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Chapter 4 of the Find 815 Alternate Reality Game began on January 21, 2008, and was completed on January 25, 2008.

The official description given on is "Sam's attempt to outwit Talbot and pinpoint the exact position of the coordinates brings unexpected results."

Chapter Four - Progress

January 21, 2008Edit

Video RecapEdit

The recap video appears on, which summarizes Chapter 3.

Find 815 Chapter 4

Find 815 Chapter 4.1 - recap

Video One - Hacking InEdit

While on the bridge of the Christiane I, Sam looks at the numbers, which were provided by the Maxwell Group, which he had discovered were coordinates. As Ockham leaves, Sam disconnects a wire on the chart plotter, which gives Ockham the appearance that it is damaged. Ockham requests Sam take a look at it, and informs him that he will be telling Talbot. As Ockham leaves, Sam reconnects the wire, and inters a USB device into the computer to begin hacking in.

Find 815 Chapter 4

Find 815 Chapter 4.1 - game intro

Activity One - Hack the Chart PlotterEdit


Chart Plotter Password Activity

In this activity, Sam is attempting to hack into the chart plotter using a program loaded through his USB device, which is called Metrix. Using the program, Sam attempts to break the chart plotter encryption by finding the correct password combination, which is given through 8 possible characters, of which only 5 are correct. These 5 characters appear only once, and the program gives a red indicator if the character is in the correct position, a white indicator if it is in the wrong position, and no indicator if the letter does not appear in the sequence. The player has ten attempts to find the correct sequence.

Video Two - FailureEdit

Failing to properly find the correct sequence within ten attempts will activate an alarm that alerts Ockham and Talbot to Sam's actions. They run into the room catching him in the act.

Find 815 Chapter 4

Find 815 Chapter 4.1 - Chart plotter not hacked in time

Video Three - SuccessEdit

Once the correct sequence is discovered, Sam is able to locate the coordinates on the chart plotter. Ockham and Talbot arrive, and Sam informs them that it was just a loose display cable. Ockham informs Sam that he can sleep, but that he will be on call 24/7. As Sam returns to his quarters, he notices Talbot waiting there for him, and accuses him of lying about the chart plotter malfunction. Talbot provides Sam with the coordinates that he had previously written down, and Sam doesn't acknowledge them. However, he finally divulges that he had received the coordinates from the Maxwell Group. Talbot states that Sam doesn't know what he's getting into, and to stay away from the coordinates, as he won't find what he is looking for.

Find 815 Chapter 4

Find 815 Chapter 4.1 - Chart plotter hacked

January 22, 2008Edit

Messages - Randy's OfficeEdit


Message from Randy's Office

Sam receives a phone message from Richard in Randy's office, who informs him that a box company that he invested in had burned down and that he has received an insurance payout, later than his settlement with Oceanic Airlines, and to call him back to decide what to do with the funds.

Hey Sam, it's Richard. Ah, Randy asked me to call. You're a hard man to track down these days. Now listen, I've got some good news. You know that box company investment that Randy suggested, the one that burnt down? Well, the insurance payout has come through for you. And it's a nice little earner too, a lot better than your severance from Oceanic. Now, I'll need instructions from you, whether you want me to reinvest the money or just transfer it to you. Okay? I understand you have a few expenses at the moment. Give us a call when you can, alright? Bye mate.

Email - Randy, Tracey, Unknown SenderEdit


E-mail from Tracey

Sam replies back to Randy stating that it is good to hear, as the money will come in handy now that he is no longer at Oceanic.

Sam replies to Tracey stating that he doesn't think he will follow-up on her vacation suggestion as he is feeling quite homesick. Sam also inquires as to whether she was able to get in contact with his mother. Tracey replies that she did get in contact with her, and that she will be visiting her on Christmas day.

Sam receives another mysterious e-mail which contains a long string of letters and numbers, which translate into code relating to the phrase "Love You Madly".

January 23, 2008Edit

Video Four - Aurora AustralisEdit

While walking the deck of the Christiane I during the night, Sam notices a strange disturbance in the sky out at sea. Sam retrieves a pair of binoculars and takes a closer look at what appears to be an Aurora Australis.

Find 815 Chapter 4

Find 815 Chapter 4.3 - clue hunt intro

Clue Hunt - Clues from LOSTEdit

Season CluesEdit

Chapter 4 Clue Hunt

Clue Hunt

In this activity, players must scan the quarters in order to find clues from the first three seasons of LOST. There are three clues from these seasons, which are as follows:

  1. Season 1 - Vincent which is located in a picture frame.
  2. Season 2 - Swan playing cards which are located on a table.
  3. Season 3 - Parachute which is located in a picture frame.

After finding these three clues, a clue for Season 4 is revealed by clicking on a jar of pills on the left. This activity leads the player to the ABC Website, or The Australian Yahoo! 7 website to complete an exercise.

Activity Two - Pinpoint the CoordinatesEdit

In this mini-game, the user must mark points on a map based on given coordinated provided by Ockham, there are five maps in all. Successfully completing the game, will provide two clues (depending on the site visited): "Frank Lapidus" or "Miles Straume".

Activity Three - Santa Rosa PillsEdit


Santa Rosa Pills

After completing the previous mini-game, and returning to the "Clues from LOST" exercise, the user can now enter either "Frank Lapidus" or "Miles Straume" to reveal the Season 4 clue. Doing so presents a bottle of pills from the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute.

January 24, 2008Edit

E-Mail - TraceyEdit


E-mail to Tracey about the Strange Lights

Sam e-mails Tracey inquiring about the strange phenomenon that he had seen the previous night while walking the deck of the Christiane I, and requests and explanation as to what it may have been. Tracey replies by saying that the phenomenon usually occur near the polar regions, but have been known to occur elsewhere as well, but they don't usually fade away that quickly. Tracey states that she doesn't think it's anything sinister, just a little weird.

Web Browser - Aurora AustralisEdit

Sam visits a website called which gives a description of the phenomenon that he had seen.

January 25, 2008Edit

Video Diary FourEdit

Sam states that he feels like Talbot is reading his mind. Sam goes on to add that Talbot found the coordinates that he had written down, and that he revealed to Talbot that he got them from the Maxwell Group, and that Talbot just smiled and said that he doesn't know who he's dealing with. Sam states that he doesn't know who the Maxwell Group is and why they're contacting him; he mentions the latest e-mail sent him with a message saying "Love you madly", which is a phrase that he and Sonya used to say all the time. He begins to wonder if they're doing it to remind him of her, to which he says he doesn't need any help, as she is all he thinks of. Sam then becomes determined to find the Black Rock as it may get him what he wants.

Find 815 Chapter 4

Find 815 Chapter 4.5 - video diary