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Throughout the Find 815 Alternate Reality Game, Sam communicates with many of his contacts through e-mail by use of his notebook computer. In doing so, Same gains valuable information and clues that aid him in his findings.

Chapter 1Edit

January 31, 2007Edit


Sam received an e-mail from an unknown source claiming that they had previously known Sonya, and also sent along a photograph, with hidden messages embedded within. Sam discovered four messages:Sunda Trench, Christiane I, Black Rock and "Tell no one - Grave Consequences". The sender is unknown, however, upon closer inspection it would appear that the sender is affiliated with the Maxwell Group.


Dear Sam,

You do not know me but I am an old friend of Sonya’s. I was shocked and saddened to hear about the recent tragedy and wanted to pass on my sincerest condolences to you. Sonya was a lovely person who touched the heart of everyone who knew her.

Please excuse me for contacting you out of the blue like this, but I recently came across an old photograph of Sonya and thought you might like to see it. Hopefully it will help you find some peace during this most difficult of times.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Re: Sonya

Who are you?

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OŸ©y ∫Ê©EˇN
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January 1, 2008Edit

Tracey REdit

Sam had correspondence with Tracey in order to find information on the Christiane I.

A favour...

Hi Tracey,

I need a favour: I'm looking for some information about a boat called "Christiane I". I can't say what this is for - sorry - just that it's very important.

Thanks, you're a lifesaver.


Christiane I


Aren't you the mysterious one?

Anyway, I've tracked down the "Christiane I" - it's a salvage vessel currently docked in Jakarta. Apparently it's due to leave on an expedition in a few days but I couldn't find out where to - the details are confidential.

What's the story? Are you looking for a new job now you've left Oceanic? Nice work if you could tee something up for yourself in Indonesia. Look out Bali,

Take care


David MassinghamEdit

After corresponding with Tracey for information on the Christiane I, Sam contacted David Massingham in order to secure a flight to Jakarta to seek further information.

Flights to Jakarta


Need your help. I need to get to Jakarta asap but all flights have been booked out.
Can you help us at all?


Ticket Details


I finally managed to squeeze you on to a flight - but don't tell my supervisor! It'll be at the counter for collection under your name, booking ref# R7KMCH

08:50 Sydney 11:45 Darwin FLT511
14:15 Darwin 15:15 Jakarta FLT601


January 3, 2008Edit

Sean DowlingEdit

Sam received an e-mail Sean Dowling from Oceanic Airlines' Employee Relations, informing him that his employment has been terminated due to the fact that despite repeated verbal and written warnings, Sam continued to make derogatory comments about Oceanic Airlines in public.

Termination of Employment

Dear Mr Thomas

Further to our meeting of last week, I confirm that your employment with Oceanic Air is terminated with immediate effect.

The reasons for this termination were outlined at the meeting - namely, that despite repeated verbal and written warnings, you continued to make derogatory and unauthorised comments about Oceanic Air in public. This conduct was contrary to Section 23 of your Employment Agreement and is grounds for summary dismissal.

Your final payment will not be released until all company property has been returned and accounted for.

Yours sincerely

Sean Dowling
Employee Relations

Termination of Employment

Dear Mr Dowling

I refer to your previous e-mail.

I have returned all company property to Oceanic Air.

If there is any other reason why my final payment should not be released immediately, please let me know.

Your truly

Sam Thomas


Austral Air HREdit

After Sam received the e-mail from Sean Dowling regarding his termination of employment with Oceanic Airlines, Sam sought employment with another airline named Austral Air.


Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to you to express my interest in any employment opportunities that may be available with your airline.

My name is Sam Thomas. I have worked as an IT technician in the aviation industry for a number of years, most recently for Oceanic Airlines. I am a skilled, experienced worker who is used to operating under pressure and tight deadlines.

Would you be interested in reading a copy of my resume at all? If so, please let me know.

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely.

Sam Thomas

January 6, 2008Edit

Tracey REdit

Sam sends an e-mail to Tracey hoping to find out more information about the Black Rock and how it might connect to the Christiane I or its expedition.

Another favour


Nice work on Christiane I. Shipwrecks 'r' us, huh? I think I've got an idea of where it might be headed. Believe it or not I'm in Darwin waiting for the connecting flight to Jakarta. Hope I don't miss the boat as they say.

