were witness to other prisoner's beating on a man named Munson.

The Cost of LivingEdit

The Cost of Living - Eko
Eko Tunde

The village people believe that Eko is the new priest replacing Yemi, who was about to leave for London to study. Eko, who harbors tremendous guilt over Yemi, takes on the role. Eko soon comes into conflict with Emeka, a warlord just like Eko had been, who had a deal with Yemi: they take 80% of the vaccines that are now delivered to village and sell it on the black market, and in return, they leave the village alone.

The Cost of Living - Yemi
Yemi Tunde

As children, Yemi and Eko break into a shed containing food and help themselves. The two are caught by the nun, and are brought into the church to confess that they had stolen.


Amina introduced herself and her son to Eko and would later inform Emeka and his gang that the vaccines had not yet arrived, as his gang received profits from the vaccines in exchange for protection, from their own gang. Eko later brutally murdered Emeka and his gang and Amina informed Daniel that Eko was a "bad man".


Daniel was the son of Amina and an altar boy at Yemi's church. After Yemi was killed and placed on a plane out of Nigeria, Daniel worked with Eko. While washing his hands with holy water, Daniel informed Eko that he was not to do that, however, Eko claimed that he was washing away his sins.


Emeka was a warlord leader, much like Eko once was, who blackmailed Yemi's village into giving them profits from vaccine shipments in exchange for protection, from the gang itself. He had blackmailed Yemi into doing the same, however, Eko claimed that he was not afraid of him and would not comply.


She was a nun in the Nigerian village that Eko and Yemi lived in. When Yemi was hungry, Eko broke into a food shed and found food for Yemi to eat, however, the two were caught by the nun. Eko was brought into the church and forced to confess his sin to the priest.


He was a trader that met with Eko who was attempting to cut Emeka and his gang off from the vaccine shipment that was due to arrive.

The Cost of Living - Lead Soldier
Lead Soldier

He was a member of the Nigerian Army who fired upon drug smugglers who were attempting to flee the country with heroin. When the plane took off, this man approached Eko to ensure that he was alright. Believing him to be a priest, this man returns Eko to the church where Yemi served.

Blind Woman

She was a Virgin Mary Statue saleswoman who set up shop outside of Father Yemi’s church. When Emeka and his gang arrived, Eko refused their demands, and this woman was shot by Emeka for him to prove he meant business.

I DoEdit

I Do - Kate
Kate Austen

Kate (under the alias Monica) met a police officer named Kevin and eventually settled down with him in Miami, Florida. Kate called Edward Mars from a phone booth. She set a timer (supposedly it went off one second before they could trace her call) and begged him to stop looking for her because she was happy. Mars said he would stop chasing her only if she really settled down, but that he knew she would never stop running.

Kevin Callis

Kevin Callis was a police officer in Miami, Florida who met and fell in love with a young woman named Monica. After dating for a short time, Kevin married Monica. For their honeymoon, Kevin purchased two Oceanic Air tickets to Costa Rica.

I Do - Edward
Edward Mars

After she fell in love and married Kevin Callis, Kate called Edward in the hopes that she could convince him to stop chasing her. Edward agreed to stop chasing her, but only if she really settled down and stayed put, but he then added that they both know that was not going to happen.

Suzanne Callis

Suzanne was the mother of Kevin Callis and three other boys. Her mother had given her a necklace once, and she had intended to pass it on to her own daughter. However, as she had only sons, she was thrilled when her son, Kevin got engaged to a Kate, who claimed to be named Monica.


He was a Minister living in Miami, Florida, and was the man who married Kevin Callis and Kate Austen.

Not in PortlandEdit

Not in Portland - Juliet Burke
Juliet Burke

Juliet was approached by Dr. Richard Alpert about taking a job with a company called Mittelos BioScience, which she refused, saying her ex-husband would never allow her to leave, joking that the only way she would be able to would be if he was hit by a bus. When she returned home, her sister revealed to her that she was pregnant.

