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Emily Linus
Emily Linus
Name Emily Linus
Gender Female
Country Oregon, USA
Occupation Unknown
Family Husband - Roger Linus
Son - Benjamin Linus
Episode(s) The Man Behind the Curtain
Played By Carrie Preston

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Emily was married to Roger Linus and had conceived a child with him. Emily gave birth to their child while it was still two months premature. After giving birth in an Oregon forest, they made their way to a road, where a man named Horace pulled over to assist in getting them to the hospital. Shortly before they left, Emily requested that Roger name their child Benjamin. Emily passed away due to complications during the birth. (The Man Behind the Curtain)

On-Island VisionsEdit

Emily later appeared to Benjamin on the island in a vision. After Ben fled from his home, he headed toward the Sonar Fence, and saw his mother on the opposite side. Emily told Ben to stop when he was approaching the barrier, and told him that it wasn't time yet. (The Man Behind the Curtain)

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