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Emily Annabeth Locke
Emily Locke
Name Emily Annabeth Locke
Gender Female
Country California, USA
Occupation Unknown
Child John Locke
Episode(s) Deus Ex Machina
Played By Swoosie Kurtz

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Emily Locke was the mother of John Locke; she conceived the child with a man named Anthony Cooper. After John was born, she placed him up for adoption and John was raised in a series of foster homes. Emily was apparently institutionalized a few times at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute for a type of schizophrenia; she is okay as long as she remains on her medication.

When Emily became in contact with Anthony Cooper once more when his kidney began to fail; wanting to see her son, she agreed to go along with Anthony’s scam in order to reunite with John. When she visits the department store where he works, she requests to know where the footballs are, masking her feelings. John would later spot him spying on her in the parking lot as he proceeded to go home, he confronted her and Emily informed him that she was his mother.

As the two had lunch together, John requested exactly what it was his mother wanted; Emily informed him that John was special and that he was part of a design. When John asked about his father, Emily told him that he did not have a father and that he was immaculately conceived. John hired a private investigator to discover the truth, and it was revealed that Emily was in fact his mother, and that he actually did have a father. After bonding with his father, John underwent a kidney transplant with his estranged father. When John awoke to find his father nowhere to be found, Emily entered the room and apologized for the situation, she informed him that she needed money; she informed John that Anthony told her where to find Locke and that she wanted to see him. Hurt and betrayed, Locke stormed out of the hospital to confront his father.