Rachel Carlson

Rachel is the sister of Juliet Burke, and suffers from an unknown illness. Rachel was being treated with a series of fertility drugs and was used as a guinea pig in Juliet's experiments in the hopes that she would somehow become pregnant. Juliet obtained the drugs from her ex-husband's laboratory.

Edmund Burke

Edmund was approached by Juliet after discovering that her tests had worked and her sister Rachel was pregnant. Edmund attempted to get Juliet to share her research with him for publication, however, she refused. It was then that Edmund was suddenly struck by a bus when he walked onto the street.

Not in Portland - Richard Alpert
Richard Alpert

Alpert attempts to convince Juliet to take a position at Mittelos, but she refuses, joking that she could only accept his offer if her ex-husband Edmund were "hit by a bus." Soon after, Edmund is fatally struck by a bus, and mere seconds after Juliet has identified Edmund's body, Alpert appears in the morgue with Ethan Rom to press his case yet again.

Connections - Juliethan
Ethan Rom

Richard and Ethan had confronted Juliet Burke in the hopes that she would join their privately-funded team and assist in their research. Ethan had also previously come in contact with Juliet when he was walking through the building where her sister lived and said hello to Juliet.


While she and Edmund were alone together in the lab, they discovered that Juliet was present, hiding in the back after having stolen test samples of a vaccine. She later spoke with Juliet after having been hired and informed her that Edmund wanted to speak with her.

Morgue Employee
Morgue Employee

After Edmund Burke was tragically killed when he was hit by a bus, his ex-wife Juliet arrived at the morgue to claim the body. This man was present to allow Juliet in and to get her to sign the necessary paperwork.

Flashes Before Your EyesEdit

Flashes Before Your Eyes - Desmond
Desmond Hume

Desmond and Penny date for two years prior to meeting her father, wealthy industrialist Charles Widmore, who was apparently unaware of their relationship. When he finally meets Charles to ask for permission to marry Penny, he bluntly tells Desmond that he is not good enough for Penny and does not want him to even be with her. Desmond sadly comes to same conclusion when he is unable to afford even a picture of him and Penny together, so he breaks up with her.

Flashes Before Your Eyes - Penny
Penny Widmore

Penny was getting ready to move into Desmond's flat, and Desmond was getting ready for a job interview with her father. When Desmond was denied not only a job, but also Penny's hand in marriage by her father, Desmond was further ashamed when he couldn't afford to pay for a photograph of the two of them together, and decided it was time to end their relationship.

Flashes Before Your Eyes - Widmore
Charles Widmore

Charles Widmore met with Desmond for what he believed was a job interview, however, Desmond later revealed that his true intentions were to ask for Penny's hand in marriage. Charles presented Desmond with a glass of whiskey, claiming that one swallow was worth more than he could make in a month, and to share it with Desmond would be a waste. Charles then poses the question, that if Desmond is not worthy of drinking his whiskey, how could he ever be worthy of his daughter?


Donovan was a physicist and a good friend of Desmond's who was confronted when Desmond came to the conclusion that he may have traveled back in time. When Donovan doubts his belief, Desmond states that he remembers the night and that he can predict what will happen in the next few moments, however, Desmond gets the night wrong by one day, and he appears incorrect and crazy in Donovan's eyes.

Ms. Hawking

Ms. Hawking was a jeweler in the United Kingdom who was approached by Desmond inside her store for a ring as he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend, Penny. When he decided to purchase the ring, she stated that he would do no such thing. She then began to go into great detail about Desmond's future, and about him eventually reaching the island and pushing the button.

Jimmy Lennon

Jimmy Lennon was a man who was owed money by a bartender in the United Kingdom, and walked into the bar and originally struck him with a cricket bat, however, when Desmond intervened and warned the bartender, he was struck instead.

Connections - DesmondCharlie
Charlie Pace

Desmond and Charlie crossed paths on the streets of London after Desmond had left his meeting at Widmore Industries. Charlie was playing his guitar on the street labeling it as the "Musical Styling of Charlie Hieronymus Pace". Desmond approached his asking him where he knew him from, and then it all came back to Desmond about the island and the hatch.


