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The following are clues relating to the Find 815 Alternate Reality Game released on January 21, 2008.

Video RecapEdit

The recap video appears on, which summarizes Chapter 3.


Video - Hacking InEdit

While on the bridge of the Christiane I, Sam looks at the numbers, which were provided by the Maxwell Group, which he had discovered were coordinates. As Ockham leaves, Sam disconnects a wire on the chart plotter, which gives Ockham the appearance that it is damaged. Ockham requests Sam take a look at it, and informs him that he will be telling Talbot. As Ockham leaves, Sam reconnects the wire, and inters a USB device into the computer to begin hacking in.


SAM: Everything ok?
OCKHAM: Ah yeah, great. Time for you to start earning your keep.
SAM: Why, what's the problem?
OCKHAM: That's for you to find out. I better tell Lord Talbot.

Activity - Hacking the Chart PlotterEdit


Chart Plotter Password Activity

In this activity, Sam is attempting to hack into the chart plotter using a program loaded through his USB device, which is called Metrix. Using the program, Sam attempts to break the chart plotter encryption by finding the correct password combination, which is given through 8 possible characters, of which only 5 are correct. These 5 characters appear only once, and the program gives a red indicator if the character is in the correct position, a white indicator if it is in the wrong position, and no indicator if the letter does not appear in the sequence. The player has ten attempts to find the correct sequence.

Video - FailureEdit

Failing to properly find the correct sequence within ten attempts will activate an alarm that alerts Ockham and Talbot to Sam's actions. They run into the room catching him in the act.

Video - SuccessEdit

Once the correct sequence is discovered, Sam is able to locate the coordinates on the chart plotter. Ockham and Talbot arrive, and Sam informs them that it was just a loose display cable. Ockham informs Sam that he can sleep, but that he will be on call 24/7. As Sam returns to his quarters, he notices Talbot waiting there for him, and accuses him of lying about the chart plotter malfunction. Talbot provides Sam with the coordinates that he had previously written down, and Sam doesn't acknowledge them. However, he finally divulges that he had received the coordinates from the Maxwell Group. Talbot states that Sam doesn't know what he's getting into, and to stay away from the coordinates, as he won't find what he is looking for.


SAM: Oh, just a loose display cable, that's all. It's fine now.
OCKHAM: Right. Well let's hope it stays that way. You can sleep.
SAM: Great.
OCKHAM: But you're on call 24/7 'til we're out of this place.

TALBOT: You weren't telling the truth, were you Sam?
SAM: What do you mean?
TALBOT: The chart plotter. It wasn't broken, was it?
SAM: Yes it was. I just fixed it.
TALBOT: Then why did you have this?
SAM: What are they, your lotto numbers? Never picked you as a gambler.
TALBOT: You know what they are. They're coordinates.
SAM: Oh, is that what they are? See I wouldn't know.
TALBOT: What are the coordinates for? You have no idea what you're involved in, do you? You don't know who you're dealing with.
SAM: Maxwell. The Maxwell Group gave me these coordinates. Your employer told me to come here.
TALBOT: Like I said, you don't know who you're dealing with. Stay away from those coordinates. You won't find what you're looking for.

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