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Several different websites for fictional organizations or individuals mentioned on the show or in part of the Find 815 Alternate Reality Game were introduced. The websites, particularly and, contain information into the mythology of Lost. The character of Sam Thomas, is introduced to guide players through the game. Most clues on the website are revealed by clicking on several items on Sam's desk, or simply by following the storyline structure of the site.


A search engine used by Sam, which returns results on several topics, including James Clerk Maxwell, pioneer of electromagentism.


Sam was referred to by Tracey in order to plan vacation. The site contains an e-mail address, which if written to, will be replied with a scrambled message.


Sam Thomas has a profile on Facebook, which is a social networking website. On his profile, Sam lists personal and public information, and links to a Find 815 group.


The site was revealed through, in which Oceanic Airlines IT Technician Sam Thomas hacked into the website and placed a video, containing a link to, in which he stated that he is determined to find the truth relating to the disappearance of Oceanic Flight 815 and his partner, Sonya.

FindInfoOut was revealed through the web browser on Sam's notebook computer. The page reveals information pertaining to the Sunda Trench, which was a clue given in one of the Chapter One activities, and further information was given by Tracey, one of Sam's trusted contacts.

Fly Oceanic Air is an official website for Oceanic Airlines, which announces the return of Oceanic to the airways. The site contains a video which has been updated since it's original reveal. It originally had the promotion for Oceanic, and was later updated with a hack by Sam Thomas.


MySpace is a social networking website offering an interactive, user-submitted network of friends, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos internationally. Sam Thomas possesses a MySpace profile which contains a blog.

Slave Ship Search

Sam visited this particular website in order to find out more information pertaining to the Black Rock, and the importance of it.

AuroraAustralis is a website which explains Aurora Australia, which is a natural phenomenon in which the sky fills with mysterious lights due to magnetic forces in the atmosphere.

The Maxwell Group was revealed in an auto reply e-mail received by Sam as the only notable entry in what was other wise scrambled code. The website required a username and password, which has yet to be revealed.

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