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Faith Harrington
Name Faith Harrington
Gender Female
Country Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Environmentalist
Sibling Gayle Harrington
Flashback(s) Endangered Species

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Faith was aboard Oceanic Flight 815 after returning from a protest she was a part of in Sydney. Faith is an environmentalist and was attending University.

Life Before Flight 815Edit

Faith Harrington was an environmentalist and attending University when she heard the news that her mentor Dr. Luis Arreglo, had joined up with the Earth-unfriendly Q Corp. While at a protest, Faith met a man named Oscar who would later become a love interest for her. Faith joined up with Oscar and his friends who acted as radical environmentalists. Oscar informed Faith that they would be traveling to Sydney, all expenses paid to protest Q Corp, but Faith was so interested in the nature and the reptiles she would encounter, that she did not care what she had to do. Faith and Oscar traveled with three other members of their group named Rune, Mo, and Z-Man.

When they arrived in Sydney, Faith met a PR Specialist named Tammy who took her to a lab to show her the different types of reptiles she had collected. Tammy requested Faith's help in humanely removing the venom from some of the snakes.

Faith received a letter from Dr. Arreglo, inviting her to meet with him at his hotel room. Oscar insisted on coming along with her, and Faith eventually agreed. Faith was unaware that Oscar had placed a syringe filled with snake venom in her pocket as he was confident that she would not be search by security. Sure enough, Oscar was search, but Faith was not. when they arrived in the room, Oscar stabbed Dr. Arreglo with the syringe and injected the venom into him.

Faith struck Oscar from behind and called 911 to inform them of his injury, and then headed to the Sydney Airport where she booked a flight to Los Angeles on Oceanic flight 815, which would later crash on a mysterious island.

On-Island LifeEdit

After the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, Faith found herself among 47 other survivors. Faith helped another survivor named George on the day of the crash sort through the luggage. That night, she gathered with her fellow survivors and listened to the sounds of the tree-shaking "Monster" within the jungle.

Faith made friends with several of the survivors and continued to see a bird which she once thought was extinct, and thought that George resembled Dr. Arreglo. Faith was occasionally taunted, teased, and made the butt of jokes by George who laughed at her attitude towards nature, and had the mentality that man was the most important creature alive.

When George found himself cornered in the jungle by a very deadly snake which was getting ready to attack, Faith arrived at the precise moment and aided in his rescue.

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