She was the receptionist at Widmore Industries and met with Desmond when he was preparing for his meeting with Charles Widmore. She allowed Desmond access to see Mr. Widmore, and also signed for a package when a delivery man arrived.

Delivery Man

He was a delivery man who was delivering a package to the receptionist at Widmore Industries. He briefly exchanged words with Desmond when he thought that the number 815 associated with the package was peculiar.


He was a bartender at a pub in the United Kingdom, and took Desmond's drink request on what the day that Desmond described as the one where he made the biggest mistake of his life. The night before Desmond had predicted that Jimmy Lennon would walk into the bar and strike the bartender with a cricket bat for money that was owed to him.

Flashes Before Your Eyes - Partridge

Partridge was a student of Donovan's who spoke with him about how her thesis was a little too neat. Donovan informed her that the wild card is unpredictability, run the same test ten times, you'll get ten different outcomes. Their conversation was cut short when Desmond ran into the room to speak with Donovan.

Man in Red Shoes

This man appeared in Desmond's flashback/déjà vu, and was pointed out to him by Ms. Hawking as making a bold fashion choice. He was later killed when a nearby construction site collapsed and crushed him.

Stranger in a Strange LandEdit

Stranger in a Strange Land - Jack
Jack Shephard

To escape from his troubled life, Jack stays in Phuket, Thailand for several months. There he meets a mysterious woman named Achara and has a relationship with her. However Achara refuses to divulge much about herself to Jack, although she is often paid by numerous people for her "talent." Jack secretly follows her one night to her place of business: a tattoo parlor.


Achara states that she is not a tattoo artist, but rather someone who can see exactly who someone is and then marks them. When Jack asks her if she can tell who he is, she says that he is a leader, a great man, but that makes him lonely and frightened and angry.


After Achara marked Jack with a tattoo on his arm and Chet and his friends severely circle beat Jack and threated Jack to leave the country on the beach where he was staying while in Phuket.

Thai Boy

He was a boy living in Phuket, Thailand, who was selling drinks on the beach. When Jack would emerge from his home on the beach, this boy would sell Jack a bottled cola.

Thai Man

He was an unknown man who delivered an envelope full of money to Achara while she was having her dinner with Jack.

Tricia Tanaka Is DeadEdit

Tricia Tanaka is Dead - Hurley
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

Hurley's father reappears, angering Hurley since he had been gone for 17 years. It turns out his mother called him to talk sense into Hurley about his curse. Hurley's father attempts to bond with his son, but Hurley is too angry and suspicious about his father's motives, especially after he paid off a psychic to pretend that she knew how to lift his curse.

Carmen Reyes

After leaving 17 years previous, Carmen's husband David returned after she had called to inform him that Hurley had won the lottery. He returned to help Hurley rid himself of his curse, at the insistence of Carmen. When Hurley stated that he wanted David to leave, Carmen refused stating that it had been 17 years, when Hurley inquired about the 17 years, Carmen pressed the ears of her gold Jesus statue and simply stated "I have needs".

David Reyes
David Reyes

David received a call from Carmen informing him that Hurley had won the lottery and that he was in trouble. David returned to see his son with the intent of gaining some money from him in order to retire on. David spent dinner with Hurley and Carmen, and Hurley became upset and accused him of wanting some money.

Tricia Tanaka
Tricia Tanaka

Tricia had been interviewing Hurley and Randy after Hurley purchased a Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack and was planning to re-open it. During her interview, she became annoyed with the way Hurley shifted what was supposed to be a light-hearted interview to his supposed "curse".

Lynn Karnoff
Lynn Karnoff

Lynn Karnoff was a psychic working out of California who met with Hurley and his father to do a tarot card reading. Lynn told Hurley that he had come into a great deal of money, and that bad luck had surrounded him, and stated that darkness surrounded the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42. Lynn said that a curse is like an unwelcome entity that needed to be exorcised in order to be cured of his curse.

