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The following are clues relating to the Find 815 Alternate Reality Game released on January 22, 2008.

Messages - Randy's OfficeEdit


Message from Randy's Office

Sam receives a phone message from Richard in Randy's office, who informs him that a box company that he invested in had burned down and that he has received an insurance payout, later than his settlement with Oceanic Airlines, and to call him back to decide what to do with the funds.

Hey Sam, it's Richard. Ah, Randy asked me to call. You're a hard man to track down these days. Now listen, I've got some good news. You know that box company investment that Randy suggested, the one that burnt down? Well, the insurance payout has come through for you. And it's a nice little earner too, a lot better than your severance from Oceanic. Now, I'll need instructions from you, whether you want me to reinvest the money or just transfer it to you. Okay? I understand you have a few expenses at the moment. Give us a call when you can, alright? Bye mate.



Sam responds to Randy about the voice message he received stating that it is good to hear, as the money will come in handy now that he is no longer at Oceanic.



I got your message (sorry for the email - I can't make phone calls out here). That's great news about the box company payout - the money'll come in handy now I'm no longer at Oceanic. Let me know what I should do about the tax situation.


Tracey REdit

Sam replies to Tracey stating that he doesn't think he will follow-up on her vacation suggestion as he is feeling quite homesick. Sam also inquires as to whether she was able to get in contact with his mother. Tracey replies that she did get in contact with her, and that she will be visiting her on Christmas day.


Hi Trace

Thanks for the holiday tip but I don't reckon I'll follow it up. To be honest, being all the way out here has made me a bit homesick. Speaking of which - did you get onto mum? Is she still speaking to me?


Your Mum

Hi Sam

I called your mum. She was relieved to hear you were OK. You're right - she's a worrier these days but she means well. She's invited me around for Christmas day. I can't resist her homemade rumballs so I said yes. You're going to owe her a very big Christmas present when you get back (and me too for that matter

Talk soon



Sam receives another mysterious e-mail which contains a long string of letters and numbers, which translate into code relating to the phrase "Love You Madly".

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