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The following are clues relating to the Find 815 Alternate Reality Game released on January 1, 2008.

Web BrowserEdit

The Sunda TrenchEdit


Sam searches for information on January 1, 2008, about the Sunda Trench after being drawn to a clue sent to him through a photo of Sonya, he is given the following information:

The Sunda Trench is an oceanic trench located the Indian Ocean off the island of Sumatra. Numerous aircraft and vessels have gone missing in the region of the trench over the year, giving it a somewhat mysterious reputation akin to the Bermuda Triangle's.

The Sunda Trench is certainly situated in one of the most geologically violent spots in the world: it is near the collision point for several tectonic plates, there are large numbers of active volcanoes in the area and earthquakes are frequent. Some of the devastating natural disasters that have occurred in the Sunda Trench region include:

-The 1815 volcanic eruption of Tombora on Sumbawa Island, thought to be the most massive in recorded history.

-The 1883 volcanic eruption on Krakatoa Island, an explosion so violent it was heard 5'000 km away.


Sam's inbox is updated with e-mails from David Massingham and Tracey R.

Tracey REdit

Sam requests information from Tracey regarding the meaning of Christiane I which was embedded in the photograph of Sonya. Tracey responded by saying that the ship was set to leave on an expedition in a few days but she couldn't find out where to, as the details are confidential.

A favour...

Hi Tracey,

I need a favour: I'm looking for some information about a boat called "Christiane I". I can't say what this is for - sorry - just that it's very important.

Thanks, you're a lifesaver.


Christiane I


Aren't you the mysterious one?

Anyway, I've tracked down the "Christiane I" - it's a salvage vessel currently docked in Jakarta. Apparently it's due to leave on an expedition in a few days but I couldn't find out where to - the details are confidential.

What's the story? Are you looking for a new job now you've left Oceanic? Nice work if you could tee something up for yourself in Indonesia. Look out Bali,

Take care


David MassinghamEdit

After corresponding with Tracey for information on the Christiane I, Sam contacted David Massingham in order to secure a flight to Jakarta to seek further information.

Flights to Jakarta


Need your help. I need to get to Jakarta asap but all flights have been booked out.
Can you help us at all?


Ticket Details


I finally managed to squeeze you on to a flight - but don't tell my supervisor! It'll be at the counter for collection under your name, booking ref# R7KMCH

08:50 Sydney 11:45 Darwin FLT511
14:15 Darwin 15:15 Jakarta FLT601


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