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Electromagnetic Research Initiative
Electromagnetic Research Initiative
Name Electromagnetic Research Initiative
Facilities Bad Salzdetfurth, Lower Saxony, Germany

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From the simplest touch to the most complex chemical reaction, electromagnetism is at work. From the most rudimentary compass to the most advanced supercomputer, electromagnetism is at work. From the magnetosphere’s deflection of cosmic rays to the ionosphere’s reflection of radio-waves, electromagnetism is at work.

While we know a great deal, there is still much to learn about this fundamental force. Such investigations are the domain of The Hanso Foundation Electromagnetic Research Initiative.

Through a myriad of experiments worldwide, the Electromagnetic Research Initiative brings us a step closer to understanding this crucial force and our place in the Universe.

Alvar QuoteEdit

"To understand where our world is going, we must first seek to understand how the world was made."
- Alvar Hanso


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