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Eko's Stick
Eko's Stick
Name Eko's Stick
Introduced In Orientation
Last Seen In I Do
Owned By Eko Tunde
Found By John Locke

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The Stick is Eko's weapon of choice that he created on his second day on the island in order to defend himself better against "The Others".

After killing two of the "Others", Eko pulled a branch out of the ground which he would later fashion into the stick he knows today. (The Other 48 Days)

The stick is first seen used in action when Eko uses it to strike Michael, Jin and Sawyer when he deemed them a threat on the beach. (Orientation)

When Claire approached Eko to introduce herself, she inquired as to what Eko was carving on the stick and he replied that it was things he needed to remember. What he was carving were various scriptures from the Bible.

Eko's stick is commonly referred to as "The Jesus Stick" after a comment was made by Charlie. When Eko told Charlie to climb the tree to get a better vantage point, Charlie refused and stated "What if I don't? You're gonna beat me with your Jesus stick"? (The 23rd Psalm)

Shortly after Locke wakes up in the jungle after the destruction of the Hatch, Eko's stick falls out of the sky at him. Locke took the stick back to the beach. Later, when Locke sought answers from the island in a sweat lodge, he had a vision which contained, among other things, Eko's stick surrounded by pools of blood. This prompted Locke to set out to rescue Eko from a polar bear. (Further Instructions)

Upon Eko's death at the hands of the Monster, Locke retrieved the stick to use as the marker for Eko's grave. While driving the stick into the ground, the phrase "Lift up your eyes and look north, John 3:05" caught his eye. (I Do)

Locke took this as a sign as to where he should go next, and followed a bearing of North 305 and was eventually led to the Flame Station. (Enter 77)

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