Got another one for you. I tried to sort this before I left but couldn't find anything that made sense. This might seem a little cryptic but I need you to find out what you can on 'black rock' and how it might connect to the Christiane I or its expedition. I know, I know! It's not much but I have faith in you, Trace You were always better at this sort of thing than me. You've got the patience ;).

I'm sure this makes about as much sense to you as it does to me - just trust me when I say it's important. You don't need to worry, I'm fine. In fact, I've started a video diary like you suggested. You were right. It helps. I think I just ramble really, don't make much sense. But that's not the point right?

I don't know what email is like where I'm going (hard enough to get online even here in Darwin). You can try me on sat phone if there is any doubt.

Take care. Give Holden a pat for me.


Chapter 2Edit

January 7, 2008Edit


Sam receives yet another email from a mysterious source containing a scrambled code.

[no subject]

(The numbers listed in bold, were originally listed in a shade of gray in the e-mail located on the website.)


January 8, 2008Edit

Isaac ChapmanEdit

Isaac Chapman of Austral Air Human Resources replied to Sam's previous e-mail stating that there are no suitable positions available, bet they have put his details on file.


Dear Mr. Thomas

Thank you for your enquiry concerning employment with our company.

At the moment there are no suitable positions available. However, we have put your details on file should one arise in the future.

We wish you well with your future projects.

Kind regards

Isaac Chapman Human Resources Austral Air

Tracey REdit

Sam sends an e-mail to Tracey in the hopes of finding out more information about Talbot.

Yes another favour ... please ;-)

Ahoy there Trace,

Greetings from the Christiane I. I made it! It was looking a bit dicey for a while there but soon as I pulled out my screwdriver they were never going to leave Jakarta without me.

The captain is a crusty ol' sea dog called Ockham. He's a straight talker so we get on fine (you know how I like to know where I stand). The expedition supervisor is another story. He's a real company man. Keeps reminding everyone of his 'employer requirements'. His name's Talbot. I've heard the captain calling him 'Oscar' behind his back so I assume that's his first name. His accent's hard to pin down - maybe a little US East coast (as if I'd know). He seems pretty well heeled, educated - probably from old money. Real slippery type, doesn't give much away. As a result I still don't know exactly where this expedition is headed, or what it hopes to find. I suppose if I knew more about this Talbot bloke it might you see where I'm going with this?

So what do you think? Can you find out more about Mr Talbot for me?

Just add it to my tab ;)


PS - how's the "black rock" research going? You're not losing your touch are you?

January 9, 2008Edit

Tracey REdit

Tracey replies to Sam's previous e-mail and provides information on Talbot and informs him that she is still gather information on "black rock".

Watch it First Mate!

You gave me nothing but crumbs with your "black rock" request. It could be anything! Do you know how many companies call themselves 'Black Rock'! They're invariably in finance, oil or real estate - all VERY macho. Then there's all the deserts, mountains, beaches and national parks around the world called 'Black Rock'. None of them link to the Christiane I as far as I can tell so I guess you could say I'm making progress.

Unfortunately, I've only had a marginally better time with this Talbot guy. It looks like your instincts (as usual) were right about his background. He comes from a wealthy East Coast, New England family with a sketchy history in the diamond trade. Unfortunately, young Oscar's slippery nature runs in the family - they're reclusive in a way only a LOT of money can buy. Kind of creepy actually. I'm not used to these sorts of dead-ends. Best I can do is they arrived in New England in 1908 from the English county of Somerset.

My advice? Steer clear.

Sorry I can't give you more. Don't worry, I haven't given up on "black rock" yet. I'm sure I'll get you something in the next few days.


PS - Holden sends big slobbery kisses.

January 10, 2008Edit

Broadcasting AuthorityEdit

Sam's sends an e-mail to the Broadcasting Authority, concerning a mysterious transmission concerning the disappearance of Amelia Earhart that he had picked up. Sam received a reply from Phil Alston of the Broadcasting Authority, who stated that it may have been a radio enthusiast who played the recording.

