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Eko's Cross
Name Eko's Cross
Introduced In The 23rd Psalm
Last Seen In I Do
Owned By Eko and Yemi

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This cross was owned by Eko as a child, but was then owned by Yemi for his entire life, after a militia leader ripped it from Eko's neck and threw it to the ground after Eko had murdered a man to save his brother's life. (The 23rd Psalm)

When Eko and Charlie later discovered the Beechcraft in the jungle, Eko found his brother inside, and retrieved the cross as well. (The 23rd Psalm)

After Desmond turned the fail-safe key inside the hatch, Eko was expelled outward and dragged to a polar bear cave. Locke found the cross resting on some shrubs while in the jungle looking for Eko with Charlie]]. Locke later returns the cross to Eko, and Eko ventures off in search of Yemi and presents the cross to him moments before he is killed. (Live Together, Die Alone) / (Further Instructions)

At Eko's funeral, Locke placed the cross at the head of Eko's prayer stick at his gravesite. (I Do)