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The following are clues relating to the Find 815 Alternate Reality Game released on January 16, 2008.

Video - Electrical DisturbanceEdit

Sam walks into the bride of the Christiane I and notices strange noises and the electrical instruments flashing.

Find 815 Chapter 3

Find 815 Chapter 3.3 - clue hunt intro

Clue Hunt - Clues from LOSTEdit

Season CluesEdit


The Bridge of the Christiane I

In this activity, players must scan the quarters in order to find clues from the first three seasons of LOST. There are three clues from these seasons, which are as follows:

  1. Season 1 - A Virgin Mary Statue which is located on the right hand side behind the wheel.
  2. Season 2 - 108 which is located on a stop-time on the wall.
  3. Season 3 - The Submarine which is located on top of the computer.

After finding these three clues, a clue for Season 4 is revealed by clicking on the newspaper on the far right. This activity leads the player to the ABC Website, or The Australian Yahoo! 7 website to complete an exercise.

Activity Two - Search GridEdit

Search Grid

Search Grid Game

In this mini-game, the user must chart a search grid by connecting dots, making sure they do no cross the same path twice. There are three games in all. Successfully completing the game, will provide two clues (depending on the site visited): "36-15-28" or "Charlotte Lewis".

Activity Three - Le Journal de TunisieEdit


Le Journal de Tunisie

After completing the previous mini-game, and returning to the "Clues from LOST" exercise, the user can now enter either "36-15-28" or "Charlotte Lewis" to reveal the Season 4 clue. Doing so presents a Tunisian Newspaper which says the following:

Le Journal de Tunisie

Vol 815 : les dirigeants d'Oceanic maintiennent leur décision

La compagnie aérienne américaine Oceanic maintient sa décision d'abandonner les recherches du vol 815. Le boeing 777 est porté disparu depuis le 22 septembre. 324 passagers étaient à bord de ce vol, dont on a perdu la trace entre Sydney, en Australie, et Los Angeles. Ni épave ni survivants n'ont été retrouvés. Selon les dirigeants de la compagnie Oceanic, malgré tous leurs efforts, dont une vague opération de recherches à travers --

Translated, it says:

The Tunisia Newspaper

Flight 815 : Oceanic Directors Hold to Their Decision

American airline company Oceanic is holding to its decision to give up the search for flight 815. The Boeing 777 went missing on September 22. 324 passengers were on board the flight, which trace has been lost between Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles. No wreckage or survivors have been found. According to the directors of the company Oceanic, despite all of their efforts, including some search operation through--