E-Mail-ToBroadcasting Authority
Amelia Earhart transmission

Dear Sir/Madam

My name is Sam Thomas. I am a passenger on a vessel traveling the Indian Ocean off the coast of Sumatra.

The other night I was listening to a transistor radio in my cabin when I picked up what seemed to be a radio news broadcast reporting the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. The transmission seemed to report the events as if they were contemporary, which I found strange considering Miss Earhart disappeared in 1937. It lasted only a short time before I lost the signal.

Could you confirm if there were [sic] any radio documentaries broadcast in the last few days on Amelia Earhart's disappearance?

Any assistance you could give me would be most appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

Sam Thomas

Amelia Earhart transmission

Dear Mr Thomas

We refer to your recent email on this matter.

We have no record in our files of the transmission you received. Additionally, we have no record of any scheduled news reports or documentaries broadcast on this subject in recent months in the area of this authority. However, we do know that amateur radio enthusiasts broadcast a wide range of material, some of which includes historical recordings. This is the most likely explanation for what you overheard.

All the best

Phil Alston Broadcasting Authority

Tracey REdit

Sam's sends an e-mail to Tracey inquiring about a defect in the camera that she lent him. She replies back saying that it was working fine when she last had it, and then replies back again providing information pertaining to the Black Rock.



Thought I should mention - that video camera you lent me is playing up. Something is interfering with the playback heads and affecting the motor drive. When was the last time you got it serviced?



That camera was working when I last used it. It better be OK when I get it back.

"black rock"

OK. I'm pretty sure this is what you're after.

"Black rock" most likely refers to a slave vessel, called the Black Rock, that mysteriously disappeared in 1881. It seems to have worked extensively around Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. I'd say the Black Rock is what the Christiane I is looking for.

Here's the rundown on it.

The Black Rock would conduct regular voyages from Britain to the South Indian Ocean, where it collected gold from the mines in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. The ship would then sail to Africa where the gold would be exchanged for slaves. On the voyage that the Black Rock disappeared, Papua New Guinea traders claimed it sailed off in an Easterly direction, rather than West to Africa. The ship was never seen again. There were supposedly 40 crew members on board.

No exact information is available on who owned the Black Rock but it is thought it might be a company called New World Sea Traders.

It is also thought that the owner of New World Sea Traders, a former sea captain called Magnus Hanso, may have been captaining the Black Rock when it vanished.

After the Black Rock disappeared, New World Sea Traders was sold to a company called the East Ocean Trade Group. In the 1950s the East Ocean Trade Group was taken over by the Hanso Group, who renamed the company Allied Copenhagen Marine Merchants.

So when are you going to tell me what's going on?


Chapter 3Edit

January 15, 2008Edit

Ian and PamEdit

Sam receives and e-mail from Sonya's parents Ian and Pam who extend an invitation to stay with them sometime, as hos anniversary with Sonya was fast approaching and they knew it would be a difficult time. They state that he is like a son to them, and that it would help to face the challenges as a family.


Hello Sam

How are you? We hope you are well. It's been so long since we saw you.

We were wondering if you would be interested in coming and staying with us sometime? Your anniversary is approaching soon - Sonya always mentioned it - and it will no doubt be a hard time for you. You are like a son to us and we'd like to offer you any support you think you'll need. It can help to face these things as a family.

Let us know if you are interested. It would be lovely to see you again. All the best - and love to your mother.

Ian and Pam


Pam and Ian

Lovely to hear from you and I hope you both are well.

Thank you for your kind offer but I'm afraid I'm out of the country at the moment and I'll have to decline for now. You're right, things have been rough and I wish I could be with family. You have both been in my thoughts. But please don't worry - I'm taking some time out and sorting things through. Unfortunately I won't be back until the new year but I will get in touch as soon as I return.

All my love.



Sam receives and e-mail from Sonya's parents Ian and Pam who extend an invitation to stay with them sometime, as hos anniversary with Sonya was fast approaching and they knew it would be a difficult time. They state that he is like a son to them, and that it would help to face the challenges as a family.



I'm going to be out here longer than I thought, and mum is starting to worry. I've tried to call but the reception out here is dodgy. And I'm pretty sure mum still hasn't worked out how to use that answering machine I got her.

