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Name Erik
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Member of the Others
Episode(s) Whatever Happened, Happened, Follow The Leader
Played By Sebastian Siegel

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Erik was a member of the Others, the island's native inhabitants, during the 1970's. After a young Benjamin Linus was critically injured by Sayid in 1977, Sawyer, Juliet and Kate made the decision to bring the boy to the Others for treatment. As Sawyer and Kate approached Other territory with Ben in tow, Erik and a group of other hostiles stopped the group with rifles drawn. After some discussion, Erik agreed to bring the group to Richard Alpert. After Richard and Sawyer discussed the situation, and Richard agreed to take the boy for treatment, Erik interjected, saying that the matter should be discussed with Ellie or Charles first. Richard responded that he did not answer to them, and proceeded to take the boy to the temple. (Whatever Happened, Happened)

Some time later, after Kate, Jack and Daniel Faraday approached the Other camp with a plan to re-write the future, Ellie chose to bring Erik with the group on its journey to recover the plutonium core from the Jughead bomb. Before entering the underwater entrance to the caverns that contained the bomb, Kate began to vocally object to Jack's plan, and attempted to return to the DHARMA Initiative barracks. Ellie then ordered her to remain where she was, and Erik drew his weapon on Kate when she continued to head back. Erik then threatened to shoot, but was shot and killed by a returning Sayid before he could pull the trigger. (Follow The Leader)

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