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A list of characters which appear in flashbacks in Season Four, organized by episode. Please note that some characters may have appeared in a flashforward in a particular episode, please see Flashforward Characters to see these particular characters. Characters appearing in italics are the character(s) for which that episode is centric to.

Confirmed DeadEdit

Confirmed Dead - Daniel Faraday
Daniel Faraday

Daniel watched a news report covering the discovery of the apparent derelict Oceanic Flight 815 in the depths of the Sunda Trench close to Indonesia. When asked why he was crying by his wife he replied that he doesn’t know.

Confirmed Dead - Miles Straume
Miles Straume

After hearing about 815's wreckage on the radio, he enters the house of Mrs. Gardner and calms the spirit of her murdered grandson by talking to him, also apparently convincing the ghost to show him the location of a hidden stash of money and drugs. Miles takes the money but leaves the drugs, and refund Mrs. Gardner some of the money she had given him, stating it wasn't as hard as he thought it would have been.

Confirmed Dead - Charlotte Lewis
Charlotte Lewis

While in Tunisia, Charlotte goes to an excavation site of what she discovers to be polar bear remains. She uncovers a collar on the bones, which bears the Hydra logo from the DHARMA Initiative.

Confirmed Dead - Frank Lapidus
Frank Lapidus

Frank Lapidus, was on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas, watching on TV as the remains of 815 were excavated. Seeing the corpse of Seth Norris, the pilot, he calls into the Oceanic Hotline, claiming that the corpse shown is not the pilot, because he does not have a wedding ring, and is very sure of this. He also claims that he was supposed to be the pilot of Oceanic flight 815.

Confirmed Dead - Naomi
Naomi Dorrit

Naomi is seen speaking to Matthew Abaddon, telling him that the people chosen (Faraday, Straume, Lewis, and Lapidus) are not right for the job. Abaddon tells her not to argue, and to just finish their mission.

Confirmed Dead - Matthew Abaddon
Matthew Abaddon

Abaddon instructs Naomi on her mission, and about Faraday, Straume, Lewis and Lapidus and assures her that there were no survivors of Oceanic Flight 815.

Female Anchor
Female Anchor

She was a news anchor who had reported on the Christian I's discovered of the Oceanic Flight 815 wreckage near the Sunda Trench.

Mrs Gardner
Mrs. Gardner

Mrs. Gardner had hired Miles Straume to exorcise the spirit of her grandson after he was murdered. The two originally agreed on a fee of $100, which Miles insisted be doubled after he discovered that the boy had been murdered.


She was a translator working with Charlotte in Tunisia, where the two visited and archaeological dig. She translated what one of the workers was saying to Charlotte. She was shocked to see the remains of a polar bear in the desert, and believed it to be a possible hoax.

African Man
African Man

This man worked at an archaeological dig in Medenine, Tunisia, where they had been excavating the remains of a polar bear. When Charlotte and her translator had arrived, he denied them access, however, after being bribed, they were allowed to pass.

Mrs Faraday
  • Unknown Portrayer

She was the caretaker for Daniel Faraday. After hearing Daniel watch a news report about the discovery of Flight 815, she noticed him weeping, and inquired why he was so upset, and he responded that he did not know.

The ConstantEdit

The Constant - Desmond Hume
Desmond Hume

Desmond traveled through time a few times, understanding more and more about his situation with the help of Daniel Faraday during a two-day leave he had from his military service. Faraday explained to Desmond that he must have an anchor, or constant, something that is familiar in both 1996 and 2004, and he must make contact with this constant in the future to stop the jumping back and forth between time.

The Constant - Daniel Faraday
Daniel Faraday

Daniel worked as a physicist at The Queen's College, Oxford in 1996 parallel to the time wherein Desmond Hume was trapped mentally, due to a retro-chronological form of amnesia, connected to all of Desmond's visions and foresight. Daniel helped Desmond by telling him that he would die if he did not find a constant - a familiar entity which is a part of Desmond's life in the past and future.

The Constant - Charles Widmore
Charles Widmore

Widmore attended a Southfield's auction where the diary of the first mate aboard the Black Rock was being auction off. Widmore purchased the diary for ₤380,000. Shortly after, he was greeted by Desmond, who requested Penny's address to get in contact with her. Widmore gave him the address, so that Penny herself could tell him that she hated him.

The Constant - Penny Widmore
Penny Widmore

Penny is visited by Desmond at her home, where he proceeds to attempt to explain his actions. He then requests her phone number, which he swears he will not dial until 8 years later on Christmas Eve.


