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The following are clues relating to the Find 815 Alternate Reality Game released on January 14, 2008.

Video RecapEdit

The recap video appears on, which summarizes Chapter 2.



SAM: My name is Sam Thomas. My partner Sonya was onboard Flight 815. I received a coded message in a photograph from a group called Maxwell. I'm going to hitch a ride aboard a salvage boat.
OCKHAM: Welcome aboard.
SAM: The Christiane I's mission is to search for a sunken slave trading ship called the Black Rock.
TALBOT: My employers know all there is to know about you and your crew Mr. Ockham but Sam here is a mystery.
SAM: Like I said I'm just looking to get away from it all.
TALBOT: Get away or run away?
SAM: I think I have made a big mistake.

Video - Stuck AboardEdit

Sam speaks with Ockham aboard the Christiane I and requests to be left off at Christmas Island, only to be informed that they had missed Christmas Island by 150 miles, and that that would be the closest he would be getting to Christmas, as they would be docking in Jakarta in January. Sam inquires about a way off, and Ockham jokingly states that he could start a mutiny, however, without pockets as deep as Talbot's, he wouldn't bother. Sam inquires as to who he gets his funding from, and Ockham reveals that it is from a syndicate, but knows nothing else, and explains that anonymity is not uncommon in his line of work. As Sam leaves Ockham, he notices Talbot leaving his quarters, failing to properly close the door behind him; spotting an opportunity, Sam enters.


SAM: We'll be passing Christmas Island soon. That's Australian Territory, so just drop me off there.
OCKHAM: We miss Christmas Island by 150 miles. Incidentally, that's as close as you'll get to Christmas this year. We dock in Jakarta early January. Better let your folks know you won't be back for the holidays.
SAM: So there's no way off?
OCKHAM: Well, you could start a mutiny. But unless your pockets are as deep as Talbot's, I wouldn't bother.
SAM: Oh great.
OCKHAM: Look, I'm contracted to scan within a search grid. If I step outside that grid, Talbot's gonna know. So I stay inside it. 'Cause if I do, we'll find Black Rock. When I do, Talbot will pay me. When he does, I can pay some bills. Which right now, is a lot more important to me than your itinerary.
SAM: So where does Talbot get his deep pockets from?
OCKHAM: Syndicate.
SAM: You mean you don't know.
OCKHAM: Anonymity's not uncommon in marine salvage. It allows investors to plunder heritage sites without spoiling anyone's reputation. Except mine.
SAM: But don't you want to know what you're getting involved in? ...I guess not.
OCKHAM: Oy! Shift starts at 3 AM. Sharp.

Activity One - Talbot's QuartersEdit


Talbot's Quarters

Sam must search Talbot's room for clues that will help him find some answers about Talbot, his syndicate, and the expedition. Sam must retrieve five items in the room:

  • A Phone Charger - Located in the cabinet on the right hand side.
  • A Silver Key - Located under the left pillow.

Using the silver key to open the drawer on the right hand side of Talbot's desk, reveals three more items:

  • An uncharged Cell Phone - Located within the desk.
  • A Wallet - Located withing the Desk.
  • A Gold Key - Located inside the wallet within the desk.

Talbot's contacts

Using the gold key on the drawer underneath the bench reveals Talbot's briefcase, which requires the combination to open it. Using the phone charger, plug it into the wall outlet on the desk, and plug the phone into it, this will fully charge it. A list of contacts appears:

The briefcase contains the letters A.M.M. on the front, referring to A. Mullins. Entering the combination of 852 930 opens the briefcase.

Video - FailureEdit

Failing to enter the correct combination will provide a clip of Talbot entering the quarters to find Sam and asks "What the hell are you doing in here?".

Video - SuccessEdit

If the combination is solved in time, Sam is able to open Talbot's briefcase, and discovers documents within. One of these documents was entitled Proposed Salvage of "The Black Rock" Shipwreck, and shows that it was affiliated with The Maxwell Group, which is a division of Widmore Industries.

After leaving the room, Talbot discovers Sam and asks him why he was in the room. Sam states that he had noticed the door was open, and that he was just closing it for him. Talbot claims that Sam was looking for something, other than the Black Rock. Ockham asks if everything is alright, and Talbot states that Sam was just leaving. Talbot then informs Sam that some people believe he is an asset to the expedition, but he is not one of them.


SAM: Maxwell.
TALBOT: What were you doing in there?
SAM: Your door was open. I was, uh...
TALBOT: What were you doing?
SAM: You left your door open. I was closing it for you. Look Talbot, I think we got off on the wrong foot.
TALBOT: What were you looking for?
SAM: I told you. I never went inside.
TALBOT: You were looking for something.
SAM: I'm not looking for anything.
TALBOT: Oh yes, you are Sam. But it's not Black Rock is it?
OCKHAM: Everything alright?
TALBOT: Sam was just leaving. Some people think you're an asset to this expedition. I'm not one of them. Stay out of this room.

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