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Throughout LOST, a constant theme is the strained relationships between many of the survivors and their fathers.

Major RelationshipsEdit

Jack and Christian ShephardEdit


Jack and Christian

Jack is shown to be constantly at odds with his father, Christian, in that his father never believed Jack was capable of what it takes to be successful as a doctor, or any other task that requires accepting defeat. Jack, a polar opposite of his father's theology, refused to accept defeat, and his moral line forced him to report his father's error in causing the death of a patient. Realizing his father's physical and mental state caused the error, Jack reported to a committee that Christian's negligence was at fault. Christian was removed from his profession and withdrew to Australia in disgrace. Although Christian knew his son was right, he could never bring himself to tell his son how he felt.

Sawyer and Mr. FordEdit


Mr. Ford in his son's room

Sawyer's relationship with his father can be described as strained at best. When Sawyer was very young, a confidence man seduced his mother in order to steal his father's money. Sawyer's father was so distraught at the betrayal that he killed Sawyer's mother and committed suicide right after. The entire ordeal took place in front of Sawyer's own eyes. Scarred by this memory, Sawyer set out to exact his revenge against the man who destroyed his family, and eventually wound up taking the man's name (Sawyer) and profession (con man) to accomplish this task.

Locke and Anthony CooperEdit


Locke and Cooper Hunting

Locke never knew his biological father for most of his life, until his biological mother Emily appeared in his life. She left him with the confusing statement that he was immaculately conceived, which led Locke to search for more answers. His search led him to Anthony Cooper, his supposed biological father. In their first encounter, Anthony told Locke that he didn't know he had a son until a year after he was born, and expressed regret at the fact. Anthony's statements, seemingly genuine, comforted Locke, and the two began to spend much time together, participating in hunting and the like. However, when Locke found out that Anthony needed a kidney transplant, he immediately offered to donate. After the surgery, while Locke was recovering, he found that Anthony had already left the hospital. When arriving at Anthony's home, Locke found that he was no longer welcome there. Realizing the apparent betrayal, Locke became enraged. Locke would later spend many late nights driving past Anthony's house, even when Anthony moved, and even stopped in front of the home just to stare into the life of his betrayer. Anthony eventually confronted Locke about this, and simply told him to never come back, as Locke was not wanted there.

Kate and Wayne Jansen, Kate and Sam AustenEdit


Kate Tucking Wayne In

Kate would appear to have a complicated father situation. For most of her life, Kate believed that her true father was Sam Austen, a United States Army Sergeant. However, she lived with Diane, her mother, and a step father named Wayne. Wayne was constantly abusive of Kate's mother, and, despite this, Diane still loved him. This fact saddened Kate deeply, as she realized Diane would do nothing to change her current situation. Kate decided to take the matter into her own hands, and killed Wayne in an explosion designed to look like a gas leak.


A Father-Daughter Moment

Now on the run, Kate headed back to Sam, hoping for understanding.Kate asked why Sam had not done what she had done, to which Sam responded with the fact that he wasn't a murderer. Kate then asked how Sam could be her father when he was stationed in Korea near her birth, and realized that Sam was not her father, but that Wayne was her biological father all along. Kate had killed her biological father without knowing it. After this, Kate was always left with the feeling that she could never be "good", since a part of Wayne would always be with her.

Sun and Mr. PaikEdit

The relationship between Sun and her father, Mr. Paik, has been shown to primarily affect the men Sun enters a relationship with. Sun was pressured by her father into meeting a husband after she went through all of university without finding a suitable man. She was then sent, through a matchmaker, to meet Jae Lee, in what could be described as a blind date. Sun enjoyed the company of Lee, but the relationship abruptly ended with his announcement of his plans to head to America to marry another woman. Sun suffered what appeared to be considerable heartbreak due to her father's pressure.


Jin Pleading to Paik for Sun's Hand

Sun then met Jin. The two began a romance, and planned to marry. However, in order to marry Sun, Jin had to get the permission of her father. When Jin approached Mr. Paik, Mr. Paik asked Jin what he would sacrifice in order to marry his daughter. When Jin told Paik that he would sacrifice everything for Sun, Mr. Paik asked Jin why he should turn his daughter over to a man that would give up his dreams so easily. Jin responded that Sun was his dream. Mr. Paik then asked, if this was the case, if Jin would work for him. Jin, in love, took the job. However, Jin's responsibilities for Sun's father were far different than he expected. As Mr. Paik's assistant, Jin was forced to use violence and threats to pressure political figures to side with Paik's agenda. This put incredible pressure on Jin, which caused his relationship with Sun to suffer. When Sun asked Jin what he did for her father, he was vague in responding with "whatever her father wants". Sun began to feel incredibly distant from her husband, and planned to leave him once they arrived in Los Angeles on an errand for, ironically, her father. Because of her father, Sun almost lost the man she loved.

Jin and Mr. KwonEdit


The Reunion

Jin had always been embarrassed by his father, Mr. Kwon, so much that he felt the need to leave his village and not communicate with him. Jin felt that a man should be able to provide for his wife, and he felt that being the son of a fisherman would not get him the respect needed to do so. While asking Mr. Paik for permission to marry Sun, Jin even went as far to tell him that his father was dead, he had even told Sun the same thing. Jin eventually addressed his problem head on before heading to Sydney on a business trip, and returned to his village to speak with his father. Jin apologized for what he had done claiming that he was ashamed of him, but Mr. Kwon did not care as he was glad to have his son back. The two discussed Jin’s current dilemma about Mr. Paik and Sun, and Jin’s father offered him the advice of escaping to America to save his marriage and to not return.

