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Name Emeka
Gender Male
Country Nigeria
Occupation Warlord Leader
Episode(s) The Cost of Living
Played By Hakeem Kae-Kazim

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Emeka was a warlord leader, much like Eko once was, who blackmailed Yemi's village into giving them profits from vaccine shipments in exchange for protection, from the gang itself. He had blackmailed Yemi into doing the same, however, Eko claimed that he was not afraid of him and would not comply. Emeka shot a blind woman selling Virgin Mary statues outside of the church to prove to Eko that he was serious.

Eko did not comply with their demands and went to a trader in the hope of cutting Emeka's gang out of it. However, Emeka soon came back to the church where he and his gang attempted to cut off Eko's hands. Emeka was shocked to see Eko's fighting ability and him gaining the upper hand in defeating the gang. Emeka was on the floor on his knees begging for mercy, but Eko did not care and drove the machete into Emeka's skull.

Later on The Island, an apparition of Emeka appeared to Eko.

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