Tricia Tanaka is Dead - Randy
Randy Nations

Hurley bought the Mr. Cluck's which was located in Diamond Bar, CA; and gave Randy a position at the restaurant. While the two were being interview by Tricia Tanaka, Mr. Cluck's was hit and destroyed by a meteorite which also killed Tricia Tanaka, her cameraman, and the employees inside.

Mr. Tranh

Mr. Tranh formerly worked at Bennigan's, and was later hired by Hurley to work for him as his personal butler at his home. When Hurley's father, David, returned and joined them for dinner, Hurley decided that he was going to give all of his money away, and fired Mr. Tranh and his wife and threw a stack of bills at them as "severance pay".

Lady Tranh

Lady Tranh formerly worked at Bennigan's, and was later hired by Hurley to work for him as his personal butler at his home. When Hurley's father, David, returned and joined them for dinner, Hurley decided that he was going to give all of his money away, and fired Lady Tranh and her husband and threw a stack of bills at them as "severance pay".


He was a cameraman for Tricia Tanaka when she was interviewing Hurley and Randy after Hurley purchased a Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack and was planning to re-open it.

Enter 77Edit

Enter 77 - Sayid
Sayid Jarrah

Sayid moves to Paris and works as a chef under the assumed name Najif and tells people that he is Syrian, in an effort to hide his past as a torturer. Sayid is offered a position with higher pay at another restaurant by a fellow Iraqi named Sami, but when he arrives, he is taken prisoner by Sami and locked in a pantry. It turns out that Sayid was recognized - he once tortured Sami's wife, Amira, by pouring boiling oil on her arms.


Sami and his wife Amira were passing by a restaurant in Paris, when Amira spotted Sayid and was positive that he was the man who had tortured her when she was captured by the Republican Guard. Sami returned to the restaurant, and offered Sayid (who was going by the alias of "Najeev") a job based on the one meal, and stated that it was because they were outsiders, and because his had chef just quit.


Amira was the spouse of Sami and was previously interrogated by Sayid Jarrah of the Republican Guard. She was held for three months after being accused of harboring an enemy of the state. She eventually confessed for this crime, however, it is presented that she did not actually commit it.


He was a waiter in the same restaurant where Sayid worked, and referred to him as his alias "Najeev". When Sami visited the restaurant, he wanted to compliment Sayid on the meal he had prepared, and this waiter alerted him to that.

Arabic Man
Arabic Man

He was a guest in Sami's restaurant and alerted Sami when Sayid had entered the restaurant and asked for him. This man attempted to apprehend Sayid after Sayid was introduced to Amira and they believed he was the man who had tortured her years ago.

Par AvionEdit

Par Avion - Claire
Claire Littleton

After a car accident, her mother became vegetative, and Claire blamed herself for this. Sometime soon after the crash, Christian Shephard showed up at the hospital where her mother was being helped, claiming he was Claire's father, and that he'd been paying for the medical bills.

Par Avion - Christian
Christian Shephard

After Carole was involved in a car accident in Sydney, Christian immediately fronted the money to cover her medical expenses, and traveled to Los Angeles where her finally reunited with Claire and revealed to her that he was her father. He stated that he stopped coming to visit because of her mother's objections to his LA family, and also because her aunt Lindsey hated him.

Lindsey Littleton

After Claire and Carole were involved in a car accident, Carole was thrown through the windshield and suffered severe head trauma which landed her in a coma. When Lindsey came to visit, she scolded Claire for heading home to take a shower while Carole was still in surgery.

Carole Littleton
Carole Littleton

While driving with her daughter Claire, they were hit by a truck, and Carole flew through the windshield and onto the road, she suffered sever head trauma. The hospital bills were paid by Christian who later returned to meet his daughter once more, and attempted to have her release her mother from her suffering while in her coma.

