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Essam Tazir
Essam Tasir
Name Essam Tazir
Gender Male
Country Australia
Occupation Tree Cutter, Terrorist
Spouse Zahraa Tazir
Episode(s) The Greater Good
Played By Donnie Keshawarz

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Essam Tazir received a Philosophy Degree after he attended Cairo University; it was there that he met his roommate Sayid Jarrah. Essam would later meet and marry a woman named Zahraa, she was later killed when a stray bomb detonated when she was shopping for a dress.

Essam was living in Sydney, Australia and became part of a terrorist cell that was intent on disrupting the coalition presence in Iraq. While praying at a Sydney Mosque, Essam notices a familiar face from his past, his old roommate Sayid. As the two began to reminisce, Essam informs Sayid that he is currently living in Sydney, working as a tree cutter, and he also tells Sayid of Zahraa’s death, as painful memories return to Essam, he quickly changes the subject and invited Sayid back to his home. While reuniting with Sayid at his apartment, Essam’s roommates notice that Sayid has uncovered a bug hidden in their smoke detector, when Essam’s friend Haddad become suspicious of Sayid, Essam informs Haddad that Sayid was Republican Guard and that he knows things. Seeing an advantage, Haddad claims that Sayid and Essam’s meeting may have been fate.

While playing soccer in the park, Sayid comments to Essam that he believes Haddad has a target picked out. When Sayid confronts Essam demanding to know what he knows, Essam informs him that there is going to be an operation, and that he will be the martyr. When Essam begins to have second thoughts about the operation, fearing he may be doing it for the wrong reasons and disobeying the Imam’s stance that every life is sacred; Sayid convinces Essam to go through with the operation by informing him that he too lost somebody, Essam requests Sayid’s assistance in the operation, and Sayid agrees.

As the mission moves into motion, they would be required to drive a truck full of C-4 to a location and detonate it. Before they begin the operation, Essam takes a moment to pray but is interrupted when Sayid reveals that he has been working with the CIA. Essam feeling betrayed by his friend, and feeling used so that Sayid could find a woman, draws his gun and drives it into the throat of Sayid. As Essam stares into the frightful eyes of Sayid, he removes the gun from Sayid’s neck, places it under his chin, and fires.

When the authorities arrive to claim the truck, Sayid is informed that Essam would be cremated when his body was released. Sayid decides to have his flight changed to the next day to give his friend a proper Muslim burial.

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