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Throughout the Find 815 Alternate Reality Game, Sam has a cellular phone which is capable of receiving voice mail messages. These messages saved in the phone can be listened to at a later date.

Mum - Chapter 1

Sam received a phone message from his mother, in which she voices her concerns for his well-being and the possibility of him losing his job if he keeps carrying on.

Sam, its mum. I just saw you on the telly. What's going on? You're going to lose your job if you keep carrying on like that. I know you probably wouldn't care at the moment, but you look like you hadn't slept in days. I'm worried about your health Sam, physical and--well, otherwise. Can you call me?

Mum - Chapter 2

Sam receives a phone message from his mother, in which she informs him that she stopped by him home, and is worried that be may do something silly.

Hey Sam, it's Mum again. I phoned you the other day. You haven't called me back. I'm worried. I popped around to see you but no one was home. I know you haven't been yourself since Sonya disappeared. I'm worried you might do something silly. Please call me back this time.

Phone - SeanDowling
Sean Dowling - Chapter 3

Sam receives a phone message from Sean Dowling which informs him that due to his dismissal, his loyalty flyer points with Oceanic Airlines have been revoked.

Yeah Sam, it's Sean Dowling here, Oceanic Air Employee Relations. I've got a bit of bad news, um as a result of your dismissal, your loyalty flyer points with Oceanic have been revoked in line with company policy. I'll confirm this in a letter, but I wanted to let you know straight away just in case you thought you could still use them. Give us a call if you've got any questions.

Randy's Office - Chapter 4

Sam receives a phone message from Richard in Randy's office, who informs him that a box company that he invested in had burned down and that he has received an insurance payout, later than his settlement with Oceanic Airlines, and to call him back to decide what to do with the funds.

Hey Sam, it's Richard. Ah, Randy asked me to call. You're a hard man to track down these days. Now listen, I've got some good news. You know that box company investment that Randy suggested, the one that burnt down? Well, the insurance payout has come through for you. And it's a nice little earner too, a lot better than your severance from Oceanic. Now, I'll need instructions from you, whether you want me to reinvest the money or just transfer it to you. Okay? I understand you have a few expenses at the moment. Give us a call when you can, alright? Bye mate.

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