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Chapter 2 of the Find 815 Alternate Reality Game began on January 7, 2008, and was completed on January 11, 2008.

The official description given on is "Sam has followed the mysterious message from the Maxwell Group to Jakarta and has located the Christiane I. It is just about to embark on an expedition to an undisclosed location. But getting on board might not be as easy as Sam thinks...".

Chapter Two - Progress

January 7, 2008Edit

Video RecapEdit

The recap video appears on, which summarizes Chapter 1.


Video One - Christiane IEdit

Sam makes his way onto the Christiane I and speaks with the ship's captain, Mr. Ockham, and is told that every piece of cargo on the ship has a specific purpose and that he can't afford dead weight. When the chart plotter shorts out, Ockham informs a man named Mr. Talbot that they will have to delay their departure, which Talbot informs him is unacceptable. Sam states that not only can he fix the chart plotter, but he could probably build a new one. Ockham proposes that if he can, he can have a spot on the ship.

Find815 Chapter2 Game Intro

Find815 Chapter2 Game Intro

Activity One - Fix The Chart PlotterEdit

In this mini-game, if Sam wants to join the Christiane I he must fix the Chart Plotter before Sukarno calls back. There are three sections of the chart plotter to repair. The circuit lines of each section have been scrambled. Each circuit line must connect to another line or a terminator. You can turn each circuit line by clicking on it. When all the circuit lines in a grid are correctly aligned the grid locks. You have 3 minutes to re-align all the sections.


Video Two - FailureEdit

Failure to fix the chart plotter in time, will result in Ockham calling Sukarno and requesting his expertise.

Find815 Chapter2 Game Failure

Find815 Chapter2 Game Failure

Video Three - SuccessEdit

After successfully completing the chart plotter activity, Ockham welcomes Sam aboard the Christiane I. Talbot begins probing Sam for information about what exactly his interest in the Sunda Trench is, to which Sam replies that he is just getting away, however, Talbot suggests that Sam may be running from something. Talbot questions Sam about a possible girlfriend, and is then informed by Ockham that they need Sam because their destination may trigger a complete electronic meltdown. Talbot states that he will be installing security measures, and then welcomes Sam aboard.

Find815 Chapter2 Game Success

Find815 Chapter2 Game Success

E-Mail - SenderEdit


Coded Message from Unknown Sender

Sam received an e-mail from an Unknown Sender which included a series of numbers in no discernible order. There were also dashes and periods located within, as well as several of the numbers being gray instead of black.

January 8, 2008Edit

Web Browser - Sunda StoriesEdit


Sunda Stories on

Sam searches on for information on the Sunda Trench and is given the following information:

The Sunda Trench

List of some notable planes and ships lost in the Sunda Trench:

  • 1566 -- Loss of Portugese trading vessel on trip from Ambon Island
  • 1693 -- Disappearance of noted early Dutch explorer Conrad Van Eyck
  • 1815 -- British fighting vessel "Princess Mary" reported missing with all hands on trip from Cape Town
  • 1914 -- Japanese steam freighter goes missing on expedition to New Guinea
  • 1931 -- Dutch freighter vanishes returning from Timor, crew of 29 on board
  • 1933 -- British warship disappears during expedition
  • 1937 -- Pilot involved in search for Amelia Earhart disappears off coast of Sumatra
  • 1944 -- Several American bombing planes go missing in region on routine mission, despite no reports of storms or enemy activity
  • 1948 -- Dutch merchant ship SS Ourang Medan was found adrift off Indonesia with all of its crew dead. The ship subsequently caught on fire and sank.
  • 1951 -- US submarine disappears during patrol of waters
  • 1955 -- British plane en route to Thailand disappears with 7 crew and 13 passengers -- one week later a plane sent out on a rescue mission also vanishes
  • 1957 -- US seaplane lost with 10 crewmen
  • 1964 -- American aircraft carrying 55 military personnel to South Vietnam vanishes
  • 1966 -- British navy boat on patrol during Indonesian confrontation vanishes -- initially this loss was thought to be due to Indonesian military, but later release of classified documents from the Indonesian government indicated this was not the case
  • 1973 -- French sailor disappears during round the world yacht expedition
  • 1975 -- privately-owned plane carrying Minister in Indonesian government vanishes with 6 people on board
  • 1981 -- Japanese commercial plane with 2 pilots and 42 passengers disappears en route to Jakarta
  • 1981 -- Pleasure craft captained by West German business tycoon disappears
  • 1988 -- Indonesian commercial plane disappears over ocean, 238 people on board
  • 1998 -- Taiwanese freighter lost
  • 2003 -- ship High Aim 6 left Taiwan on October 31, 2002 - found floating in Australian waters without its crew on on January 8, 2003.

In addition to these, there have been reports of a high incidence of unexplained electronics failure in the area. Compasses have also been known to behave erratically.

E-Mail - Isaac and TraceyEdit


E-mail from Isaac

Sam received a reply e-mail from Isaac Chapman of Austral Air informing him that there are currently no suitable positions available with the company.

Sam also sent an e-mail to Tracey R informing her that he had boarded the Christiane I, and requesting information about Talbot.

January 9, 2008Edit

Video Four - Amelia Earhart BroadcastEdit

While aboard the Christiane I, Sam looks at the engagement ring that was meant for Sonya. Sam turns on the radio, and discovers a frequency broadcasting a news report about the disappearance of Amelia Earhart from 1937. Sam turns of the radio, places the radio on the shelf, and turns out the light.