Dr Woodruff
Dr. Woodruff

Dr. Woodruff stated that he did not have confidence that Carole would ever wake up, and that the only reason she was alive was because of the machines that were sustaining her. When Lindsey stated that they could not afford her medical treatment, Dr. Woodruff informed them that it was already taken care of, and that the individual who had done so, wished their identity to remain confidential.

Officer Barnes
Officer Barnes

After Claire had been stitched up by the ER doctor after her car accident, Officer Barnes from the New South Wales Police entered the room to question her about the accident. He asked, what he described as routine questions, such as: who was driving, and how fast she was going.

ER Doctor
ER Doctor

He was the doctor who stitched up Claire after her car accident. He signalled to Officer Barnes that she was ready for questioning when he had completed.

Head Nurse
Head Nurse

She was the head nurse at the hospital where Carole Littleton was being cared for while in her coma. The nurse commented to Claire that she like Carole's new doctor, the American, who was revealed to be Christian Shephard.

The Man from TallahasseeEdit

The Man from Tallahassee - Locke
John Locke

Locke is visited by a young man named Peter Talbot, who claims that his mother is set to marry Anthony Cooper (under a different alias), and realized through Cooper's medical records that Locke donated a kidney. Locke lied, saying that it was an anonymous donation. Locke, realizing that Cooper was back to his old conning habits, searched for him and found him.

The Man from Tallahassee - Anthony
Anthony Cooper

After Locke was confronted by a man named Peter Talbot who informed him that Anthony, who claimed himself to be "Adam Seward", had become involved with his mother, he requested Locke's help in the matter. When Locke confronted Anthony about ending things with her, Anthony obliged and stated that he would call off their upcoming wedding.

Peter Talbot

Peter Talbot confronted John Locke after his mother became involved with a man named "Adam Seward", who also went under the name Anthony Cooper. When Peter checked Cooper's medical records, he noticed that John had given him a kidney, and consulted him to inquire further.

Mrs Talbot
Mrs. Talbot

Mrs. Talbot was the mother of Peter Talbot, and had become romantically involved with Anthony Cooper. She and Anthony had plans to be married, however, Peter began to suspect that "Adam Seward", as Mrs. Talbot knew him as, wasn't all he claimed to be. Peter looked up medical records naming John Locke as the man who donated a kidney to Anthony. Two days after Peter visited Locke, he was mysteriously killed.

Detective Reed
Detective Reed

Detective Reed along with his partner Detective Mason, visited the home of John Locke to inquire as to whether or not he knew a man named Peter Talbot. Initially, Locke denied knowing Peter at all, however, after he was reminded of Peter's visit two days previous, Locke claimed Peter was a solicitor. This did not convince the two, as they were aware that the Talbot's had considerable wealth, and would most likely not be selling door-to-door.

Detective Mason

Locke was informed by Mason that Peter possessed a piece of paper with Locke's name and address in his pocket, when he inquired why they were looking through his pockets, he was informed that Peter had died.

William Kincaid

Kincaid was a physiotherapist who had assisted Locke while he was recovering after he was pushed eight stories out of a window by his father, Anthony Cooper. Kincaid was the one who introduced Locke to the wheelchair that he would spend the next four years of his life in.

Government Worker
Tamara Fry

When Locke revealed that he had stopped attending his therapy sessions, she suspended his benefits temporarily, and made the assumption that since he no longer needed therapy, he no longer need their support.


Expose - Nikki Fernandez
Nikki Fernandez

Nikki was an actress and made a guest star appearance on a dramatic television series called Exposé. It was later revealed that she was some kind of con artist who worked with Paulo. They murdered the show's director, Howard L. Zukerman, that she was sleeping with to steal his $8 million diamond collection.

Expose - Paulo Airport

Paulo was a con artist working with his girlfriend Nikki. Just before the crash, they murdered a wealthy television director named Howard L. Zukerman, and stole his diamonds, which were worth $8 million. Four days later, while at the Sydney Airport, Pualo read Nikki Zukerman's obituary, and they met Boone and Shannon and witnessed an argument between the two.

