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Edmund Burke
Name Edmund Burke
Gender Male
Country Miami, FL
Occupation Doctor
Spouse Juliet Burke (divorced)
Episode(s) Not in Portland
Played By Zeljko Ivanek

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Edmund Burke was previously married to Juliet, and the two divorced for unknown reasons. Edmund worked alongside Juliet at the Miami Central University Medical Research Laboratory. Edmund became increasingly interested in the work Juliet had been performing after reading some of her notes, and offered her a partnership that would be beneficial as it would be viewed as cutting edge science based on his reputation.

When approached by Richard Alpert of Mittelos BioScience, Juliet was offered a position with the company, that she turned down stating that Edmund would never allow her to due so, unless he was hit by a bus.

Edmund was approached by Juliet after discovering that her tests had worked and her sister Rachel was pregnant. Edmund attempted to get Juliet to share her research with him for publication, however, she refused. It was then that Edmund was suddenly struck by a bus when he walked onto the street.

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