Walt and Michael Dawson, Walt and Brian PorterEdit



Walt Lloyd was born in New York, NY to Michael Dawson and Susan Lloyd. When Walt's parents separated due to Susan getting a job offer which required her to move to Europe. It was there that she fell in love with her boss, Brian Porter, the two eventually had plans to marry, but Susan wanted Brian to have parental rights over Walt. Michael hired an attorney to defend him in court, but Susan eventually got Michael to agree to release all paternal rights to Brian. For the next 8 years, Brian would serve as Walt's father figure. It was not until Susan's death, that Brian renounced wanting to be involved in Walt's life, and confronted Michael in New York to consider taking Walt stating that it was what Susan wanted, however, this was not actually true. Brian stated that he only agreed to adopt Walt, because he wanted Susan. Michael accepted the tickets to Sydney to collect Walt, and the two finally met face to face again. Michael explained that Walt, in addition to Brian's dog Vincent, would be coming with Michael back home. While at the airport, Michael called his mother and asked if she would be interested in taking custody of Walt, however, she declined the offer. The two boarded the plane and later were involved in the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.


Together Again

The two were later at odds while on the island, Walt would occasionally fuel his own curiosity and wander into the jungle alone without his father's permission. Walt also took a liking to Locke and formed a friendship with him, to which Michael did not approve thinking of Locke as a bad influence. Locke and Michael later put their differences aside when Walt was being attacked by a polar bear, and the two rescued him. Michael eventually did what he thought was best for his son and built a raft in the hopes of getting him off the island, while at sea, Walt was kidnapped by "The Others" and was not seen until Michael ventured off across the island after receiving messages from Walt using the hatch's computer. Once captured, the deal was simple: Michael returned to his camp, freed Ben, and brought Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley back with him, and he and Walt would go free; along with a boat. Michael did just that, killing Ana-Lucia and Libby in the process, and he and Walt were set go and Ben presented them with a boat and a compass bearing which would lead them to rescue.

Hurley and David ReyesEdit


Hurley and David

Hurley's relationship with his father was minimal. The first mention was when Hurley mentions to Charlie that he used to go fishing with his father at the Santa Monica pier.

David Reyes abandoned Hurley when he was young. He fled to Las Vegas after attempting to fix a car with Hurley and giving him a candy bar before he left.

He only resurfaced after learning that Hurley had become a millionaire overnight. He tried to convince Hurley that the numbers had not cursed Hurley by paying a psychic to trick Hurley into thinking that she could cure him of his curse. However, after offering her $10000, she admitted to him that he had put her up to it.

David stated at this point that he no longer had any intentions to get at Hurley's money. He stated that Hurley should give away all his money, except keep enough to purchase a carburetor, so that they could finish repairing the car. David reiterated what he had told him as a child that you can make your own luck, Hurley then stated that he was heading to Australia, and David stated that he would be there when he got back.

Claire and Christian ShephardEdit


Claire and Christian

Claire's relationship with her father is briefly mentioned in "Raised By Another" when she claims that he used to sing "Catch a falling star" to her when she was little, and that she would like to request Arlene and Joseph Stewart to do the same with her child. He was absent for most of her life, only visiting her when she was little, stopping because her mother didn't approve of him.

When Claire's mother was gravely injured in a car accident, Dr. Shephard appeared back in Claire's life, paying for Mrs. Littleton's expensive hospital bills and returning to Australia. Claire was unhappy by his absence and sudden reappearance so much so that she never asked anything about his other family. She is therefore unaware that his son was Jack, or even that his name was Christian Shephard.

Minor RelationshipsEdit

Charlie and Simon PaceEdit

Charlie’s relationship with his father, Simon Pace, appears to be one where Charlie feels he is unappreciated and is not supported by his father. Mr. Pace felt as though Charlie’s musical ambitions would get him nowhere, and that his life would be better suited serving under the trade of butchering.

Michael and Walter DawsonEdit

Michael seems to have had a good relationship with his father, Walter Dawson, as he had great respect in naming his only son Walt after him.

Sayid and Mr. JarrahEdit

While there is no indication as to the nature of the relationship Sayid has with his father, Tariq mentions that Sayid's father was a great hero, and that he should not disgrace him.

Shannon and Adam RutherfordEdit

Shannon had a very good relationship with her father, however, when he married a woman named Sabrina, Shannon then had a step-mother and a step-brother named Boone. Sabrina, however, was not kind to Shannon at all, and treated her as if she was not worthy of being around her. When Adam passed away after a car crash, all the money in the will went to Sabrina opposed to Shannon, as Sabrina had ensured a living trust with Adam.

Aaron and ThomasEdit

Aaron's father Thomas has had absolutely no involvement in Aaron's life, before or after his birth. Thomas left Claire during pregnancy claiming that he didn't know how to be a father, and that he needed to focus on his own life. Aaron was born on the island, far away from Thomas.

Desmond and Mr. HumeEdit

Desmond very briefly mentioned his father to Charles Widmore during a job interview and stated that something had happened to his father, and because of this Desmond did not graduate from University as he had to take care of his three brothers.