She's starting to stress herself out - she never used to be this much of a worrier. I was wondering if you could call her for me and let her know I'm fine?

I also just found out I probably won't be able to get home for Christmas - break it to her gently, will you? I'll call her myself as soon as I can.

Thanks, Tracey



Sam receives yet another e-mail from an Unknown Sender, this containing a long string of letters, with the following appearing in a slightly smaller font size: A A B B C F C.

[no subject]

(The letters listed in bold, were originally listed in a smaller font in the e-mail located on the website.)


January 17, 2008Edit

Tracey REdit

Sam sent e-mail to Tracey inquiring about the strange electrical disturbance that occurred on the bridge of the Christiane I. Tracey replies that the disturbance was most likely caused by lightning, a temporary failure inside the electrical system, or a strong wave of electromagnetic energy. Tracey directs his attention to a website known as and suggests that he take a holiday as soon as he can.

Equipment Meltdown


Wanted to get your opinion on something. I saw a strange thing tonight when I visited the Bridge - all the instrument panels were flickering and it looked like it was in meltdown. Every instrument seemed to be malfunctioning. Then all of a sudden it just stopped and everything went back to normal.

Freaky, huh?

What do you think could have caused it?


Equipment Meltdown


These sorts of things are not uncommon. It was probably just caused by lightning or a temporary failure inside the electrical system. Sometimes electromagnetic energy can also cause it but that's unusual - it has to be a very strong wave.

You sure you're ok? It sounds like you need a holiday. Make sure you take some time off as soon as you can. I used these guys when I went to Denpasar last year - they're tops!


Chapter 4Edit

January 22, 2008Edit


Sam responds to Randy about the voice message he received stating that it is good to hear, as the money will come in handy now that he is no longer at Oceanic.



I got your message (sorry for the email - I can't make phone calls out here). That's great news about the box company payout - the money'll come in handy now I'm no longer at Oceanic. Let me know what I should do about the tax situation.


Tracey REdit

Sam replies to Tracey stating that he doesn't think he will follow-up on her vacation suggestion as he is feeling quite homesick. Sam also inquires as to whether she was able to get in contact with his mother. Tracey replies that she did get in contact with her, and that she will be visiting her on Christmas day.


Hi Trace

Thanks for the holiday tip but I don't reckon I'll follow it up. To be honest, being all the way out here has made me a bit homesick. Speaking of which - did you get onto mum? Is she still speaking to me?


Your Mum

Hi Sam

I called your mum. She was relieved to hear you were OK. You're right - she's a worrier these days but she means well. She's invited me around for Christmas day. I can't resist her homemade rumballs so I said yes. You're going to owe her a very big Christmas present when you get back (and me too for that matter

Talk soon



Sam receives another mysterious e-mail which contains a long string of letters and numbers, which translate into code relating to the phrase "Love You Madly".

[no subject]


Janaury 24, 2008Edit

Tracey REdit

Sam e-mails Tracey inquiring about the strange phenomenon that he had seen the previous night while walking the deck of the Christiane I, and requests and explanation as to what it may have been. Tracey replies by saying that the phenomenon usually occur near the polar regions, but have been known to occur elsewhere as well, but they don't usually fade away that quickly. Tracey states that she doesn't think it's anything sinister, just a little weird.

Strange Lights

Hey Trace

OK, try and explain this one Miss Rational Explanation for Everything.

The other night I was on the deck when I saw what looked like a cloud of green light on the horizon. I grabbed my binoculars for a closer look -- it was a series of long green streaks that moved slowly and blended with each other. After about 20 seconds or so they faded away.

What do you think?




Hmmm, strange green lights in the sky? Let's see, in my thoughtful and considered opinion I'd say it's most definitely an invasion of little green aliens from the planet Zubelleedubellee. Ruthless creatures. They eat people brains... have you checked yours lately? ;)

Seriously, there's a perfectly rational explanation for what you saw. It was more than likely an aurora. It's a natural phenomenon caused by magnetic forces in the atmosphere. They usually only happen around the polar regions but have been know [sic] to occur elsewhere. Mind you they don't normally fade away quickly like yours did. Could be related to the mishap on the bridge the other day but it's hard to tell for sure. I'm sure it's nothing sinister (just a little weird).

Take care


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