E-Mail - Tracey REdit


Tracey gathers information on the Black Rock and Talbot

Sam receives an e-mail from Tracey R informing him that her search for information on "black rock" was yielding little success due to the amount of companies and organization using the name. Tracey also informs him that she has been able to locate information on Talbot. Tracey explains that Talbot comes from a wealthy reclusive family from the US East Coast, whose family has a history in diamond trading. She goes on to add that the family arrived in New England in 1908 from the English county of Somerset.

Clue Hunt - Clues from LOSTEdit

Season CluesEdit


Sam's quarters aboard the Christiane I

In this activity, players must scan the quarters in order to find clues from the first three seasons of LOST. There are three clues from these seasons, which are as follows:

  1. Season 1 - A pillar of Black Smoke which is located on the wall in the photograph.
  2. Season 2 - A Hot-Air Baloon which is located in a photograph on the desk.
  3. Season 3 - Two Ping-Pong Paddles which are located on the bookshelf at the top.

After finding these three clues, a clue for Season 4 is revealed by clicking on the diary on the bed. This activity leads the player to the ABC Website, or The Australian Yahoo! 7 website to complete an exercise.

Activity Two - Black Rock TriviaEdit


Tracey's phone message

In this mini-game, Sam received a voice mail message from Tracey R in which she gives information on the black rock which the player must remember, as they are quizzed afterward in a trivia game. Successfully completing the game, will provide two clues (depending on the site visited): "423 Cheyne Walk" or "Daniel Faraday".

Hey Sam. I wasn't sure if you'd get my email so I thought I'd leave a message. OK. The Black Rock. It was a slave ship that worked the black market in the late 1800's. It disappeared mysteriously in the South Indian Ocean in 1881. It was on its way back from a gold collecting expedition in Papua New Guinea. The ship was en route to Africa where the gold was to be illegally exchanged for slaves. Nice, huh? Anyway, apparently New Guinean traders claim the ship sailed away in an Easterly direction, not West, as it should have. And it was never seen again. From what I can make out there were 40 crew on board. And get this... after the "Black Rock" disappeared, no company claimed ownership of the vessel, probably because of its links to slave trading which was outlawed by then. Now while no direct ownership can be proved, what is known is that Black Rock left the Portsmouth docks from slip 23, and a group called the New World Sea Traders managed slips 18 through 27. The owner of New World Sea Traders was a former ship's captain by the name of Magnus Hanso and he would often captain numerous voyages each year - there's a possibility he was in charge of the Black Rock on that last voyage. OK, hope that's useful. Still don't know what all this has to do with anything but I trust you know what you're doing. See ya.

Questions and AnswersEdit

Eight of the following questions are presented to players:

What year did the Black Rock disappear? - 1881
Where was the Black Rock headed? - Africa
From where was Black Rock returning? - Papua New Guinea
How many crew were on board? - 40
What sort of ship was the Black Rock? - Slave Ship
What sort of expedition was the Black Rock returning from? - Gold collecting expedition
What docks did the Black Rock leave from? - Portsmouth
What slips did the alleged owners of the Black Rock manage? - 18 to 27
What direction did the Black Rock leave Papua New Guinea? - Easterly
In what ocean did the Black Rock supposedly disappear? - South Indian
What company is alleged to have owned the Black Rock? - New World Sea Traders
What slip number did the Black Rock leave from? - 23
Who is rumoured to have captained the Black Rock on its last voyage? - Magnus Hanso

Activity Three - Penny's NumberEdit

Penny&#039;s Number

Penny's Number

After completing the previous mini-game, and returning to the "Clues from LOST" exercise, the user can now enter either "423 Cheyne Walk" or "Daniel Faraday". to reveal the Season 4 clue. Doing so presents a message saying "If found please return to Penny 020 7946 0893". Calling the number presents no clues, as it is an unassigned number.

January 10, 2008Edit

Messages - Sam's MotherEdit


Sam receives a message from his mother

Sam receives a phone message from his mother, in which she informs him that she stopped by him home, and is worried that be may do something silly.

Hey Sam, it's Mum again. I phoned you the other day. You haven't called me back. I'm worried. I popped around to see you but no one was home. I know you haven't been yourself since Sonya disappeared. I'm worried you might do something silly. Please call me back this time.

E-Mail - Tracey and the Broadcasting AuthorityEdit

Sam composes two e-mail messages. The first message sent off is to the Broadcasting Authority in which he inquires about a strange news transmission which he received on his radio about the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. The second message Sam sends is to Tracey inquiring about a defect in the camera that he borrowed from her.

Sam receives a reply from the Broadcasting Authority, in which they explain that the trasmission received was most likely a broadcast by amateur radio enthusiasts who often re-broadcast historical recordings.

Tracey replies back to Sam twice, first explaining that the camera she lent him was working when she had it last. The second e-mail details her discovery of the "black rock" clue being related to the Black Rock slave ship.

Web Browser - Amelia Earhart and The Black RockEdit



Sam visits two websites in order to gather information with his recent revelations. The first site is SlaveShipSearch/blackrock which contains information relating to the history of the Black Rock slave ship.

The second site visited was, which Sam uses to locate various information relating to Amelia Earhart.

January 11, 2008Edit

Video Diary TwoEdit

A video diary made by Sam is produced in which he discusses his regrets in boarding the Christiane I, and his skepticism in what any of the clues he's received have to do with Oceanic Flight 815. Sam concludes that the entire expedition may be a prank, and states that he will get off at the next port.