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Justin chatwin

What clearly appears to be Justin Chatwin in season 5 episode 12 "dead is dead"

Edward F. Colburn
Name Edward F. Colburn
Gender Male
Country California, USA
Occupation Police Officer
Father Mr. Colburn
Episode(s) Further Instructions
Played By Justin Chatwin

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Edward Colburn is a member of the Humboldt County Sheriff's department. After being assigned to investigate a retreat located on private property, Edward hitched a ride with John Locke who was driving to the retreat, whom he knew was heading there. Edward knew that John was an easy target as he hadn't been there long, had no criminal record and would be amenable for coercion.

After being picked up by Locke, they were pulled over by a sheriff for a broken tail light. Locke proceeded to inform him that the back of his truck contained guns and groceries. The sheriff check the truck and found it to be true.

Once reaching the retreat, Eddie was introduced to Mike, Jan and the rest of their "family". Eddie is wearing a Geronimo Jackson shirt, when asked by Mike about the shirt, he says that it was "his father's." After gathering evidence for six weeks, Eddie started questioning Locke about the greenhouse located on the property. When noticing bags of fertilizer being brought into the greenhouse, Eddie informed Locke that he wanted to be a part of what they were planning to blow up, to which Locke scoffed at the idea.

When Mike and Jan made the discovery that Eddie was a cop, Locke informed them that he would fix the problem. While hunting with Eddie, he drew his gun at him and confronted him on the situation, and Eddie confessed to everything. Eddie fled the scene, with Locke still having his gun pointed at him.

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