He was a sergeant of the Royal Scots Regiment that Desmond belonged to. After Desmond had a flash about being in a helicopter, he made the soldiers perform their tasks double-time. Desmond once again had another flash, and he scrutinized Desmond once more for it, making the soldiers run.


Billy was a member of the Royal Scots Regiment along with Desmond. After having to perform grueling exercises as a result of Desmond's odd behavior, Desmond confided in Billy about the flashes.


He was a member of the Royal Scots Regiment along with Desmond and Billy. After Desmond's unexplained flashes, he purposely bumped into Desmond causing him to drop his change, in retaliation for the earlier exercises the sergeant made them engage in.


He was the auctioneer during at the Southfield's auction where Lot 2342, the Black Rock diary belonging to a first mate aboard the ship, which was previously owned by Tovard Hanso, was purchased by Charles Widmore for ₤380,000.

Suited Guard
Suited Guard

He was the guard on duty during the Southfield's auction where Charles Widmore purchased the Black Rock diary. Shortly after this, Desmond arrived requesting to speak to Widmore, but was refused entry on the grounds that the auction was by reservation only. Widmore allowed Desmond to speak with him, and the two headed to the restroom.

Ji YeonEdit

Ji Yeon - Jin
Jin-Soo Kwon

Jin struggles to purchase, and keep, a stuffed panda bear which he needs in order to present to the Chinese Ambassador on behalf of Mr. Paik.


After being alerted by his security agent to Jin's presence, he exited the hospital room and was presented with a plush panda as a gift from Mr. Paik as a symbol of his eagerness to do business with the country of China. The Ambassador was quite pleased with the gift and informed Jin to let Mr. Paik know that he would call.


When Jin entered his toy store, the shopkeeper assisted him in finding a plush panda. He inquired as to whether he was going to the maternity ward, and whether it was a boy or a girl, Jin replied that he didn't know yet, and the shopkeeper stated that everyone loves a panda.

Security Agent

He was the security agent that alerted the Chinese Ambassador to Jin's presence.

Maternity Nurse

When Jin arrived to present a panda as a gift to the Chinese Ambassador, she directs him on where to go. When she inquires why he's leaving so soon, Jin replies by saying that it wasn't his baby. She suggests that it might be someday, and he states that he's only been married two months

Meet Kevin JohnsonEdit

Meet Kevin Johnson - Michael Dawson
Michael Dawson

After an unsuccessful suicide attempt, Michael is confronted by Tom, the Other who abducted Walt; Tom explains that the Island will not allow Michael to kill himself. Tom gives Michael a forged passport, identifying him as "Kevin Johnson," and an assignment: he is told to infiltrate the Kahana, owned by entrepreneur Charles Widmore and kill everyone on board.

Meet Kevin Johnson - Tom

Tom convinces Michael to work for him, revealing that Charles Widmore did a cover-up on Oceanic 815 by finding 324 dead bodies in a Thailand cemetery and putting a fake plane on the bottom of the Ocean. He further explains to Michael that if Widmore ever found the Island, everyone on it would be killed, including the Oceanic 815 survivors. Michael agrees to work as a spy to redeem himself from his previous actions on the island.

Mrs. Dawson

When Michael visited her, she denied Michael the opportunity to see Walt as she was frustrated about having to use false names and cover up the crash. Mrs. Dawson stated that Walt was upset with whatever Michael had told him.


Arturo was romantically involved with Tom. When Michael came to the Hotel Earle, Arturo was aware of the altercation in the alley, signifying that Tom revealed what had happened to him. When Tom asks for privacy with Michael, Arturo obliges, and kisses Tom on the cheek as he leaves.

Meet Kevin Johnson - Walt Lloyd
Walt Lloyd

When Michael pays a visit to his mother in an attempt to see Walt, he is turned away after being informed that Walt is upset at something that Michael had told him. As Michael leaves, Walt glances out the window at Michael and then proceeds back into the room.

Meet Kevin Johnson - Benjamin Linus
Benjamin Linus

Ben contacts Michael via the Kahana's radio and informs him that he is to prevent the ship from reaching the island. By destroying the communication, and the engines the ship will never reach it's destination. Ben then states that Michael is "one of the good guys".

Meet Kevin Johnson - George Minkowski
George Minkowski

While boarding for the first time, George mistook Michael Dawson for the engineer aboard the boat. George later encountered Michael bouncing a ball off of the door in the quarters and inquired if he was going "Nicholson" on them, referring to the film The Shining. George then informed Michael that he had received a call from the mainland from someone claiming to be "Walt".