Billy Dee Williams

Billy Dee landed a role on the television show Exposé, where he played the part of Mr. LaShade, a nightclub owner who assisted the characters of Autumn and Crystal in the solving of crimes. His character was later revealed to be the man known as "The Cobra" who was a villain foreshadowed for the four seasons of the show.

Howard L. Zukerman
Howard L. Zukerman

While Howard and Nikki were having lunch together, Paulo was "introduced" to Nikki, and Howard presented her with a bracelet. While expressing his feelings for her, he appeared to be suffering from heart failure. Paulo checked his pulse, and confirmed that he was dead. Paulo and Nikki were in on the whole thing, and had done so to gain access to his diamonds which he kept in a locked safe, which were worth over $8 million dollars.

Expose - Shannon Rutherford
Shannon Rutherford

While walking through the Sydney Airport with Boone, the two stopped and Boone asked Paulo if he could borrow the empty chair at the table, which annoyed Shannon, who continued to berate him as they left.

Expose - Boone Carlyle
Boone Carlyle

While walking through the Sydney Airport with Shannon, Boone stopped and asked Paulo if he could borrow the empty chair at the table, which annoyed Shannon, who continued to berate him as they left.

Kimber Andrews

Kimber Andrews is a cast member of the hit television show Exposé. She portrayed the role of Autumn, a regular cast member since Season one. She starred in a Season Four episode with Nikki Fernandez and Billy Dee Williams.

Alissa Jean Scott

Alissa Jean Scott is a cast member of the hit television show Exposé. She portrayed the role of Crystal, a regular cast member since Season one. She starred in a Season Four episode with Nikki Fernandez and Billy Dee Williams.

Slate Board Clapper

This man was responsible for clapping the slate board at the end of filming for scenes of the hit TV Series Exposé.

Expose - Scott
Scott Jackson

Scott Jackson is seen walking through the Sydney Airport behind Nikki, Paulo, Boone and Shannon.

Left BehindEdit

Left Behind - Kate
Kate Austen

Kate (under the alias Lucy) goes back to Iowa to see her mother again to ask why she told the cops about Wayne's murder, Kate does this with the help of Cassidy Phillips. It is revealed that her mother was still in love with Wayne and that after his murder she carried hard feelings for Kate. Kate is then told that if her mother ever sees her again, she will yell for help.

Connection - KateSawyer
Cassidy Phillips

Kate and Cassidy headed to a bar where they exchanged conversation about their current situations. After hearing Kate's story, Cassidy decided to help Kate get in contact with her mother. Cassidy dressed in Kate's clothes and headed to Diane's house posing as a Bible saleswoman, dressing as Kate would alert the federal agents who were waiting to apprehend her, and would also give Kate and Cassidy a better idea of what they were up against.

Diane Jansen

Kate later met up with her mother in the back of the diner where she worked, after Cassidy spilled her meal on Diane, forcing her to clean up. When Kate asked the question that had been haunting her, Diane answered that you can't help who you love, that she loved Wayne, and that Kate burned him alive.

Left Behind - Edward
Edward Mars

Kate later returned to Iowa to question her mother as to why she turned her in. Kate had her new friend Cassidy pose as Kate in order to throw the Marshal's off. When Edward took the glasses off of Cassidy, who was posing as a Bible saleswoman, he realized it was not Kate; but still spent the next 6 hours interrogating her.


Johnny was a tow truck driver from Iowa who had picked up a woman named Lucy after she had blown a fan belt on her car. Johnny gave her a lift to the service station, where an attendant was arguing with Cassidy who was attempting to sell him fake jewelry.


He was an attendant at a General Store/Service Station, and threated to call the police on Cassidy when she attempted to sell him fake jewelry. It was not until Kate intervened and claimed that her father was a jeweler and that she could determine whether or not they were fake, that he called off his threat.

