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Revealed December 31, 2007

Gallery of ImagesTheoriesMain Discussion is the websits that contains most of the vital information pertaining to the Find 815 Alternate Reality Game. Players were original leads to the website via another in-game site is expected to continue releasing clue up until the premiere of Season Four of LOST, which occurs of January 31, 2008.


The site was revealed through, in which Oceanic Airlines IT Technician Sam Thomas hacked into the website and placed a video, containing a link to, in which he stated that he is determined to find the truth relating to the disappearance of Oceanic Flight 815 and his partner, Sonya.

The site operates under a storyline structure. Players are presented with a video introducing Sam upon entering the site, in which he received an e-mail containing a photograph of Sonya, with hidden messages embedded withing. The player is to navigate through the photo to find clues. This is an example of one of the interactions the player would have in the game.


Sam's Desk as seen on the site

Clues are released on a semi-daily basis, and a player can track their progress with a login and password that they can create. A section labeled "My Progress" lists content that has been released, has yet to be released, and content that the player has yet to find. "Sam's Desk" contains most of the clues and revelations pertaining to the game. By accessing several items on the desk, the player can further the story.

The game contains six overall story influences, these include:

  • Emails - can be accessed through Sam's notebook computer. The inbox contains newly received e-mails, whereas the outbox contains Sam's correspondence to others.
  • Web Sites - are accessed through the notebook computer as well, and include information on various topics that Sam has searched for.
  • Videos - Several videos appear throughout the site, which feature Sam's interactions with others (i.e. Sam on the news), as well as his life inside his home. However, there is a video diary that Sam has kept which is discoverable by accessing the camera or the tape on his desk.
  • Messages - are accessed through Sam's phone on his desk.
  • Activity - can be accessed by navigating through the site as it presents itself, or by clicking the "Story So Far" button, which gives past tasks that have been completed.
  • Clue Hunt - also accessible by navigating through the site as it is presented, or by clicking the "Story So Far" button. In these, the the user is to perform a search for hidden clues related to the story.

When new content is available, the site with have a "Continue Story" button at the bottom right, however, if content is still pending, a countdown at the bottom right will appear.