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The following are clues relating to the Find 815 Alternate Reality Game released on January 10, 2008.

Messages - Sam's MotherEdit


Sam receives a message from his mother

Sam receives a phone message from his mother, in which she informs him that she stopped by him home, and is worried that be may do something silly.

Hey Sam, it's Mum again. I phoned you the other day. You haven't called me back. I'm worried. I popped around to see you but no one was home. I know you haven't been yourself since Sonya disappeared. I'm worried you might do something silly. Please call me back this time.


Broadcasting AuthorityEdit

Sam's sends an e-mail to the Broadcasting Authority, concerning a mysterious transmission concerning the disappearance of Amelia Earhart that he had picked up. Sam received a reply from Phil Alston of the Broadcasting Authority, who stated that it may have been a radio enthusiast who played the recording.

E-Mail-ToBroadcasting Authority
Amelia Earhart transmission

Dear Sir/Madam

My name is Sam Thomas. I am a passenger on a vessel traveling the Indian Ocean off the coast of Sumatra.

The other night I was listening to a transistor radio in my cabin when I picked up what seemed to be a radio news broadcast reporting the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. The transmission seemed to report the events as if they were contemporary, which I found strange considering Miss Earhart disappeared in 1937. It lasted only a short time before I lost the signal.

Could you confirm if there were [sic] any radio documentaries broadcast in the last few days on Amelia Earhart's disappearance?

Any assistance you could give me would be most appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

Sam Thomas

Amelia Earhart transmission

Dear Mr Thomas

We refer to your recent email on this matter.

We have no record in our files of the transmission you received. Additionally, we have no record of any scheduled news reports or documentaries broadcast on this subject in recent months in the area of this authority. However, we do know that amateur radio enthusiasts broadcast a wide range of material, some of which includes historical recordings. This is the most likely explanation for what you overheard.

All the best

Phil Alston Broadcasting Authority

Tracey REdit

Sam's sends an e-mail to Tracey inquiring about a defect in the camera that she lent him. She replies back saying that it was working fine when she last had it, and then replies back again providing information pertaining to the Black Rock.



Thought I should mention - that video camera you lent me is playing up. Something is interfering with the playback heads and affecting the motor drive. When was the last time you got it serviced?



That camera was working when I last used it. It better be OK when I get it back.

"black rock"

OK. I'm pretty sure this is what you're after.

"Black rock" most likely refers to a slave vessel, called the Black Rock, that mysteriously disappeared in 1881. It seems to have worked extensively around Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. I'd say the Black Rock is what the Christiane I is looking for.

Here's the rundown on it.

The Black Rock would conduct regular voyages from Britain to the South Indian Ocean, where it collected gold from the mines in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. The ship would then sail to Africa where the gold would be exchanged for slaves. On the voyage that the Black Rock disappeared, Papua New Guinea traders claimed it sailed off in an Easterly direction, rather than West to Africa. The ship was never seen again. There were supposedly 40 crew members on board.

No exact information is available on who owned the Black Rock but it is thought it might be a company called New World Sea Traders.

It is also thought that the owner of New World Sea Traders, a former sea captain called Magnus Hanso, may have been captaining the Black Rock when it vanished.

After the Black Rock disappeared, New World Sea Traders was sold to a company called the East Ocean Trade Group. In the 1950s the East Ocean Trade Group was taken over by the Hanso Group, who renamed the company Allied Copenhagen Marine Merchants.

So when are you going to tell me what's going on?


Web Browser - Amelia Earhart and The Black RockEdit



Sam visits two websites in order to gather information with his recent revelations. The first site is SlaveShipSearch/blackrock which contains information relating to the history of the Black Rock slave ship.

The second site visited was, which Sam uses to locate various information relating to Amelia Earhart.

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