Federal Agent
Federal Agent

He was one of the federal agents who aided Edward Mars when they were apprehending Kate Austen, when she was attempting to make contact with her mother Diane. The men were surprised when they found that the suspect was not Austen, but rather Cassidy Phillips, who was posing as a Bible saleswoman.

One of UsEdit

One of Us - Juliet Burke
Juliet Burke

After accepting the position with Mittelos BioScience, Juliet met with Richard and Ethan at a small, out of the way airport. There, she parted with Rachel, promising to be back in six months, in time for Rachel's child to be born. Later, while Ethan was taking her vitals, Richard mixed a strong dose of tranquilizer into a glass of orange juice and handed it to her.

One of Us - Rachel
Rachel Carlson

When Juliet decided to accept the position with Mittelos BioScience, she watched as her sister left with Richard Alpert and Ethan Rom to head to her top secret location.

One of Us - Richard
Richard Alpert

Richard questions why Juliet decided to join their team, and explains that she has a gift. He goes on to add that deep down a part of her knows that the place they're taking her to is special.

One of Us - Ethan Rom
Ethan Rom

Ethan and Richard met Juliet and her sister at the airport where Herarat Aviation was located. When Richard offer Juliet orange juice with a considerable amount of tranquilizer in it, Ethan states that the trip can be pretty intense.

Airport Guard
Airport Guard

He was an Airport Guard for the airline that was to take Juliet, Ethan and Richard to their proper destination so that they could make their way to the island.


Catch-22 - Desmond
Desmond Hume

Desmond was engaged to be married to his girlfriend of six years, Ruth. He was suffering from cold feet and went on a drinking binge soon before the wedding. He passed out and woke up in the street, where he was helped up by a monk named Brother Campbell. At that moment, Desmond felt that he had a higher calling and decided to become a monk himself.

Brother Campbell
Brother Campbell

Brother Campbell was a member of the monastery where Desmond Hume had come to train to become a monk. Campbell put Desmond to the test of a vow of silence, which he passed, and was presented with his robes when Campbell felt Desmond had succeeded.


Derek headed to the monastery where Desmond was serving as a monk, and was allowed entry by Brother Martin. When he finally came face-to-face with Desmond, he punched him in the face.


Ruth was the former love of Desmond for six years, and the two were planning to be married. Desmond, however, had second thoughts, and disappeared a week before the wedding with no explanation as to where he was going.

Brother Martin
Brother Martin

Brother Martin was a monk serving at the monastery where Desmond Hume was also serving as a monk. When Derek had arrived to speak with Desmond, Brother Martin allowed him to enter. Derek then .proceeded to punch Desmond in the face.

Catch-22 - Penny
Penny Widmore

Penny and Desmond met when Penny was picking up some crates of wine that her father had purchased from the same monastery from which Desmond was dismissed. When Penny invited Desmond to assist her in unloading them in Carlisle, Desmond agreed.


D.O.C. - Sun
Sun-Hwa Kwon

Their marriage begins with great promise, as Jin manages to convince her wealthy father, Mr. Paik, of his intentions. Unbeknownst to Jin, however, his mother comes to Sun and blackmails her to get money or else she will shame Jin with the fact that he is the son of a prostitute. Sun must go to her father for the money.

D.O.C. - Mr Kwon
Mr. Kwon

Kwon was visited by Jin's wife Sun in the hopes to learn more about Jin's mother, as she was being blackmailed out of $100,000 by who it later turned out, was in fact Jin's mother. As the two discussed the current wedding, conversation turned to the reason why Jin told Sun that Mr. Kwon was dead, and that it was to avoid the shame of where he came from.

Older Woman

She was the mother of Jin-Soo Kwon and after Jin married Sun Paik, she approached Sun in a park and attempted to blackmail her out of $100,000 by revealing that Jin's mother was a prostitute, revealing a secret shame Jin was not aware of.

D.O.C. - Mr Paik
Mr. Paik

Sun approached Paik with the request of $100,000, the reason for which she did not reveal, other than that it was to prevent great shame for someone she loved.

