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Eloise Hawking?Edit

We now know that Mrs. Hawking’s first name is Eloise. When Faraday’s captured by her, he looks at her stunned, as if he’s seen her before (Mom, is that you???). So…if we met a young Charles Widmore, perhaps we just met a young Mrs. Hawking too? Ellie is likely Eloise Hawking, who is likely Faraday’s mother.

Take a step further and posit that Ellie and Widmore had some island romance. If Widmore was Daniel Faraday’s dad, it would explain why Widmore was his secret benefactor, as Desmond learned from his trip to Oxford. (And that makes Ellie holding a gun on Faraday all the more fun.)

Ellie = Eloise Hawking?
Ellie is probably Eloise Hawkings.
is ellie a younger eloise. i.e farradays mother?

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