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Name Elsa
Gender Female
Country Germany
Occupation Works for an unseen economist
Episode(s) The Economist
Played By Thekla Reuten

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Elsa is sitting in a Berlin cafe when Sayid walks in. It is crowded and he asks if he can sit at her table. She says yes and he sits down and proceeds to look at a map he is carrying. Elsa asks him in German where he wants to go [referring to the fact that he is reading a map] and he responds in English, "'Is it free?' is the full extent of my German." She laughs and asks in English where he wants to go, and he replies: "Potsdamer Platz". She says it is a few blocks away. The two introduce themselves, and Sayid says that he is a headhunter or corporate recruiter. Elsa reveals that she is a personal assistant for an economist. The two have obviously taken a liking to each other. When Elsa asks Sayid if she knows him from somewhere, he states that he will tell her over dinner. Elsa grabs Sayid's map, makes a mark on it, and says that he will take her to the restaurant on the map that she had just marked—assuming he finds it.

Elsa and Sayid plan to go to the opera, and she attempts to leave her pager at home, stating that she doesn't care if her boss calls, Sayid rejects this request and states that he will carry the pager, explaining that he doesn't want her to lose her job because of him. Elsa inquires as to why Sayid is still in Berlin, and to her disappointment he explains that it is because his job is taking longer than he expected, instead of being because of her.

While lying in bed, Elsa explains to Sayid that she knows nothing about Sayid, and when pager goes off, she explains that she needs to leave. Sayid quickly tells Elsa that she needs to leave Berlin immediately as people will be asking questions about her boss, and explains that he is not an economist. Elsa pulls a gun on Sayid, and shoots him in the chest. Elsa calls her employer, and speaks to him in German about how she shot Sayid but did not kill him. She states that he will not give up a name, so he should be killed. Sayid spots a gun to his right, and throws an object at the mirror, rendering Elsa's vision of Sayid, when she comes in the room to see what he has done, he shoots her in the chest twice, killing her. (The Economist)

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