Meet Kevin Johnson - Naomi Dorrit
Naomi Dorrit

In Figi, Naomi is checking in crew members of the Kahana and meets Michael Dawson, using the alias 'Kevin Johnson'. They talk about where they are from and she gives him a package delivered to him.

Meet Kevin Johnson - Martin Keamy
Martin Keamy

While aboard the Kahana, Keamy and other crew members engaged in shooting practice by launching discs over the side of the ship, which Keamy would proceed to shoot with an automatic rifle. When Michael inquired what he was doing, Keamy bluntly stated that they were "shooting things".

Meet Kevin Johnson - Omar

While on the deck of the Kahana, Omar was present for the launching of discs off the side of the ship, which Keamy would proceed to shoot at for target practice. When Michael stated that he thought that they were going on a rescue mission, Omar chuckled along with several others aboard.

Meet Kevin Johnson - Frank Lapidus
Frank Lapidus

While aboard the Kahana, Frank confesses to Michael that he believes that Oceanic Flight 815 isn't really at the bottom of the ocean, and that Charles Widmore believes the same. Frank asks Michael what he thinks would happen if they actually found some of the survivors alive.


Gus worked as a pawnbroker in a Manhattan shop who bargained with Michael for the watch that was given to him by Jin. Gus traded Michael a gun with bullets at his request for the watch. Michael later attempted to commit suicide with the gun.


After Michael attempted suicide he was brought to a New York City hospital and tended to by this nurse. She came into his room to check on him after visions of Libby caused him to scream in terror. She stated that he was found without identification, and a letter addressed to Walt.

Meet Kevin Johnson - Female Anchor
Female Anchor

She was a news anchor who had reported on the Christian I's discovered of the Oceanic Flight 815 wreckage near the Sunda Trench.

Cabin FeverEdit

John Locke - Cabin Fever
John Locke

Various events throughout the course of John's life are shown, including his birth, a childhood interview with Richard Alpert, a meeting with his high school guidance counselor, and an adulthood meeting with Matthew Abbadon.

Emily Locke - Cabin Fever
Emily Locke

Emily has an argument with her mother, over he involvement with Anthony, an argument which leads into the street, causing Emily to be hit head-on by an oncoming car. At the hospital, Emily gives birth to John, three months prematurely, and after being presented with John, she denies responsibility of the child.

Richard Alpert - Cabin Fever
Richard Alpert

Richard appears at many times during John's childhood, including his birth, and during a meeting that he arranged in order to test John to see if she was ready to attend a "school" he represented. Alpert also got in touch with John's high school guidance counselor in the hopes that John would attend their "science camp".

Matthew Abaddon - Cabin Fever
Matthew Abaddon

Matthew visits Locke as he is recovering from his spinal injury, and implants the idea of going on a walkabout in his mind, which ultimately puts Locke on Oceanic 815.

Mrs Locke
Mrs. Locke

Emily gave birth to John, and Mrs. Locke inquired with a nurse about adoption preceding. The nurse informed her that she was not able to smoke in the hospital, and then directed her attention to Richard Alpert, who she believed was the father; however, she was unaware who he was.


Florence was the foster mother of John Locke and Melissa. When John was five years old, Richard Alpert came to visit him in regards to admission to a school that he ran for special children, which he believed would be beneficial to John. When John failed the test Richard presented to him, Florence immediately placed the blame on John asking what he had done.

Mr Gellert
Mr. Gellert

Gellert informed John that he had received a phone call from Portland and spoke with a Dr. Alpert from Mittelos Laboatories who were working with chemistry and new technologies. He informed Gellert that they were looking for bright, young minds and wanted to recruit John to their summer camp. John became frustrated at Gellert's offer stating that he wasn't a scientist, but a normal kid just like everyone else.


Melissa was the foster sister of John Locke and the foster daughter of Florence. When John was playing a game of backgammon, she tipped the board on him, as she disliked the game.

Physical Therapist
Physical Therapist

He was the physical therapist at the Delerue Center for Rehabilitation who treated John Locke for the injuries he sustained from falling eight stories out of a building.

E.R. Nurse

When Emily Locke was brought into the emergency room after being hit by a car, this nurse assisted in bringing her in, and was informed by Emily that she was pregnant. She assisted in the delivery of her son John, and took him away because he was so premature.

E.R. Doctor

He was the emergency room doctor, who tended to Emily Locke after her accident, and delivered John Locke.

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