D.O.C. - Jin
Jin-Soo Kwon

Paik gathered that it was Jin whom she was protecting and presented her with the money, under the condition that Jin was indebted to Paik, and that he would no longer be a floor manager, and that he would be working directly for him.

Paik’s Associate
Paik’s Associate

This man was an associate of Mr. Paik and was present when Paik's secretary introduced Sun to the room. He congratulated Sun on her recent wedding and wished her much happiness.

Paik’s Secretary
Paik’s Secretary

She was the secretary for Mr. Paik and introduced Sun to Paik and his associates when they entered the room.

The Man Behind the CurtainEdit

The Man Behind the Curtain - Benjamin
Benjamin Linus

Benjamin was born near Portland, Oregon. His parents were Roger and Emily Linus. Emily went into labor only 7 months into the pregnancy during a walk in the woods and died from the complications that arose. In her dying words she asked Roger to name their baby Benjamin.

The Man Behind the Curtain - Roger
Roger Linus

Emily gave birth to their child while it was still two months premature. After giving birth in an Oregon forest, they made their way to a road, where a man named Horace pulled over to assist in getting them to the hospital. Shortly before they left, Emily requested that Roger name their child Benjamin. Emily passed away due to complications during the birth.

The Man Behind the Curtain - Emily
Emily Linus

Emily gave birth to their child while it was still two months premature. After giving birth in an Oregon forest, they made their way to a road, where a man named Horace pulled over to assist in getting them to the hospital. Shortly before they left, Emily requested that Roger name their child Benjamin. Emily passed away due to complications during the birth.

The Man Behind the Curtain - Horace
Horace Goodspeed

While driving outside of Portland, Horace and Olivia were flagged down by Roger Linus who was holding his dying wife, Emily, and their newborn son, Benjamin, in his arms. Horace offered to drive them to the hospital.

The Man Behind the Curtain - Olivia
Olivia Goodspeed

Several years before teaching Ben, she encountered Ben's parents Roger and Emily outside of Portland while driving with Horace, shortly after Emily had given birth to Ben. Emily passed away due to childbirth complications.

Greatest HitsEdit

Greatest Hits - Charlie Pace
Charlie Pace

Charlie reviews the top five "greatest hits" of his life: hearing himself on the radio for the first time, his dad teaching him to swim, the Christmas that Liam gave him the ring, when he saved Nadia from a mugger in an alley and was called a hero, and the night of the crash when he met Claire.

Greatest Hits - Liam
Liam Pace

Liam presents the ring to Charlie at Christmas, because he believes Charlie has the potential to begin a family and continue the legacy. However, in the end, the opposite is true, Liam was the one who kicked his addiction, gained responsibility, and began a family; whereas Charlie still battled his addiction, and was now the danger to the legacy.

Simon Pace

When Liam and Charlie were young, he took them to a swimming pool at Butlins, where he attempted to teach Charlie to overcome a fear of jumping into the pool. Simon assured Charlie that if he jumped in, that he would catch him. When Charlie jumped in, Simon did not catch him, however, Charlie was overjoyed that he had jumped in all by himself.

Connections - CharlieSayid
Noor Abed Jazeem

After being the victim of a mugging in the United Kingdom, Nadia was rescued by Charlie Pace. She praised Charlie for coming to her rescue, and told him that he was a hero, and not to let anyone ever tell him differently.


Roderick was traveling with Charlie and Liam Pace while on their way to a show for Drive Shaft. After blowing their tire, Roderick was cycling through radio stations until arriving at their breakout hit "You All Everybody".

Greatest Hits - Unnamed Drive Shaft Member
Drive Shaft Drummer

He driving the van and traveling with Charlie, Liam, and Roderick while on their way to a show for Drive Shaft. After blowing their tire, Roderick was cycling through radio stations until arriving at their breakout hit "You All Everybody".


He was the criminal who had attacked and mugged Nadia in an alley in Covent Garden. Nadia was rescued when Charlie arrived and hit the criminal with his guitar case.

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