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Drive Shaft Member 1
(Pictured Right)
Name Unknown
Gender Male
Country Manchester, Great Britain
Occupation Former Drummer for "Drive Shaft"
Episode(s) The Moth, Fire + Water, Greatest Hits
Played By Derek Hoeft

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He was the drummer for the British band “Drive Shaft”. Along with Charlie and Liam Pace, and Roderick, the band attained success with their hit song “You All Everybody”. The band released two albums: “Drive Shaft” and “Oil Change”. The band suffered tough times and was offered a chance to appear in a commercial for “Butties Diapers”, however; Liam’s drug problem ruined it after he was unable to cooperate correctly even after 53 takes.

After the band broke up and suffered a long hiatus, Charlie managed to get the band back together to open for a band called “Meat Coat”, the only problem was getting Liam to agree to rejoin the band, which he did not.

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