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The following are clues relating to the Find 815 Alternate Reality Game released on January 2, 2008.

Video - VisionsEdit

Sam awakens during the night, and heads to a room in his house, in which a door is rattling, upon closing it, Sam catches a brief reflection of Sonya in the window, wearing her Oceanic Airlines attire.


Clue Hunt - Clues from LOSTEdit

Season CluesEdit


The location of the clues are highlighted in the room

In this activity, players must scan the dark room in order to find clues from the first three seasons of LOST. There are three clues from these seasons, which are as follows:

  1. Season 1 - A Drive Shaft - Live from Jakarta CD, which is located at the bottom right hand of the screen.
  2. Season 2 - A Pearl Necklace which is located on the left hand table.
  3. Season 3 - A Rocking Chair which is located on the right side of the screen. (A reference to Jacob's Rocking chair)

After finding these three clues, a clue for Season 4 is revealed by clicking on the far right table lamp. This activity leads the player to the ABC Website, or The Australian Yahoo! 7 website to complete an exercise.

Activity - Sam's BagEdit

In this mini-game, Sam prepares to leave for the Sunda Trench and players are required to place Sam's objects strategically into his bag, similar to that of a jigsaw puzzle, ensuring that all of the items fit within the alloted space. The game tests the players spatial knowledge, and once completed the clue "MATTHEW" is given on, and "ABADDON" is given when played on the Yahoo! 7 site.


Activity - Oceanic HotlineEdit


Oceanic Hotline

After completing the previous mini-game, and returning to the "Clues from LOST" exercise, the user can now enter either "MATTHEW" or "ABADDON" to reveal the Season 4 clue. Doing so presents a message saying "Oceanic Hotline 888-548-0034". Calling the number present a message which is as follows:

Thank you for calling the Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 Hotline. Information is updated as the investigation proceeds. Investigations are thorough and as such may take a period of time to complete. At this time we do not have any additional information regarding crashed Flight 815. If you are a family member or relative of a passenger on Oceanic Flight 815, we are sorry for your loss. Detailed information is given during the daily family briefings. This briefing updates families on the progress of the investigation and allows for questions to be asked of the medical examiner or coroner and other parties connected to this investigation. Please contact your accident coordinator or call back later for more information.

Messages - Sam's MotherEdit


Sam receives a message from his mother

Sam receives a phone message from his mother, in which she voices her concerns for his well-being and the possibility of him losing his job if he keeps carrying on.

Sam, its mum. I just saw you on the telly. What's going on? You're going to lose your job if you keep carrying on like that. I know you probably wouldn't care at the moment, but you look like you hadn't slept in days. I'm worried about your health Sam, physical and--well, otherwise. Can you call me?